It is the third day in the Celebrity Big Brother 2013 house.  The Cult of Celebrity members have been released into the main part of the house but are still doing top secret nominations for the first eviction night of the season.

Day 3

The episode opens with everyone slowly waking up.  Courtney Stodden is sharing a bed with Lauren Harries.  Is it me or does Sophie Anderton look very similar to a younger Tawny Kitaen? Mario Falcone joins Bruce Jones in the garden and says that he felt really weird all night after the entrance of the new housemates.

Louie Spence, Carol McGiffin and Charlotte Crosby are in the bathroom bathing. Carol says that she had just been on vacation in Vietnam before entering the Celebrity Big Brother 2013 house. Charlotte replies that Vietnam is not a destination she would have chosen because of the war there.  Carol scoffs that there was war in the 60’s and 70’s, not now.  Charlotte points out that Cartman from Southpark is always talking about Vietnam in a negative way so it must be a bad place to visit.  Sound logic……..

Ron Atkinson, Lauren (in lingerie and a frilly robe), and Vicky Entwhistle are discussing her time on Corronation Street. Ron is obviously a longtime fan of the show.  Vicky says that she felt eager to play other characters when she left the show in 2010.

Courtney, wearing curlers and low cut lingerie, is in the Diary Room talking to Big Brother about how nice everyone is and how much she especially likes Lauren.  She loved opening Lauren’s suitcase, citing that it was every little’s girls dream in there.  Courtney thinks people have already formed life long bonds in the house and its only day 2.  Big Brother asks what she thinks about Ron’s nomination, she says that she isn’t going to disagree with how the British public feels…translation she is relieved that she wasn’t the first person nominated. Courtney thinks that Ron is a sweet man but withdrawn from the group.

Abz Love and Dustin Diamond are talking about how much they are enjoying the Big Brother experience.  Dustin says that he misses his girlfriend but he wants to see it through till the end.

Courtney and Lauren are getting ready for the day doing full makeup, hair, dresses and jewelry.  Louie is watching and enjoying every second of it.  The other women are in the garden in their pj’s laughing at how girly Courtney and Lauren are.

Courtney tells Lauren that she started in the showbiz field at the age of 12, she was a part of the biggest modeling agency in Washington state. Lauren says Dustin, Courtney and herself all have childhood stardom in common.

Sophie Anderton tells Big Brother that she is struggling to not expose the knowledge of the housemates she gained from observing them.  She wants to know why Danielle is in the house, and says that you can’t get along with everyone. She is having regrets about nominating Ron because he is coming out of his shell.

The Housemates are doing their first task, each one is standing in front of a board with panels covering three interesting facts about themselves.  They have to read off each fact to the rest of the group and they all must decide which fact for each person the public choose as the most interesting one.

Abz Love:

  1. Slept with 500-1000 during peak of career
  2.  Burnt down a hotel room
  3. Lost his home and car after band split up.

Group chose 3, Correct.

Bruce Jones:

  1. Suspended from Corronation St in 2007
  2. He is now a trained mechanic
  3. Convinced a band his character was obsessed with to perform at his on screen wedding.

Group chose 1, Wrong.

Carol McGiffin:

  1. Celibate for 7 years
  2. Separated from famous ex-husband on the radio
  3. Is engaged to a 22 year old and is considering a face lift.

Group chose 2, Correct.

Charlotte Crosby:

  1. Regularly gets naked and has sex on camera for her reality show
  2. Favorite party trick is balancing noodles from each nipple
  3. Dui and 18month ban from drunk driving.

Group chose 1, Wrong.

Courtney Stodden:

  1. Met her husband online when she was 16
  2. Home schooled through an online Christian Academy
  3. Rejected a 5mil porn offer.

Group chose 1, Correct.

Danielle Marr: 

  1. Has three degrees and a masters in Aesthetic medicine
  2. Romantically linked to Dan Bowers
  3. Previously called her reality co-stars “talentless” and her “supporting cast”

Group chose 3, Wrong.

Dustin Diamond:  

  1. Claimed to have slept with over 2000 women and has starred in his own sex tape
  2. he formed a rock bank called Salty the Pocketknife
  3. Declared bankruptcy in 2001.

Group chose 1, Correct.


  1. Was considered an antiques child prodigy but admitted later in life that it was a hoax. (she denied it as she read it and looked quite upset)
  2. Her family tried to sue the government for 1 million dollars for ruining the economy
  3. Before entering the house Lauren said the person she would least like to see in the Celebrity Big Brother house was Bruce’s Corronation Street character.

Group chose 1, Wrong

Louie Spence:

  1. Attributes astounding flexibility to his mum folding him up into an MFI cabin bed as a child
  2. His best friend is Emma Bunton from the Spice Girls
  3. His speech impediment is a result of a trampoline accident when he was child.

Group chose 3, Correct.

Mario Falcone:

  1. Admitted to cheating on his ex-fiancé and co-star seven times
  2. Runs his own dating site
  3. Claims to have had threesomes, foursomes, and fivesomes.

Group chose 3, Correct

Ron Atkinson:

  1. Managed 9 football clubs in his career
  2. Used his own trademark phrases as a football pundit which became known as Ronglish
  3. Released a Christmas song in 2002 called “It’s Christmas – let’s give love a try.”

Group chose 3, Correct

Sophie Anderton:

  1. Worked as a model since she was 14, been in 48 national campaigns
  2. Once bought a dress for 10k pounds
  3. Was once arrested for causing a disturbance at a train station.

Group chose 3, Correct

Vicky Entwhistle:

  1. Released a fitness dvd after dropping from a size 16 to a size 6
  2. She moved in with her now-husband the night after their first date
  3. Once worked as a Pontins blue coat entertainer.

Group chose 2, Correct.

Big Brother announces that the Housemates guessed 9 out of 13 correctly.

The Cult of Celebrity members are back in the temple with their shiny gold capes on to take part in the Ceremony of Judgment.  They each must pick a possible nomination and will then narrow down to one person. Louie selects Abz because he is keeping to himself. Sophie chooses Danielle because she thinks she hasn’t been in the public eye and doesn’t need the experience. Lauren picks Courtney because she has a lot going for her and doesn’t need the exposure as much as other people do. Courtney has apparently done a great job of over selling herself.  They decide on Danielle to face eviction against Ron.

Louie and Courtney are in the bathroom inspecting Courtney’s breast implants, he is impressed and reassures her that they look good.

In the garden Ron is serenading Danielle and Dustin.  Danielle has her sweatshirt draped over her head, Ron asks her if she has a bomb on her, implying that she looks like a terrorist.  Big Brother calls Ron to the Diary Room to explain that what he said could be seen as offensive and gives him a formal warning.  Ron apologizes and explains that he came into the house with the goal of not upsetting anyone with offensive language and it won’t happen again.

Big Brother announces to the group that Danielle has been nominated for eviction and tomorrow a third housemate will be chosen.  Sophie consoles Danielle and says she’s sorry, Danielle replies “nothing for you to be sorry for, it’s not your fault is it.” Sophie says your right and scurries out of the room.

In the Diary Room, Danielle is telling Big Brother that she is okay with the nomination by the public because she is not that famous.  She then starts crying re-affirming just how “okay” she is with the nomination.

In the bedroom, Abz is telling Danielle and Courtney that he didn’t want his group to break up when they did.  He felt they had one more album and world tour left in them, but his band mates wanted to quit.  He is grateful for all his experiences.

Carol says she wants to get a facelift but is fearful of looking like a person who has had too much work done.  She says she doesn’t want to look younger just better.  Sophie becomes very aggressive and tells Carol that she must consult with her plastic surgeon. Carol looks obviously annoyed.

Carol then vents to Louie and Charlotte about Sophie overwhelming her, while across the yard Sophie is venting about Carol not listening to her, to Mario and Vicky.

Charlotte is telling Louie and Carol about having sex on camera, she never intends to make porn, and she is just doing what she would normally do.

Sophie tells Abz to be himself and come out of his shell, she can’t fight harder for him.  Super stealth Sophie is basically telling him that she is involved in the nominations and what he needs to do to avoid being nominated.

– Michelle Gage

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