Tonight’s episode recaps the day following the 2nd Eviction of the Celebrity Big Brother 2013 season.  Ron Atkinson was the Houseguest evicted Friday night, having received the fewest votes from the public.

Mario and Chalotte funny faces

The episode opens with a reminder from the narrator that Courtney Stodden and Sophie Anderton broke the rules last night by discussing nominations.

Bruce Jones comes bursting into the bedroom with a towel slung over his shoulder, and announces that there is no hot water again.  The HouseGuests are rising out of bed trying to figure out what they could have done wrong.

Big Brother gathers all of the HouseGuests in the living and announces that Courtney and Sophie broke the rules last night by discussing nominations and there will consequences for the whole group.  Bruce angrily gets up and leaves the room before the talk is over.

Sophie and Courtney are sent straight to jail, the rest of the group will not have access to the gym, hot water or use of electronic appliances.  Courtney and Sophie laugh it off and joke that they will get to know each other more now.  The rest of the group looks angry and disappointed with the situation.

Carol McGiffin says that it’s unfair because if you break the rules they don’t let you go home, instead they punish the whole group.  Bruce thinks that the punishment isn’t severe enough and that Big Brother should do something to humiliate them.  (Note: Bruce was part of the first group that talked about nominations a few days ago.)

Celebrity Big Brother jail is a makeshift wooden structure outside in the yard.  In Jail, Courtney and Sophie are talking about how angry Bruce is with them. Courtney thinks he takes everything too seriously.   In the Diary Room, Bruce is fuming about how mad he is, he says that they have let the whole group down. He also thinks that they should be left in prison till tomorrow and not be allowed to talk to anyone.

Carol and Louie Spence are sunbathing in the back yard talking about the situation.  They also believe that the punishment was to light.  They mock Sophie whining about prison and say that they will enjoy watching her go into cigarette withdrawal.

In the bedroom Lauren is laying down trying to nap, Big Brother reminds her that sleeping during the day is not permitted.  Charlotte Crosby is dramatically flailing herself around the kitchen moaning about being bored and this being the worst day so far.

Mario Falcone and Charlotte draw on the HouseGuests headshot’s with eye liner.  They are making funny faces and penises on their pictures.  They joke about using the eye liner to age Courtney to look as old as her husband.  Big Brother announces that they must stop drawing on the pictures.

Big Brother calls Mario and Charlotte into the Diary Room for punishment, he makes them use marker to draw on each other faces and they aren’t allowed to wash if off until Big Brother gives them permission.

When they exit the Diary Room, Lauren Harries assures Mario that he stills looks handsome.  Mario and Charlotte try to wipe the eye liner off their housemate’s pictures but it ends up making big white marks.

In the Diary Room, Lauren is talking to Big Brother about her housemates.  She feels closest to Courtney, and she wishes that she were closer to Mario but he is quiet.  She says that Mario is gorgeous, the eye candy of the house and she would like to learn more about him.

Outside in jail Sophie and Courtney are reading the Big Brother rules.  Sophie is trying to find some way that she has been victimized by Big Brother but discovers that she did clearly break the rules.

Big Brother announces that the punishments for HouseGuests are over.  Sophie and Courtney are released from jail and Mario and Charlotte are allowed to clean the black marker off of their faces.

Today’s task is a head to head dance competition hosted by Louie Spence.  He begins by leading them in yoga stretches to prepare, purposely doing provocative stretches to make them laugh.  Before the Dance Off all the HouseGuests dress in colorful dancing costumes.  Louie sits at the judge table and opens with a speech about taking it seriously.

Vicky and Abz Love go first and do a disco dance.  Louie says that overall they both did well, and Abz won.

Lauren and Courtney go next, both dressed like Olivia Newton John in “Let’s Get Physical.”  They just kind of do poses.  Louie thinks that Lauren was sloppy and Courtney may have had some disadvantages because of her enhancements but she attacked it with more vigor, so she won.

Charlotte and Mario are next, they compete against each other in hip hop.  They bounce around and forget they are dancing at some points.  Louie felt they did okay at the end, Mario won.

Bruce and Sophie are hardcore ravers.  Bruce dances like Madonna’s Vogue video, Sophie looks awesome and dances pretty well.  Louie picks Bruce as the winner.

Dustin Diamond and Carol are doing interpretive dance,  recreating their entrance into the Big Brother house, they are dressed in spandex unitards.  Louie says that he was surprised to see that Carol was capable of being soft, gentle and feminine, everyone laughs.  He says that Dustin did well but he didn’t’ have fluidity and that is very important in dace.  Carol wins.

Later that evening they come into the living room and it has been transformed into an impressive night club for the dance competition winners.  There is a stage, girls in giant martini glasses, and a dj.  They all dance and have fun.  Courtney is wearing a bikini and grinding with Louie. She puts on a smaller bikini and gets in a cage and dances like a stripper.

In the bedroom Courtney is talking to Dustin and Charlotte about being homesick and ready to leave.  Charlotte thinks that Courtney has done really well and she should feel proud of herself.  Courtney thanks her and then rambles on about how hard it was for her to garner up the strength to come all the way from America.

In the garden, Carol, Sophie, Bruce, and Abz are discussing Courtney and her behavior tonight while dancing in their club.  Carol says that she just did a lap dance for the nation.  Louie thinks that Courtney is great and goes on to point out that just because a person is an exhibitionist doesn’t mean that they are promiscuous.   Carol says that she had a conversation with Courtney about her marriage and Courtney said that she is very quiet and calm when with Doug Hutchison and that he takes very good care of her.

In the living room they are all munching on snacks, drinking and chatting.  Mario is mocking Courtney’s snortlaugh which makes her snortlaugh even harder.  Sophie assures Bruce that being in jail has cured her of breaking Big Brother rules, it was horrible and she wouldn’t wish it on anyone.  Lauren is dancing in a cage in a lingerie, Bruce says that he can’t stand exhibitionists.  Sophie makes the conversation about herself and says that she is not an exhibitionist, she is a model.

Courtney is chatting with Carol with Charlotte about all the offers for doing porn she received when she turned 18.  She says that she is not that kind of person. She also says that if she had done porn she would not be on Celebrity Big Brother 2013 because she would be rolling in money.  Carol giggles and says that porn is easy compared to Big Brother.  Charlotte says she could never do porn either.  Courtney drinks out of her clear shoe and makes them laugh.

Sophie, Dustin and Lauren are discussing Courtney.  Sophie thinks that Courtney is behaving wildly. Dustin points out that she can’t drink legally in the US for two years, so she’s having fun while she can.  Lauren rolls her eyes and says that Courtney needs looking after and she is trying to take of her…..Deflection much?  Dustin says even though Courtney is homesick, she is having fun.

Carol tells Courtney that if she really wants to go home to walk around dressed in Carol’s clothes because who would want to keep her.  Then Mario jokes that if Carol walked around in Courtney’s clothes she would get voted out.  Carol says that there is no game to be played, Big Brother sets the game, he is the master and they are the mice in the mouse trap.

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