The Celebrity Big Brother 2013 finale show is here, after 21 days and seven evictions the winner of this season is going to be announced.


The British public has been voting for the past two days for their favorite celebrity from this season.  Charlotte Crosby, Abz Love, Mario Falcone, Vicky Entwhistle, Lauren Harries and Carol McGiffin are all dressed up and waiting anxiously in the living room to hear the results.

The HouseGuest with the fewest votes from the British public and the celebrity to come in 6th place is Vicky Entwhistle.  Emma Willis goes on to announce that Mario Falcone has come in 5th place, he and Vicky exit the house together.

In their interview with Emma, both Mario and Vicky admit that they did not expect to come in first tonight.  Emma points out that Vicky has a large personality and asks what it was like for her to go into the house with other big personalities like Carol McGiffin and Louie Spence.  Vicky says that the part she found most difficult was that there was nowhere to go when you became overwhelmed or annoyed with someone.

Emma asks Mario how he felt about the tension that existed between Carol and Vicky. Mario says that he did found it difficult at times and tried to avoid getting involved in it.  Emma implies that it seemed like Mario played it safe in the house, he responds by explaining that it is not his personality to be intrusive.  Vicky says that she would like to see Lauren win and Mario would like to see Charlotte win.

Emma announces into the house that Carol has come in fourth place and she is the next HouseGuest to exit the Celebrity Big Brother house.  In her interview with Emma, Carol says that she is stunned that Mario left before her, she was expecting Mario and Charlotte to come in first and second. Carol goes on to say that she is overwhelmed by coming out and seeing reality, people, and lights.

Emma asks Carol about her blunt way of speaking, Carol says that she feels like she held back a lot in the house.  Emma cracks up and says that she can’t imagine what she held back because it seemed like she said it all.  Carol says that she went into the Celebrity Big Brother 2013 house with a game plan to get evicted right away.  Her feelings changed when she entered though and she really embraced the whole experience.  The HouseGuests that moaned and complained about wanting to leave really bothered her, she feels that they shouldn’t have signed on to do the show in the first place.   Carol says that her friendship with Charlotte helped her be herself and have a fun in the house.

Emma asks Carol if living in the Celebrity Big Brother house has made her re-assess herself at all.  Carol says not really and that she isn’t going to apologize for her behavior. She says that age is just a number, she loves her life, and she loves living it and doesn’t care about what people say about it.  Carol says that the only thing that has changed is her opinion of herself, she surprised herself by being nicer then she thought she was.  While saying that, the camera pans over to Vicky who does not look amused at all.

Lauren Harries is announced as the third place finalist for Celebrity Big Brother 2013.  Lauren looks disappointed by recovers quickly once she goes outside and the crowd cheers for her.  Emma asks Lauren if she thought she might win tonight, Lauren says it crossed her mind but she is thrilled to be third.

Lauren says that it took a long time for her HouseGuests to understand her. It has been wonderful to get such a nice response from the public who saved her from several possible evictions.  Emma asks how she got along in the house, Lauren says it was difficult because she is not used to being around so many people.  Lauren feels that she has become more independent and hopes that she will get more work in London now and be able to keep gaining more independence.

Of her friendship with Courtney, Lauren says that they clicked instantly, they were the blond bombshells.  She says that Courtney was honest, sweet, and beautiful.  Emma asks how Lauren would have done in the house if Courtney hadn’t been there, Lauren says that she would have managed but is grateful she had such a great friend.

In a very long drawn out way, Emma announces that Charlotte Crosby is the winner of Celebrity Big Brother 2013.  Abz Love exits the house in second place to a huge reaction from the crowd.  Emma asks how he is doing, Abz goes on a rant about Celebrity Big Brother being the most difficult but amazing thing he has ever done.  Abz says that he is totally humbled by the experience and the reaction of the British public.  He felt very lucky to be in the house with the other celebrities.

Emma asks if Abz found it difficult to deal with the confrontations in the house and the drinking.  He says that it was a lot for him to deal with but he practiced self-control and kept himself calm.  Emma asks if there were any moments that almost pushed him over the edge, he says that when Bruce yelled at Charlotte he almost got involved.  Emma asks Abz to sum up his experience, he says that overall he is humbled to be here and to have gotten this far.

Charlotte exits the house next and sits down with Emma for her interview.  Charlotte is shaking and fanning herself while trying to hold back tears. She thought that the public would hate her because she was so unlady like.  She also thought that being on Celebrity Big Brother 2013 was going to be similar to being on Geordie Shore and it wasn’t at all.  Emma asks if she felt judged in the house, Charlotte says yes, particularly from Bruce Jones and Ron Atkinson in the beginning.

Emma asks about her fight with Vicky this week, Charlotte says that she wishes it never happened and that Vicky is a lovely woman.  When asked about her friendship with Mario, Charlotte says that he was like a brother to her and she hopes to be friends with him for the rest of her life.  In a video montage of Charlotte and Mario’s best moments, Mario also says that he has gained a friend for life in Charlotte.  The show closes out with a video montage of Charlotte’s best moments in the Celebrity Big Brother 2013 house.


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