On Big Brother 14 Wednesday night, fans had a hard time spotting all the new Big Brother 14 cast houseguests. Despite there being 11 of them still in the house, it seems like most of the show in our Big Brother 14 recap of episode 3 was focused on the four returning veteran coaches: Britney Haynes, Janelle Pierzina, Mike ‘Boogie’ Malin, and Dan Gheesling. Frankly, I find that a bit annoying.


This post contains Big Brother 14 spoilers about the week one Power of Veto competition and ceremony. Please stop reading here if you do not want to know what happened!

If you’ve been tuning into the Big Brother live feeds, you know that the new Big Brother 14 cast houseguests have actually been doing a huge amount of scheming and dealing behind the scenes all week long. They certainly deserved more air time. I’m not even sure if a couple of them even got on the CBS Big Brother episode cameras for more than a single second. Meanwhile, Dan Gheesling has done a whole lot of sleeping, Mike Boogie has watched lazily as his player Frank does most of the work, and Britney and Janelle have been running around in circles like chickens with their heads cut off.

Once again, this is why I am addicted to the Big Brother live feeds. It’s a whole different game than the one they show you on CBS Big Brother episodes, let me tell you!

Still, we’re here for our CBS Big Brother 14 recap of episode 3, so we’ll just get on with that shall we?

Starting off our Big Brother 14 recap of Wednesday night’s episode, we have a brief review of how the last episode ended. Head of Household Willie Hantz nominated Frank Eudy (Team Boogie) and Kara Monaco (Team Dan) for eviction.

Frank was less than pleased because he had previously forged a deal with Willie that was supposed to keep him off the block. His team coach, Mike Boogie, was also not very happy as he also though Willie was not going to put Frank up.

Dan, meanwhile, is in a bad situation, but he is not giving up. If Kara is evicted on Thursday, he’ll have only one player left on his team after just the first week of game play.

Moving on in our Big Brother 14 recap of episode 3, Frank confronts Willie about the busted deal and wants to know why he was put up on the block. Willie tells Frank he was being pressured by his team coach Britney. He also was put off by Mike Boogie’s approach to playing the game, and Frank just ended up a victim of that.

Willie promises that he does not want Frank to be evicted and they once again hammer out a deal that is supposed to keep Frank from being sent home. Let me just pause to say that Willie would make a deal with a rock if he thought it would benefit him for two seconds. He’s spent the whole week on the Big Brother live feeds making deal after deal after deal, half of them directly conflicting with the other half.

Over with the coaches, Janelle and Britney have teamed up to form a mega-alliance between their two teams. They are not aware yet that Head of Household and key player Willie has been going outside of the alliance to make side deals.

Mike Boogie knows the girls are getting tight and he decides he needs to counter this possible powerhouse alliance with one of his own. He hits up Dan to form an alliance between their two teams. Dan does not actually commit, but he sort of implies that it’s a go.

In a typical Big Brother move, Mike Boogie then turns right around and discusses with Britney about taking Dan out since he is already down one player. Britney then, of course, relays her conversation with Boogie to Janelle. Janelle tells Britney that Boogie has no sense of loyalty and can’t be trusted. Janelle appears to really dislike Mike Boogie.

Finally it is time for the Veto Competition in our Big Brother 14 recap. The game for the day is ‘Loose Change’ and the players have to scrounge around in a bunch of laundry soap bubbles and goop to find coins. The first player who racks up $1.30 in coins wins the Power of Veto.

As the Head of Household, Willie is automatically a player, as are Kara and Frank, since they are nominated for eviction. Randomly picked to join them in the game are Wil Heuser, Shane Meaney and Danielle Murphree. Frank, Wil and Kara are all terrible, leaving the competition between Shane and Willie. In the end, Shane wins the Power of Veto.

Both of the nominees for eviction speak with Frank, pleading their case to be removed from the block this week. Their coaches, Dan and Boogie, also harass Shane to get their players saved from eviction.

When it’s all over and done with in our Big Brother 14 recap for Wednesday, Shane decides he will not use the Power of Veto to take either Frank or Kara off the block. That means that barring insanity, either unemployed son of wrestler Sid Vicious Frank or Playboy Playmate Kara will go home this week.

Somehow we’re thinking CBS is not going to be so happy either way, since Frank is turning out to be quite well liked by fans on the Big Brother live feeds and Kara… well, she’s really great eye candy for ratings…

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