For Big Brother 14 cast member Frank Eudy, the third time is the charm. Frank, who is the son of former WWF/WCW wrestler Sid Vicious, has auditioned for Big Brother three times — and made it to the finals twice before. Frank was so eager to be on Big Brother 14, he appears to have opened a new Twitter account in January just to send messages to Big Brother Casting Director Robyn Kass saying “your boy is ready for open calls!”

Frank says he is a huge fan of Big Brother since season 6 and he is quite ready to use all the tools he’s seen other players employ to get ahead, including lying, scheming, showmances, and manipulation. “Manipulation is a very important key to the game,” Eudy said in one preseason interview.

In fact, to show he’s totally willing to be as sleezy as needed to win, Frank Eudy says he allegedly stayed single just so he could go in without any baggage holding him back if he has to “work a showmance.” Run ladies, run now!

As for his famous father, Sid Vicious (aka Sid Eudy, Sid Justice, Psycho Sid, The Man That Rules the World, Da Man, and Lord Humungous), Frank Eudy is not sure yet whether or not he will reveal his parentage in the house. Why? Mostly because he’s afraid the other players might think he doesn’t need the money because his dad was on TV, which the “unemployed” Frank says he really, really does.

Frank has never attempted to be a professional wrestler, although his younger brother Gunner Eudy has competed. Maybe he didn’t like the idea of snapping his leg in the ring like twig the way his father infamously did during a match.

As for what Frank Eudy has been doing with his life so far, it’s honestly hard to tell. He doesn’t seem to have held any notable employment — and is currently “unemployed.” He doesn’t appear to have an arrest record (that we found), or dated anyone interesting, or made any real headlines of his own.

One thing Frank Eudy does seem to do is dress up a lot and have a fondness for wigs. You can see Frank dressed up in a shiny disco suit, with crazy socks, in a curly black wig here. And you can see him making very (not) sexy Marilyn Monroe here (the fingernails were really a nice touch, Frank).

Basically, Frank Eudy — other than having a famous father and enjoying drag — seems to be the most nondescript, plain, kind of boring guy you can imagine. He certainly doesn’t really have it going on in the eye candy department, so we’re not sure he’s going to have any luck with that whole “showmance” thing.

What else can we say about Frank? Well, not really anything. Yep, that’s pretty much it.

Our Prediction: From the big game Frank Eudy has been talking in his various preseason interviews, it is doubtful he’ll be content to just sit around and try to stay out of trouble or ride as a floater. This guy wants to be in the thick of things and will probably be wheeling and dealing before the first day is done. Either he will turn out to be a master manipulator and crawl into the final four or so, or he will end up thinking himself right out of the game in the the first few weeks.

I think Frank Eudy has the potential to be his own worst enemy. If he’s lucky, he inherited some of his father’s athleticism and crazy determination, because I think he’s going to need to win comps to make it really far in the game.

Frank Eudy CBS Big Brother Bio:

Name: Frank Eudy
Age: 28
Hometown: Marion, Ark. (living in Naples, Fla.)
Occupation: Unemployed
Three adjectives that describe you: Gregarious, interesting and engaging.
Favorite Activities: Going to the beach, exercising and being around people.
Most difficult part about living inside the Big Brother house: Making sure my hair is camera ready all the time.
Strategy for winning “Big Brother:” Absolutely. Numbers are important, so I want to set up a “Dream Team,” all playing certain roles. I would need a Larry Bird, a good country boy or girl who’s honest and competitive; a Charles Barkley, an unmovable object possibly with a bit of a harsh attitude; a Patrick Ewing, somebody that knows the game and is reliable; a Michael Jordan, somebody who’s a baller that can win competitions; and me as Magic Johnson, friendly guy playing point and running the show.
Which past Big Brother cast member did you like most or least: Most: Chill Town – they were great at the game and great at entertaining. Least: Daniele – she wines and complains too much and was ungrateful to her dad for the chance to even make it on the show.
What are you afraid of: I don’t care for spiders or snakes.
What is the accomplishment you are most proud of: Paying for my braces while I was working through college.
Finish this sentence: My life’s motto is… the difference between a stranger and a friend is an introduction.
What would you take into the house and why: A phone…for the main purpose of getting information about the game from the outside world.
What would you do if “Big Brother” made you famous: Do my best to make it sustainable, and try not to make an ass out of myself!

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