The three members of Big Brother Team America found out their second secret mission very late last night. Their next task voted on by the viewers will be to get a “physical threat” player nominated for eviction. They don’t have to actually get that person thrown out of the house, just make sure they go up on the block.

 Big Brother 16 Team America

Big Brother 16 Team America

Unfortunately, the news didn’t reach Derrick, Frankie, and Donny about what their mission would be until nominations for this week were pretty much already decided. That didn’t give them a lot of options to work with, but they think they’ve figured it out so they can each pocket another $5,000 this week.

Since Frankie is one of the two Heads of Household this week, he has all the power to make sure that this new Team America mission succeeds. However, most of the discussion about who would go up in the nominations on Monday had already been nailed down before Team America got their mission.

With their choices kind of already limited by what Heads of Household Frankie, Cody and their various allies had hammered out, Team America had to come up with a plan that would fit in with all of that. They met in the Have-Not room shortly after 1:30 AM on Friday morning to discuss what to do.

Frankie and Derrick had already set their sites on Amber, but they had to think about whether or not she really would qualify as a “physical threat” player in the eyes of production. Donny immediately thought a “physical threat” would be one of the guys. But Derrick and Frankie justified the idea of putting up Amber (who the two HoHs had already pretty much agreed to put up) because she is the strongest “physical threat” among the girls.

Donny jumped on this and agreed.  Derrick said that all they need to make the mission succeed is for all three of them to honestly believe Amber is a physical threat, get her on the block, and none of them take her off the block. They keep talking over and over about how she is the biggest “physical threat” for the girls and how she is dangerous in competitions, etc. Of course, the most important thing being that nominating her doesn’t put Frankie in danger and pretty much has already been decided by him and his allies anyway.

We suppose this argument  about Amber being the most physically dangerous of the girls sort of works, although we would certainly consider Caleb, Cody or Derrick himself much bigger “physical threat” players. Heck, Donny even qualifies considering what a beast he’s been at competitions so far. Saying that Amber qualifies because she is arguably the strongest girl player is a little cheap, in our opinion. But if it works, it works, right?

Based on all the Big Brother spoilers from the Live Feeds around Team America’s discussions and the Heads of Household plans, we anticipate that Amber will definitely be among the eviction nominees going up on the block on Friday.


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