On Celebrity Big Brother 2013 tonight, we’ll have the show’s second live eviction of the season.  Charlotte Crosby, Ron Atkinson, Louie Spence, and Lauren Harries are all nominated and face the public vote to be the next to go home.

CBB diary room

Viewers have been voting for the past two days for the HouseGuests they want to save from leaving the Big Brother 2013 house tonight. The celebrity with the fewest votes will be evicted.  Lauren and Charlotte were shocked and very upset at being nominated by their fellow housemates Wednesday evening.  Tensions in the house have been heating up since the latest round of nominations.


Emma Willis opens the show by saying “Life in the Big Brother house just got real.  The honeymoon is officially over.”

The morning of Eviction day, Big Brother announces to the entire house that Vicki Entwistle, Bruce Jones, Dustin Diamond, Lauren, Harries and Ron Atkinson all broke the rules by discussing nominations.  The food won in the Shopping Task has been removed from the house and they are on basic rations, also the hot water has also been turned off until further notice.

In the bedroom Sophie Anderton is trying to instruct Courtney Stodden and Lauren on how to be neater with their clothes and makeup.  Sophie is visibly irritated with both of them. A few moments later in the kitchen Lauren is telling Sophie that she could be more diplomatic when she speaks and doesn’t need to be so hard on her.  Sophie insists that she has done nothing wrong and mutters under breath about Lauren as she walks away.Lauren is by herself in the kitchen, pleading to the public to please let her stay, and that they will miss her if she goes.

Big Brother has set up a machine in the living room called a “Random Task Generator,” similar to a slot machine. If they perform all the tasks given by the machine they will win a birthday slumber party for Courtney Stodden.  Bruce Jones has to tell his life story while hitting himself in the face with a dead fish.  Abz has to recite a Shakespeare sonnet, wearing a bonnet, while eating hot chilies.  Courtney has to sing the national anthem while crying, she really goes for it, and the group laughs pretty hard at her. Mario has to slow- dance with the fellow housemate he most fancies while wearing a mankini, he chooses Courtney, and all the girls giggle while they dance.


They successfully complete the task, and Big Brother says that Courtney gets to have a slumber party with her favorite HouseGuest.  Lauren glares at her and repeatedly says that she should pick her best friend in the house.  Courtney pretends like she can’t hear Lauren and says that she is going to pick her fellow American, Dustin.

Emma announces that she is going to talk to some friends and family of HG’s, she brings up James Tindale from Geordie Shore first. She asks him what it is like watching cast mate Charlotte Crosby on the show. He says that she is being genuine but maybe a little more low-key because she feels judged by the older HouseGuests.  Doug Hutchison comes on stage next and says that Courtney is doing great, she is revealing that she has a heart of gold, she’ vivacious, she has a light about her that is coming through and she’s being herself.  Kate Harries, Lauren’s mom comes up next, she said she feels emotionally charged watching the show, it makes her very nervous. Kate goes on to explain that Lauren has scoliosis and is managing quite well in the house, she is having surgery soon to correct her spine.  When asked what she thinks Lauren’s chances are of staying, Kate replies that she has no idea, and that its like the Hunger Games in there.

Louie’s best friend joins Emma next, she says that Louie has calmed down, stopped with all the twirling and is being himself now.  She also defends him by saying that he is  not being bitchy, he’s actually being honest and real.  She thinks Louie would be upset if he got evicted tonight even though he pretends not to care.

Ron’s Grandson follows, he feels that his Granddad’s real side hasn’t’ been shown yet, especially his great sense of humor. He hopes that he gets to stay in the house and people get to really see him.

Outside in the garden Bruce is complaining about having a headache from slapping himself in the face with the fish earlier. Courtney is talking to Lauren to make sure she isn’t upset with her for not choosing Lauren for the slumber party. Courtney says that they have slumber parties every night and that Lauren would probably appreciate a night alone in the bed they share.  Lauren is accepting but sounds disappointed.

Charlotte is talking to Big Brother about how she thinks Lauren is suffocating Courtney and the rest of them haven’t been helping her get a breather.  Carol McGiffin and Louie are talking on the couches, they decide to talk about what annoys them the most about each HouseGuest.  Sophie is driving both of them crazy because she tells them how to behave and always inserts herself in drama. They also agree that Sophie wants all the men to fancy her.  Mario and Courtney don’t bother them at all, they are both really sweet.  Lauren’s untidiness is driving them nuts.  They think that Dustin is trying to hard to be easy going and he made to big of a deal about making nominations.

Courtney and Dustin are having their slumber party both wearing ladies lingerie and pigging out. Dustin said some may worry that they are being romantic but they just ate half a cake in one sitting which is gross.  Music starts playing and they bounce up and down on the bed.  Lauren can see them through a window and gets up and leaves.

Celebrity Big Brother - Summer 2013

Bruce is talking to Big Brother in the Diary Room, he says everyone is acting like they all bashed each other because of nominations, they aren’t as close anymore.  Louie is feeling down, he’s bored with being in the house. Carol says he might have a good chance of getting voted out, he says good.  In the bedroom Lauren is talking to Charlotte and saying that she hopes she stays.  Courtney feels sick from overeating. Dustin is wearing a long brunette wig and is holding back Courtney’s hair while she leans over a bucket.

Lauren is tending to Courtney who is sick in bed, and she gives her two stomach pills to take.  Big Brother announces that they aren’t allowed to give each other medication.  Lauren gets called to the Diary Room and Big Brother reprimands her. The rest of the housemates were all alarmed because they didn’t know what she gave her, Courtney was smart enough to not swallow them.  Sophie is making a huge deal about it, criticizing Lauren and acting like she tried to drug Courtney.

Lauren walks into the kitchen and tells Carol that she is sick of Sophie talking down to her, she thinks she knows everything.  Carol agrees and prompts her to go stick up for herself.  Lauren goes outside and in front of the group tells Sophie how she feels and says that Carol feels the same way.  Sophie is defensive and dismissive, tells her to go tell the Diary Room and find someone who will listen.  Lauren goes to bed after the argument, Charlotte checks on her to make sure she is okay.

Sophie is acting like she is a victim and can’t understand why people are making her out to be nasty.  Carol comes out and denies having said anything bad about Sophie, then she goes into the bedroom to tell Lauren she did a great job and it needed to be done. Emma announces that Lauren and Charlotte are safe from eviction.

Two hours later Lauren is in the bathroom hiding from the group, she gets called to the Diary Room from Big Brother.  Bruce flies out of the bed and goes to the bathroom door to yell at Lauren for occupying the bathroom.  Mario and Louie quickly act to defuse the situation.  This part felt very edited, I don’t think we got to see the full extent of how much Bruce yelled at Lauren, especially considering how everyone reacted afterwards.

Outside Sophie, Charlotte, and Mario are talking about Lauren and Bruce.  They feel like Bruce was very aggressive and they are rattled by it.  Sophie whines that Lauren was very aggressive and it scared her.  Meanwhile Lauren is telling Big Brother that she is very upset, she starts to cry, says she did something without thinking and she is very sorry.  She says that she doesn’t mix with the outside world, she is not used to dealing with so many people.

Outside Sophie is still playing the victim and complaining about Lauren while Mario tries to calm her down.  Outside the Diary Room door, Lauren is crying to Louie.  He tells her that she made it very clear that she will not stand for being treating badly, and she was very eloquent about it.  He says that people have been treating her like a child and that won’t happen anymore because of how well she stood up for herself.  He is very comforting to her, and she seems to be calming down.

Emma announces that Ron is the next person to be evicted, Louie and Courtney look disappointed to be staying.  Ron is all smiles giving hugs to everyone and wishing them well.   He gets an awesome reception from the crowd when he exits.

Interview with Emma:

Ron jokes that he is relieved to be out of the house. He says that Celebrity Big Brother was a totally different experience for him, it was great but he is glad to be out.  The hardest part of the experience for him was the boredom and down time.  Bruce hitting himself in the face with a fish was one of the best laughs he has had in a while.  He says that he is glad Lauren stayed in the house tonight, he thinks she really needs it.  Emma asks about his relationship with Mario and Charlotte, he explains that he got along really well with them and thinks they are great kids.  Highlight reel of Bruce and Ron’s bromance follows, he says that he got along so well with Bruce because he had a great sense of humor.  She asks who he would evict next, he says Sophie, best player is Carol, best team captain is Bruce, Mario and Abz will be in the final, and he thinks Abz is unique and amazing.

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