The Celebrity Big Brother 2 players are kind of at a game pause, because of the fact that the Power of Veto competition and ceremony doesn’t happen until tonight. They can only plan for possible scenarios. On Saturday night, Lolo Jones and Natalie Eva Marie convinced Head of Household Kato Kaelin to try to backdoor Ryan Lochte this week.

He wasn’t sure about it, but he wanted to remain loyal to his group. Yesterday in the Celebrity Big Brother 2 house, he was more on board with taking out Ryan or Joey Lawrence on Monday’s live eviction. Tom Green still wasn’t sure if he could or should trust Ricky Williams. He tried to convince Kato to nominate Ricky as a backdoor plan instead.

Lolo worked hard to ensure that Ricky made it seem like he really wanted to align with Tom and Kato. She even coached Ricky about the things to say, including telling him to appoint Tom as the person in charge of naming the alliance. Lolo’s coaching seems to have worked, because Tom shifted his focus off Ricky and was okay with the backdoor plan.

Ryan saw the writings on the wall, and tried to play defensively. Dina Lohan, Joey, and Ryan discussed trying to form a new alliance with them plus Ricky, Tamar Braxton, and Kandi Burruss. They weren’t sure about whether they could trust Ricky, and they knew for sure Lolo, Eva Marie, Tom, and Kato were in an alliance.

Joey and Ryan knew that Kato planned to backdoor one of them, so they tried to pitch to him why he shouldn’t execute that plan. They also asked Kato if they should pack. He didn’t confirm his plan to backdoor them, but he made it pretty obvious. Joey and Ryan also agreed that they wouldn’t use the Veto if one of them won it, because then they could avoid the backdoor plan. They would vote out Tamar in this instance.

Tamar found herself a little annoyed by her alliance. She believed that they abandoned her and that she was the real target for the week. Others tried to tell her that this was not the case, but she was convinced it was all a plan to get her out. They encouraged her to just keep working her social game.

Going into tonight’s Celebrity Big Brother, we have no clue about the possible outcome. Right now too many variables keep things from going one way or the other.

Celebrity Big Brother Two

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