It’s Day 17 on Celebrity Big Brother 2013, Bruce Jones and Dustin Diamond were evicted Friday evening and only 8 HouseGuests remain. Today’s highlights pick up with the morning after the eviction.  Big Brother has some surprises in store today for the HouseGuests.


The morning starts off with Lauren Harries clearing the air with Carol McGiffin, Lauren is upset because Carol said she had a boyish figure the night before.  Carol apologized profusely and says that it was a tragic choice of words and not what she meant.  She was just encouraging Lauren to put some weight on to be healthier.

In the Diary Room, Courtney Stodden is talking to Big Brother, she feels that the dynamics in the house are constantly shifting because of the nominations and evictions.  Courtney feels that a well-defined clique has formed in the house between Louie Spence, Carol, Mario Falcone, Charlotte Crosby, and Vicky Entwhistle.  She says that they are not trying to spend time with her, Abz Love or Lauren.

Louie  and Vicky are discussing the same topic in the living room, Louie thinks the house is starting to feel like a dysfunctional family.  Louie also says that his group of five is effortless for him to get along with because they all get each other.

Today’s special task is a mock radio program hosted by British broadcaster Vanessa Feltz, each of the HouseGuests will be interviewed by her.  Vanessa will also be sharing some public perceptions of each of the HouseGuests during the interviews.  All of the remaining housemates will be able to hear the interviews as they are happening.

BBFM with Vanessa Feltz: Tell It Like It Is

Vanessa starts off with a long winded introduction in which she reads off insults about each of the  HouseGuests from the public.

Carol is the first to be interviewed by Vanessa.  Carol defends herself by saying that she does want people to like but she doesn’t care if they don’t.  Vanessa asks why she has been so shabby in the house, Carol says that Charlotte has corrupted in everyone in the house and turned them all into farters.  When asked about her opinion of Courtney, Carol says that she thinks Courtney is interesting but is sick of her hair being all over the house.  Vanessa asks about how catty her and Louie are together and Carol blames Louie for goading that behavior out of her.

Courtney and Lauren are next and are being interviewed together.  Courtney says that they have a lot in common, they are both very girly and care a lot about their appearance.  Lauren says that Courtney is brave and intelligent.  Vanessa asks Lauren how she feels about Vicky.  Lauren says she is wonderful and a source of great laughs in the house, Vicky tears up listening to her compliments.

Vanessa says that Courtney seems like a nice girl but wants to know why she is exposing her body at all times.  Vanessa talks over her and goes onto the next question, she wants to know why Courtney didn’t lock lips with her husband when she got to see him and seem more excited about it.  Courtney claims that she has her defenses up in the house and she didn’t want to let her guard down because she would have lost it.  While saying this, Mario says to Charlotte that Courtney has been trained in giving these perfect answers.  Vanessa asks Lauren if she will have more friends when she leaves the show.  Lauren says yes and that her show will help live again.

Vicky and Abz enter the booth, Vanessa starts right in with questioning Abz. She asks Abz why he is so standoffish in the house.  Abz says that he is by nature an insular person, and  coming on the show has been like entering the lion’s den.  Vanessa asks why Abz is never caught gawking at Courtney, Abz says that he is totally in love with his girlfriend and he is a one woman kind of man.

Vanessa tells Vicky that she has looked bored, angry, disgusted most of the time.  She implies that Vicky has disappointed her fans.  Vicky says that she is not a performing monkey, and that she can’t control which parts air on the daily show but she has really enjoyed her time in the house.

Vanessa calls Charlotte and Mario into the booth next.  Vanessa says that she is going to read off some viewer comments, Charlotte quickly replies that if it is negative she doesn’t want to hear it.  Vanessa reads off comments calling Charlotte an idiot and disgusting.  She then asks Charlotte how she feels about everyone in the house.  Charlotte says that she gets along with everyone great except for Abz, they haven’t connected.

Vanessa says that Mario seems to be really irritated with Courtney lately, he brushes off the question.  She then asks if all the toilet talk from Charlotte is attractive in a woman.  Mario says that Charlotte is the little light in the house that gets them all through the day.  Vanessa then reads some viewer comments that accuse Mario of being a huge game player and a hypocrite.  Mario didn’t like hearing that and says that he has been himself.

Louie is next, Vanessa asks how the experience has been  for him.  Louie says that it has been great, he goes onto say that he is on the show for the money and to increase his profile, they all are.  He says that he doesn’t care if he wins, there are no bonuses for winning.  Vanessa says that if he wanted to increase his profile, why make so many cutting remarks about everyone.  Louie replies that it’s an overwhelming experience being in the Celebrity Big Brother and he is just being himself.    Vanessa asks if there is a clique in the house and Louie says absolutely, it helps them get through the day.

In the kitchen Mario is whining to Vicky about the “gameplayer” remarks from the public.  He says the public is so fickle and thick.  Vicky tries to calm him down and says the comments are probably fueled by jealousy.  Louie tells Mario that he shouldn’t worry about his reputation, as long as he still gets jobs and is still in the public eye, he should embrace it.

In the Diary Room, Charlotte is fuming about the comments from the public about her.  She says that she knows she shouldn’t care, but she can’t help it, she does.  Lauren tells Big Brother that she loves everyone in the house in their own way.

Courtney and Abz are talking in the kitchen.  Courtney asks how he is getting by without wanting to leave.  Abz says that he feels like he is boring everyone walking around every day in a bathrobe watering plants. Courtney feels like they are in the same boat because they are both outsiders within the house.  In the bedroom Courtney tells Lauren that she is obsessed with Abz now, she didn’t even notice him before but now she thinks he is great.

Carol and Louie are talking about their younger cast mates.  Louie says that sometimes he forgets how young Courtney, Mario and Charlotte are, he was reminded today by how sensitively they reacted to the comments during the radio show.  Carol agrees, and says that they all got too much attention to young.  Louie and Carol agree that they are glad fame happened for them later in life.

In the bedroom Courtney is encouraging Abz to form a clique with her and Lauren.  Courtney then complains that the house feels like middle school because they are being excluded from the larger group.  They go outside and Abz and picks up a moth to show them.  Apparently Abz is a moth whisperer because it’s just sitting on his finger as happy as can be.  Courtney and Lauren are amazed by Abz and the moth.

In the living room, Courtney is trying to convince Carol that she is not a superficial gold digger like everyone thinks.  Carol says that Courtney gives off that impression and that she thinks her husband has spoilted her.  Courtney says that he has not spoiled her with diamonds, but with love and protection.

On tomorrow’s episode of Celebrity Big Brother 2013 well get to see the final round of nominations with a twist.

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