On Celebrity Big Brother 2013 tonightthe next round of nominations will be made by the HouseGuests.  Tensions have been on the rise over the past few days as Big Brother has been pitting them against each other.

Celebrity Big Brother - Summer 2013

It’s the morning after the dance party, and some of the HouseGuests are looking pretty rough as they start to wake up.  Courtney Stodden and Charlotte Crosby both mention how hung-over they feel.  Sophie Anderton quickly replies that they deserve to feel that way for being so loud and obnoxious last night.

Bruce Jones is in the bathroom complaining to the mirror about how rude the girls were last night.  In the bedroom Carol McGiffin and Charlotte are discussing how angry Bruce seems to be with Courtney and Charlotte.

Charlotte goes into the kitchen to confront Bruce and says, “Bruce, I’m so sorry that you are angry from last night, but if you don’t want to be here and you don’t’ want to listen to noise than just go home because it’s going to happen.  We’re living in a house with eleven people and some people want to have fun.” Bruce cuts her off and angrily replies “listen, have all the fun in the world but don’t be screaming and keeping everyone up and don’t come have a go at me.”

The argument continues, Bruce calls Charlotte a “foul mouthed cow,” under his breath.  Charlotte calls him a miserable jerk as she storms away.  She heads into the bedroom and vents to everyone about how sick she is of Bruce’s anger.  Vicky Entwhistle comes to the defense of her former cast mate and says that Charlotte is out of line.  Vicky also feels that Charlotte is disrespectful in the way that she talks to an older man and she hopes that people get to see that about her.  Charlotte repeatedly says that she does not care while Vicky is talking.

In the Diary Room, Charlotte is fuming to Big Brother, she has never met to someone so angry in her entire life.  In the kitchen, Louie Spence, Abz Love, and Mario Falcone can hear Charlotte screaming in the Diary Room, Louie assumes that Big Brother instructed her to let her anger out.

Outside, Vicky is trying to calm Bruce down, she encourages him to relax and not get angry anymore.  She also says that Charlotte is extremely disrespectful, and reiterates that Bruce needs to not give her anymore ammunition against him.

In the gym, Mario and Carol are working out, Mario asks Carol if she thinks Charlotte will apologize to Bruce.  Carol seems doubtful and points out that Bruce only picks on Charlotte, Courtney and Lauren.

Back in the bedroom Charlotte approaches Bruce and says that she wants to apologize for the way she spoke to him and gives him a hug, Bruce accepts her apology. Charlotte brings up that Carol is loud and drunk almost every night and he never gets mad at her.  Bruce says it’s because he can sleep through Carol talking but Courtney’s voice is so high-pitched.

Today is Nomination Day, each HouseGuest will nominate two people and give Big Brother a reason why for each person.

Charlotte: Bruce and Abz

Bruce is angry and she walks on eggshells around him. Abz doesn’t socialize with her, almost like he is avoiding her.

Carol: Sophie and Bruce

Sophie is to bossy, tries too hard to be liked and walks around like she is on the catwalk. Bruce, because he is on the edge and in danger of seriously losing it, he scares her a little and makes her uncomfortable.

Abz: Courtney and Sophie

Courtney is superficial and always showing her body off.  Sophie because she makes everything about herself and she doesn’t listen.

Bruce: Lauren and Louie

Lauren is messy and an accident waiting to happen.  Louie is uncomfortable to be around because he is disinterested in Bruce.

Sophie: Courtney and Bruce

Courtney is getting drunk more often and keeping people awake at night, and she doesn’t help with cleaning.  Bruce because he loses his temper too easily and he shouldn’t yell at young women.

Lauren: Louie and Mario

Louie is moody and makes her distressed.  Mario talks to everyone in the house besides her, she feels that he might be embarrassed by her.

Dustin:  Louie and Lauren

Louie has made no effort to get to know him. Lauren because she is sloppy and her presence creates tension in the house.

Courtney: Carol and Charlotte

Carol farts too much and doesn’t use air freshener in the bathroom, she should be more lady like.  Charlotte because she farts too much on purpose.

Mario: Bruce and Lauren

Bruce looks down on people and is disrespectful to women.  Lauren is messy and needs to be the center of attention.

Vicky: Courtney and Charlotte

Courtney because she is sick of her looking at her toosh, Courtney also makes her feel like she is in a porno.  Charlotte is disrespectful and loud.

Louie: Bruce and Sophie

Bruce because of his anger and snapping at people.  Sophie creates drama out of nothing and is lying about not having Botox.

Outside Courtney and Lauren are talking about the Celebrity Big Brother 2013 experience. Courtney feels that being in the Big Brother house really makes a person appreciate what they have at home and their outside life.  Lauren tells her that this is the first time she has mixed with people other than her family. She went to college, but she lived at home and she didn’t make friends there.

Dustin and Abz are talking in the garden, Dustin thinks that everyone is to happy today and Big Brother will do something to throw a wrench into that.  Courtney comes outside and sits beside Bruce, she apologizes for waking him up last night.  He says that its okay, the only problem is that her voice is so loud when she drinks.

Big Brother gathers everyone in the living room to announce the HouseGuests who will face the public vote.  As he lists the nominees off, Courtney, Louie, Bruce, Lauren, and Sophie, clips are shown of the reasons everyone gave for nominating them.

Courtney, Louie and Bruce all take it really well, they are all relieved to get the chance to go home early.  Lauren looks really disappointed and pained when she hears the reasons given.  Sophie’s name is called last, she looks very offended and is being defensive when she hears the reasons given.  (Note: she has talked about wanting to go home incessantly.)  After a few moments Sophie decides that she is relieved.

Lauren is in bed crying, staring at a family photo while talking to it.  She tells the picture that she is lonely, and promises that she will stay till the end, she loves them and misses them so much.   They seem miles away to her now.

Outside Sophie is complaining to Mario about Carol, saying that Carol is a hypocrite and nasty.  Mario farts to make her laugh. Back inside Sophie and Carol start taking shots at each other.  After Sophie storms off, Carol says that Sophie is really looking for a fight, Bruce encourages Carol to not take the bait.  Sophie goes into the bedroom to console Lauren, and almost immediately changes the conversation to how mad she is at Carol.

Outside at the smoking area, Louie, Mario and Vicky are all laughing and chatting.  Sophie comes out and starts talking about how mad she is at the people who nominated her. Vicky tells her that it is just a game and to lighten up.  Sophie says that it isn’t just a game and she can’t.  She then looks at Louie and tells him to go easier on her. Louie says not a chance and she needs to get over it, everyone else has.  Sophie whines some more, then suddenly finds herself sitting alone, the other three wondered off while she was talking.  Sophie gets up and says that she is going to check on Lauren because no one else has, Louie laughs and mocks her for being a martyr.

In the bedroom Carol is dressing up like Courtney in lingerie and strutting around the bedroom.  While everyone is laughing and having fun inside, Sophie is outside with Vicky still moaning about the people who nominated her.  A while later Sophie approaches Mario and starts crying, and talks about how nasty Carol and Louie are.  She then goes into the bedroom where everyone is giggling and storms outside to smoke again where she finds Dustin and complains to him.  Last image of the night is of Louie and Carol in bed together laughing at Sophie’s dramatics.

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