After Tiffany Rousso’s dramatic speech and surprise save during the live eviction vote on Thursday night’s CBS Big Brother 18, we couldn’t wait to find out what would happen next. With half the house now plotting against him, it seemed almost certain that veteran Frank Eudy would shortly be on the chopping block — unless he or one of his team members won Head of Household.

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But wait, Paulie — who knew about the vote flip to save Tiffany (but didn’t participate), and was in on the plot to oust Frank — won the HoH. He could have thrown the competition easily by just answering a question wrong. Sure, Frank still might have won the Head of Household competition himself, but he also might have lost and then been eligible to be evicted. Instead, by Paulie not throwing the comp and winning, he not only guaranteed safety for Frank, but also for his pawn Bridgette as well, since they are all on Team Category 4.

Since the big target most of the former members of the 8-Pack majority alliance was gunning for is now off the table, who will end up as the HoH nominations this week? Well, it turns out Paulie really, really did not want Tiffany to stay in the house. He argued against it when the whole vote flip plan went into action, and he refused to be among those who voted to keep Tiffany — even though he knew what was happening and showmance partner Zakiyah did join the vote flip.

Bridgette only fueled Paulie’s fire to get Tiffany out by telling him that the Rousso sister proposed an all-girls alliance to her (which she did). Paulie told Bridgette if he had known Tiffany was trying to band all the girls together against all the guys, he wouldn’t have even agreed to the vote flip plan at all (despite not being willing to vote with the flip anyway).


Unlike Bridgette, however, Paulie isn’t going after Tiffany for Frank’s sake at all. In fact, he’s not about to let Frank run his Head of Household decisions the way the veteran did with Bridgette. Frank argued with Paulie not to put up Natalie so an eviction didn’t accidentally get wasted on her. But Paulie has made up his own mind about the second person he wants to put on the block. Paulie doesn’t want to put up any of his allies (or potential allies), and he can’t put up any of his team members, so that leaves him with only the choice of Paul or Natalie.

Paulie feels like Paul has been on the block as a pawn enough times, having been nominated for three weeks already. So he wants to put Natalie up as the second eviction nominee, with Tiffany as the primary target. Paul will still be a possibility as a Roadkill nominee or renom if someone comes off the block due to the Power of Veto.

UPDATE: 9:30 AM BBT. Paul is now considering putting up Paul again despite his early decision he should get a break from the block this week. He thinks Paul might be a better Power of Veto player to have against Tiffany than Natalie.

Official Big Brother spoilers results are now in from the Live Feeds. Paulie decided to stick with his original plan to put up Tiffany and Natalie.


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