Last night’s Celebrity Big Brother 2013 was a live double eviction show.  Seven HouseGuests were nominated, Bruce Jones and Dustin Diamond received the lowest amount of votes from the public and were the 4th and 5th celebrities evicted this season.


Tonight’s episode starts off with highlights of the morning before the double eviction.  Lauren Harries is in the Diary Room talking to Big Brother about how believable Louie Spence was last night during his special task when he pretended to be drunk and throwing a fit.  Lauren is feeling more leery of Louie now after seeing him do such a convincing acting job.

Carol McGiffin, Louie and Mario Falcone are outside on the bench discussing the Celebrity Big Brother experience.  Carol asks if this is like when people go to space and go mad.  They also wonder how long it will take them to acclimate back to their real lives when they go home.

Abz Love is in the Diary Room talking to Big Brother, he says that being in the band was a breeze compared to being in the Big Brother House.  Bruce and Vicky Entwhistle are cleaning up the kitchen talking about how hard being on Celebrity Big Brother is and that most people wouldn’t be able to handle it.

Courtney Stodden and Lauren are in the bedroom talking about having children.  Courtney wants to adopt eventually, she thinks she is too tiny to have a baby.  Lauren says that she is not ready for a child yet.  Lauren tries to encourage Courtney and tells her that her body will change and she will grow some more. Courtney does not like hearing that, she wants to stay “tiny.”  Lauren asks Courtney if she signed a pre-nup, Courtney says that she offered to, but Doug said no. Lauren replies “good, you’ll get half of everything.”

In the living room, Courtney confesses to Dustin that she spilled some milk in his bed last night.  Dustin is not amused at all, he is angry with Lauren for not warning him and Courtney for messing with his things.  Lauren’s defense is that she was protecting Courtney.

Louie received a bouquet of flowers last night as part of the reward for his special task, they are in a glass jar in the kitchen.  Lauren is taking it upon herself to rearrange the flowers, this includes her ripping stems off and biting off leaves.  Louie and Carol are watching Lauren attack his flowers from the living room.  Carol is disgusted by what Lauren is doing but can’t bring herself to say anything about it because she knows it will turn into a big thing.  Louie agrees, he thinks that Lauren has an imaginary problem with him.

Abz is having a solitary moment in the treehouse outside, Lauren joins him and they have a nice chat.  Abz says that Lauren has been through a lot and she is very brave.  He hopes that she wins and that everyone will stop nominating her.

Charlotte Crosby and Mario are given a special task for today. They must dress up Courtney and Dustin like they are from the Geordie Shore, then coach them on how to talk like Charlotte and her cast mates.  Courtney and Dustin get all dolled up, spray tans included of course and act out a bar scene in the tree house.   Lauren is their bartender and is supposed to leave after serving them drinks, but refuses and inserts herself into the act.  Courtney and Dustin do a good job, they don’t really have a conversation, it’s more like shouting Geordie Shore sayings at each other.

Its Eviction time, Dustin and Bruce both leave the show.  As Emma Willis reads off the nominee’s names, Louie is the only one who receives a positive reaction from the crowd.  Courtney can hear people from the audience chanting “get Courtney out.”  She has an arrogant look on her face and pumps her arm up and down.

Louie, Vicky and Mario are outside discussing the evictions, Vicky is glad that Dustin is gone, she has grown tired of him.  Louie says that he is happy with who left, they were the least fun.  Carol is talking to Courtney about getting older and that she will likely get bigger and maybe even a size 4 someday.  Carol then tells Lauren that she still has a boyish figure because she is so thin. Lauren agrees and says that she needs to get some curves.

Charlotte and Mario are outside talking about Courtney. Mario says that when Courtney is sober she hates him and when she is drunk she wants him.  Vicky is in the Diary Room talking about Bruce, she thinks it is best that he left.  She feels that Bruce wasn’t ready for the mayhem of being on Celebrity Big Brother 2013.

Carol and Courtney are talking in the kitchen, Carol points out that she is the same age as Courtney’s husband Doug Hutchison.  Courtney insists that her and Carol have a lot in common.  Carol says that she has loads of life experience and Courtney has none.  Courtney says that people compare her to Anna Nicole Smith all the time.  She says that she is constantly defending Anna to everyone because she was a beautiful person.  Courtney also brags that Anna’s best friend Bobby Trendy is now her best friend.

Charlotte is talking to Big Brother about Abz, she is feeling frustrated by him because he is so quiet.  She doesn’t know how to approach him and he is making her uncomfortable.  Charlotte feels like she is really maximizing the Big Brother experience and is putting effort into forming relationships with everyone.  She goes on to say that Abz is not doing that, he seems like he has a big bubble around him keeping everyone out.

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