Over the years on Big Brother, Zingbot has delivered a ton of zingers to the Houseguests both silly and shameful. Sometimes the notorious Zingbot goes right for the jugular and calls out a player for their nasty behavior in the house, which we can’t help but love. Other times, it will get personal about a Houseguest’s showmance, especially if they have someone back home they should be thinking about.

Zingbot returns on Big Brother 17 (CBS)

Many times, the Zingbot’s zingers are relatively harmless, like telling Donny on season 16 that his social game was like Suck Dynasty. Or asking Porsche on season 13 if she shouldn’t be named for a car with a roomier trunk.

However, when Zingbot decides to get mean, it can leave a Houseguest in tears for days. And if you listen really closely, sometimes the Zingbot will give out a bit of priceless game hint if the right Houseguest is paying attention and gets the clue.

In honor of Zingbot’s visit to Big Brother 17 this week, we would like to bring you some compilations of it’s best zingers over the years from silly puns to snarky takedowns, so sit back and enjoy these zingers!

Oh but wait, there’s more!

And a list of our personal favorites from the past few seasons, some of which didn’t make it into these compilations:

* “Britney, I have a half million dollars to donate. Please tell me more about the charity you gave yours to. I think it was called the Brigade.”

* “Hey Jordan, the only reason Jeff hasn’t proposed yet is because he knows you’re terrible at answering questions.”

* “Danielle, I hear Shane’s going to give you a special gift after the season: a restraining order.”


* “McCrae, I finally understand why you’re always wearing shorts: Because Amanda wears the pants.”

* “Elissa, I hear you like to impersonate me. But I think you’re much better at being a cheap imitation of your sister.”

* “GinaMarie, Nick says since meeting you, he feels like he’s been swept away into a classic cinematic love story: Fatal Attraction.”

* “Aaryn, some may say you were acting mean and nasty in the beginning of this game, but I disagree. That wasn’t acting.”

Screaming Internally

* “Amanda, don’t worry, you can visit McCrae in Minnesota. Just mail yourself using your giant tramp stamp.”

* “Frankie, that’s a nice tan. But I’m surprised you get any sun at all considering how much time you spend in… your sister’s shadow.”

* “Cody, you’re such a nice guy. You haven’t made enemies this summer. Except for maybe…. Christine’s husband.”

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