Emma Willis opens the show flanked by all of the evicted HouseGuests from Celebrity Big Brother 2013 to introduce highlights from yesterday.


In the living room Lauren Harries is asking Abz Love and Mario Falcone for their opinions on what to wear for their “last supper” this evening.  While holding up a dress, Lauren falls over and nearly hits her head on a table.  Mario and Carol both rush over to help her up.

It’s time for their last dinner, Big Brother has laid out a beautiful meal with all the fixings.  The remaining six HouseGuests have been on basic rations for two weeks, they all look thrilled to be getting such a nice meal.

Charlotte gives a toast, she says that living in the house has taught them a lot about life.  She says that Carol has taught them about bunions, menopause, being a great woman and having a laugh at any age.  Vicky has taught them how to not hold a grudge (Charlotte may change her mind once she gets to watch the show).  Mario has taught them to not judge a book by its cover, she thought he was a jerk at first and now she knows he will be her friend for life.

Abz gives a toast and says that everyone in the house deserves to win, they have all walked the path.  Vicky thanks everyone and says that she has cherished the experience.  Mario says that he when he was a nerdy kid he idolized Abz and is thankful for his friendship.  Mario goes on to say that he has been through a difficult time the past several months and Charlotte helped him learn to laugh again.  Lauren says that she has never experienced anything like this in her life and she is very thankful.  Carol says that she is taking away so many memories and some of the biggest laughs she has ever had.

Emma briefly catches up with the evicted HouseGuests, Sophie Anderton is still proud of herself and happy to be out of the house.  Ron Atkinson has been on holiday and is sporting a nice tan.  Louie Spence says that he will keep in touch with Carol, Charlotte, Mario and Courtney Stodden.  Dustin Diamond and Bruce Jones have gone out for drinks with each other since being evicted.  Courtney says that she will never do a show like this again but she is thankful for the experience.  That was laughable, we all know that Courtney would jump at the chance for any extra exposure or relevance.

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