It’s a double eviction on both sides of the pond this week, two of the seven nominated HouseGuests on Celebrity Big Brother 2013 will be sent home tonight during the live eviction show.  Dustin Diamond, Abz Love, Lauren Harries, Bruce Jones, Louie Spence and Vicky Entwhistle are all facing the public vote.

Courtney Poster

Highlights of yesterday are interwoven throughout tonight’s episode with the live Eviction show.  The highlights start off Louie giving Carol McGiffin a back rub outside yesterday morning, one of them farts and they both have a giggle about it.  Inside, Courtney, Dustin, and Lauren are lounging on the couches talking about how disgusted they are by the  farting behaviors of some of their housemates.

Vicky and Lauren are having a moment on the bench outside, Vicky says that she wants Lauren to win the show and thinks it may happen.  Lauren says that it’s the public decision so we’ll see.

Carol is discussing with Louie why she left her job on Loose Women before coming into the Celebrity Big Brother 2013 house.  Carol didn’t tell her cast mates before she left the show, she thinks some of them may be upset with her.  Louie talks about the nature of show business, and that people may leave the Celebrity Big Brother house with the intentions of staying in touch but it won’t last.  Carol agrees, she says “work is work.”  Louie and Carol both say that they have very full lives and didn’t come on the show looking for lifelong friendships.

Emma Willis brings Doug Hutchison up on stage and asks how he felt about Carol’s nomination of Courtney this week.  Doug says that Courtney has been a little devilish and is provoking her housemates.  Then Doug holds up a poster that looks like what a high school cheerleader would make for a pep rally. He claims to have made it himself and says that he comes by every night and holds it up to support her.  If you feel like you are at a loss for words, no worries so am I.

Lauren’s Mom joins Emma on stage next, she thinks that the public is getting to see how wonderful her daughter is.  She is glad to see that the public is letting “nice” win by keeping her in.  Vicky’s friend comes up and tells Emma that Vicky is being 100% genuine in the house unlike several other people in there.

In the Diary Room, Louie has been given a special task.  He has to drink a bottle of wine by himself.  It will be fake wine though, he then has to be “loveable” and pay lots of attention to Mario, and then he must have an epic meltdown.  Big Brother announces into the house that they have been given drinks and food to celebrate with.  Louie rushes in the storage room and grabs his special bottle.

Louie is outside with everyone acting like a total whackadoodle, the group is feeding off of his energy and becoming pretty boisterous themselves.  Courtney has no makeup on and she is acting too chummy with Bruce, it’s weird.  Bruce is soon flees the scene.

Louie is rambling on, calling Bruce a moany old fart and Dustin a moany American.  It seems the meltdown may be starting, as Louie is accusing Carol of rolling her eyes at him behind his back. Carol is actually taking a rare night off from drinking and Louie calls her “holier than thou.”

Louie is now at the fridge yelling about sushi and starts throwing food all over the floor.  Charlotte Crosby whispers that he is a bad drunk and Carol calls him a rotten drunk.

Abz Love’s girlfriend comes up on stage to talk to Emma, she says that Abz is being himself and is usually this chill.  She does say however that she thinks the Celebrity Big Brother experience is more overwhelming then Abz had expected.  A friend of Bruce’s joins Emma and says that Bruce is doing great in the house and he would be happy to survive the double eviction.  American figure skater Matt Evers who is a good friend of Louie’s, says that Louie has been amazing on the show.  He says that Louie is a brutally honest friend and that is a great quality to have.  Dustin’s wife is shown from a taped recording, she says that they have only scratched the surface of Dustin’s personality and they should keep him in and get to see more of him.

Back to Louie’s drunken performance, Big Brother has asked Louie to cry during his meltdown.  Louie walks into the bedroom and bursts into tears.  Charlotte comforts him, and Louie says that he can’t go back out there and face everyone after his tantrum.

In the kitchen, the HouseGuests are cleaning up the after Louie and complaining about the mess he made.  Big Brother calls all of the HouseGuests into the living room.  Louie is still crying.  Big Brother announces that Louie was on a secret task and that is why he behaved so crazy.  Carol says that he deserves an Oscar.

Since Louie successfully performed his task, Big Brother awarded the entire house with more food, drinks, and music.  Courtney is dancing inappropriately with Mario and making him visibly uncomfortable.  It is so cringe worthy!  Courtney walks away and Mario says to Bruce that he can’t go “there” with a married women.  Mario then asks Charlotte to keep Courtney away from him, he doesn’t want to be put in a bad position with a married woman.

Emma announces that the HouseGuest with the fewest votes and fourth to be voted out is Dustin Diamond.  Dustin gives everyone a hug and handles the news well.  In his interview with Emma he says that it was definitely time for him to leave.  He loved the experience, but he is excited to be out and able to eat what he wants.  He admits that he had never watched Celebrity Big Brother before, he had faith in his ability to get along with people.  Dustin gets emotional and says that he will miss his housemates but he misses his wife more.

Dustin goes on to say  that he wasn’t hurt by Bruce nominating him, he thinks that Bruce was his friend, and his friend was simply helping him get home to his wife.  Emma asks about Louie because it seems like they didn’t get along well.  Dustin says that Louie is very extroverted but shy at the same time, he found him interesting and felt that they connected pretty well over all.  He says that the funny part about Celebrity Big Brother is that when you’re out in the real world and spend time with people, you get to go home after and leave them.  In the Celebrity Big Brother house you don’t get to do that, you don’t get to leave them and take a breather.  He would like to see Abz or Lauren win the show.

Emma announces that Bruce Jones is the fifth evicted HouseGuest of Celebrity Big Brother 2013.  Bruce is happy to be out, he says that he would have been happy to stay as well.  Going into the house with his good friend Vicky made the experience easier for both of them.  Bruce thinks that Vicky will be sad tonight but she’ll be fine in there without him.  He was surprised by the lack of conflict in the house considering all the big personalities.

The hardest part for him was the noise late at night when he was trying to sleep and the disregard for the Big Brother rules by several of the HouseGuests.  He says that he has learned a lot of and it has been a great journey for him.  Bruce would like to see Mario or Charlotte win the game but he thinks Lauren has a good chance of winning.

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