The final week of Celebrity Big Brother 2013 is upon us, five of the HouseGuests are facing eviction Wednesday night.  The remaining HouseGuests after Wednesday night, will all make it to the live final show on Friday when this year’s winner will be crowned.


Day 19 starts off with Lauren Harries waking up wanting to immediately set the record straight about the argument last night.  Lauren explains to Vicky Entwhistle that she did not see her mother, she only heard that her family was in the audience for the eviction nights when she was nominated.

In the Diary Room, Charlotte Crosby is squealing and crying about missing her family and that she is this big victim.  She goes on a nonsensical rant about Lauren getting to see her family (which never happened) and makes it out to be something that Lauren did to her personally.  She then finally confesses to Big Brother that she feels out of place in the house because everyone else has more interesting life stories, she feels like a commoner.

In the living room, Charlotte is crying to Louie Spence about wanting to go.  Louie is trying to calm her down, and reminds her that she has made into the finals and there are only a few more days left.  While doing their hair in the bedroom, Vicky tells Courtney Stodden that she will never do another show like this again.

Lauren sits down with Louie and Charlotte and explains that she never saw her mother, she only heard that her mother was at the eviction show and doing fine.  Charlotte flies off the handle and tells Lauren that she should have never mentioned that to anyone in the house, it was selfish and rubbing it in because the rest of them didn’t get to hear how their family was.  Lauren asks Charlotte to please not raise her voice with her, Charlotte refuses to calm down and continues to berate Lauren.

Outside on the benches, Carol McGiffin, Mario Falcone, and Louie are talking about Vicky.  Carol says that she will be so angry if one of the three of them gets evicted and Vicky gets to stay.  They all agree that Vicky probably lost some popularity with the public over how she behaved the night before.

Today’s task has the HouseGuests sitting in the audience for a new panel talk show called Big Brother Bitch Fest.  The show is hosted by Rylan Clark who is joined by recently evicted HouseGuests Sophie Anderton and Danielle Marr.  The topic of the show will be all of the issues that have come up in the house over the past three weeks.

Rylan calls up Carol to join the panel.  Rylan asks the group if flirting is considering cheating.  Louie says that there has been no flirting going on in the house at all.  The panel tries to imply that Courtney has been flirting with Mario, Louie defends her.

Rylan asks if Celebrities need to have a talent to justify being famous.  Carol says that she wishes she had a talent like singing or acting but it’s not necessary.  Rylan asks Charlotte how she feels about this topic, Charlotte bursts into tears and says that she doesn’t have a talent.  Mario says that there is no one definition of celebrity.  Louie says that he had a very successful career as a dancer but was not famous for it.  He became famous through reality television because of his personality and he would never begrudge anyone for being famous from reality television.

Sophie says that the most honest and genuine person in the house has been Carol, although Sophie doesn’t like a lot of things that Carol says, she commends her for always being genuine.

Rylan asks Vicky and Charlotte about their argument last night.  Vicky says that she is not happy with how she handled things and regrets the argument.  Charlotte starts crying and says that Vicky wasn’t listening to her, Charlotte wasn’t criticizing Big Brother not Vicky.  Throughout the segment Danielle tried to desperately to insert herself in conversations and find some relevance.  Louie and Sophie shut Danielle down every time, it was great.

In the bedroom, Carol, Charlotte, and Mario are discussing Lauren.  Mario and Charlotte think that Lauren has suddenly become more “with it” in the past few days.  They think that she may have been playing up the “dizzy, helpless blonde” persona the first two weeks.  Now that Lauren has secured her spot in the finals, they suspect that she is starting to be the “real” Lauren.  Carol doesn’t seem to agree, she thinks that Lauren is just feeling more confident.  Vicky and Charlotte cuddle up in the bedroom and clear the air about their argument.

Vicky and Courtney are talking outside, Vicky asks if Courtney goes to a lot of premiers.  Courtney says yes, and that the gay community loves her so she goes to a lot of their premieres.  She loves it because they are glamorous celebrations.  They both then agree that they find Abz Love more attractive then Mario.

In the Diary Room Abz is talking to Big Brother about his housemates.  He says that if his housemates were in the wild, Louie would be a hyena, Carol would be a vulture, Abz would be an elephant, Lauren would be a sloth, Courtney would be a jackal, Charlotte would be a meerkat, Vicky would be a chimpanzee and Mario would be Tarzan.

Carol and Charlotte are talking about how certain personalities in the house are making the Celebrity Big Brother 2013 experience less fun.  They feel like Louie in particular is sapping the life out of them with his mood swings.  Louie is telling Big Brother in the Diary Room that he would like to make it to the finals since he has come this far.

Tomorrow night will be the final eviction of the 12th season of Celebrity Big Brother.  Louie, Carol, Mario, Vicky and Courtney are all nominated, two of them will be evicted.  Friday night will be the big final show when this year’s winner will be announced.

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