It’s Day 18 in the Celebrity Big Brother 2013 house, eight HouseGuests remain to face the last eviction night on Wednesday.  Nominations will take place today, as always Big Brother has a special twist in store that ties in with today’s special task.


Yesterday the HouseGuests took part in a mock radio program. The show was used as a means to let the HouseGuests know what the public perceptions of them are.  The majority of the group heard negative things about themselves. Courtney Stodden, Mario Falcone and Charlotte Crosby all reacted very sensitively to hearing what the public is saying about them.

The majority of the house is waking up hung-over this morning.   Louie Spence tells Carol McGiffin that she would normally never spend so much time talking to Courtney as she did last night while drunk because Courtney bores her so much.  Carol is not disagreeing with Louie.

Mario and Abz Love are discussing relationships in the living room.  Mario says that he is only person in the house who doesn’t have a special someone that they are missing.  The Celebrity Big Brother experience is making him realize that he has a void in his life.

All the HouseGuests are gathered in the living room to listen to Mario read off the instructions for today’s task.  Big Brother wants the HouseGuests to bond, they have to spend the day tied to together in pairs.  The pairs are: Abz and Charlotte, Vicky Entwhistle and Louie, Mario and Courtney, and Lauren Harries and Carol.

court and mario

The HouseGuest’s hands are tied together with them back to back.  A comedy of errors follows with everyone trying to cook, clean, put makeup on, and even go to the bathroom.  While eating lunch everyone is sitting around the table back to back with their task partners.  The camera zooms in several time to catch Mario and Courtney playing handsies while Courtney chit chats with the group.  Carol makes a joke about hoping she still has a fiancée when she leaves the Celebrity Big Brother house. Courtney giggles and says she hopes she still has her husband after the way she has drank and behaved, she caresses Mario’s hand while saying this.


The pairs must make their nominations together today.

Vicky and Louie nominate Courtney and Carol

–        Courtney because she is spoiled and unappreciative.  Carol is hurtful and bossy.

Lauren and Carol nominate Louie and Mario

–        Louie for being moody.  Mario makes Lauren feel insecure because he underestimates her and makes Carol feel badly about drinking.

Charlotte and Abz nominate Courtney and Carol

–        Courtney because she has a bad attitude sometimes.  Carol has been instigating some trouble when she drinks.

Courtney and Mario nominate Vicky and Carol

–        Vicky has been overbearing lately.  Carol because she snores every night and she is nasty when she drinks.

The HouseGuests are gathered in the living room to hear nominations, Louie Courtney, Vicky, Carol and Mario are nominated for eviction.

For the final part of the bonding task, each pair must go into a room where they are presented with two envelopes that hold letters from loved ones for their housemates.  The pair must choose between two of their housemates for who will get their letter from home and they must shred the other one.

Charlotte and Abz – Mario gets his letter, Courtney’s is shredded

Vicky and Louie – Abz gets his letter, Charlotte’s gets shredded

Lauren and Carol – Vicky gets her letter, Louie’s gets shredded

Courtney and Mario – Carol gets her letter, Lauren’s is shredded

Big Brother calls everyone into the living room and announces which HouseGuests will be receiving their letters from home, they are also told which pair made the decisions for each person.

Big Brother then asks for Abz to select a housemate to read his letter aloud, he chooses Mario.  It’s a very sweet letter from his girlfriend that brings Abz to tears.  Carol reads Vicky’s letter from her husband who asks her to renew their vows in November, she says yes.  Vicky reads Mario’s letter from his sister who is happy that the British public is finally getting to see what a gentlemen he truly is.  Charlotte reads Carol’s letter, both of them are crying before Charlotte even begins.  It’s a nice letter from her fiancée encouraging her to hang in there and that he loves her.

Later that evening all of the HouseGuests are looking emotionally drained and discussing the letter situation.  Louie is explaining to the group that he and Charlotte are feeling left out, he would just like some sort of confirmation that his family is doing well.  Vicky is getting defensive and says that Louie presents such a tough exterior that it was only natural for people to choose her over him to receive a letter.  Louie is trying to explain to Vicky that he has no hard feelings over not being chosen in the task.  He just misses his family and would like to hear something about them.  Vicky can’t separate what he is saying from the task, and she is getting more defensive.

Apparently last week Lauren left the house to see a doctor, all of the HouseGuests think that she saw her mom during the doctor visit (Big Brother narrator confirms she did not see her mom).  Charlotte chimes in during the conversation between Louie and Vicky and says that it is unfair that Lauren received preferential treatment. Charlotte thinks that if Lauren couldn’t handle the experience without seeing her mom, she should not have been brought on the show.  Lauren is sitting there quietly listening to this conversation unfold.

Vicky and Charlotte are both getting tense and accusing each other of interrupting and being rude.  Charlotte is being unreasonable and walks away in a huff cussing about Vicky and complaining that the show has been unfair.

Vicky is outside smoking slamming Charlotte, saying that she is a horrible example for young women and a sad reflection of young British people.  In the Diary Room, Charlotte is telling Big Brother that she despises everyone in the house for different reasons, they are all selfish people.

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