On yesterday’s episode of Celebrity Big Brother 2013 we saw the second round of nominations made by all the HouseGuests.  Big Brother decided to create more drama  by playing the video of the nominations into house.  Not only did the nominees see who voted for them, but they also saw their reasons for it.


Tonight’s episode opens with Sophie Anderton and Vicky Entwhistle talking in the bedroom, Sophie is still upset about the reasons people gave for nominating her.  Outside Lauren Harries is confronting Abz Love, asking him why he nominated her.  Abz insists that he didn’t vote for her and she apologizes.  Louie Spence says that Lauren is confused about who nominated her and having the same conversation with everyone.

Lauren, Mario Falcone and Carol McGiffin, are called into the Diary Room where they are informed that they will play a special role in today’s Shopping Task.  They will pretend to be the captors of an evil villain named Mr. Big.  They will have to convince their housemates that they are living in horrible conditions when in fact they will be using a fake prison set and actually be living in luxury.  Lauren is very excited about the task, Mario and Carol are trying to keep her focused, because how they perform effects the shopping budget for the entire week.

The rest of the HouseGuests are gathered in the living room watching the big screen TV where Mr. Big comes on to tell them that Lauren, Carol, and Mario have been taken prisoner.  They are also told that if they do not complete all of the tasks correctly one of the prisoners will never enter the house again.  The screen changes to the prisoners, who are dressed in dirty jumpsuits, tied to chairs, and in a room that looks like a prison cell.

Carol reads off a script given by Mr. Big and they have fake fire ants dumped on their heads.  In the secret luxury room, Lauren, Carol, and Mario are thrilled with all the treats and amenities.

Mr. Big calls a pay phone in the main house with his first demand.  He informs them that his prisoners are being forced to eat horrible slop. They must hand over all of their basic rations and they will also only be able to eat the horrible slop.  The prisoners get to watch from their luxury room as the rest of their housemates pack up all the food.  Mario and Carol discover that Dustin Diamond has been hoarding peanut butter.  Mario says “I guess Mr. Nice isn’t so nice after all.”

Lauren tells Carol that she thinks they put her and Carol together on purpose because Lauren drives her nuts.  Carol agrees and they laugh about it.  The phone rings again, Mr. Big informs them that he has delivered their first meal to the store room and they must eat it or bad things will happen.  The meal consists of boiled chicken feet and seaweed slop.  Meanwhile in the secret prison, Carol is ordering room service from Big Brother.

In the kitchen the HouseGuests are being very dramatic while trying to eat their slop.  Courtney refuses to eat it, Sophie makes a dramatic display of gagging.  Louie is a real trooper about it and encourages everyone else to just eat it really fast.

Mr. Big announces that Courtney has a special individual task, he starts off by saying that she is obsessed with her looks.  He goes onto to say that he has her husband Doug Hutchison held prisoner. If Courtney surrenders all of her clothes and beauty products and wears filthy overalls, Doug will be set free and she can see him briefly. Courtney bounces up and down giddily and says she’ll do it.  Courtney puts the overalls on, with no shoes on, and her hair in a hair net.  She walks around squealing about how frumpy the outfit is.  She is then allowed into the room where Doug is, she unties him and they embrace and have a nice moment.  Doug tells her that he is watching her as much as he can to make sure she is okay.

The next task is for Dustin Diamond, he transforms into his Saved by the Bell character Screech, and dons a curly wig and silly outfit.  He then then does a performance as  Screech and sings the Saved by the Bell theme song.  He’s a great sport about it.

The next task is for Louie, he must perform a dance routine on a stage with broken glass all over it, the glass is fake but he can’t let the other HouseGuests know it.  Louie is in a women’s gymnastics leotard and does a very convincing job during his routine. Everyone applauds his efforts.

Outside Bruce, Abz, Dustin, Sophie and Vicky are sitting outside, Courtney comes out whining about wearing the frumpy outfit.  She says that this is the first and last time she is ever wearing something like this.  Vicky says that it is nice to see her covered up for once.

Courtney is questioning Abz about why he thinks that Courtney is superficial.  Abz says that he thinks that “things” are more important to her than anything else.  Courtney says that she keeps a front up and is protective of herself because of the way men treat her, and the way they lust after her.

In the “prison” Carol comes out of the bathroom and asks Lauren to please go and flush the toilet because she was the last person to use it and didn’t flush.  Lauren does it and says that her and Carol being put together like this to stressful.

In the living room Sophie is complaining about the fact that the shopping task is going to last two days.  The rest of the group looks too tired and hungry to even respond.  At the kitchen counter Vicky and Bruce Jones are talking about how they are fed up with Sophie and have been listening to her complain all day.  Vicky is trying to enjoy every moment of Celebrity Big Brother 2013 but she is finding it difficult because there is always someone complaining and dragging her down, she calls them energy vampires.

Mario and Lauren are talking in the “prison”.  Mario says that the public will love Lauren because she is like a modern day Peter Pan, she sees the world through a child’s eyes.  In the Diary Room, Carol is venting to Big Brother about her housemates, she thinks that the group is not trying hard enough and making everything about themselves.

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