It’s the fourth day of Celebrity Big Brother 2013, and the Cult of Celebrity members Louie Spence, Lauren Harries, and Sophie Anderton have settled into being a part of the main house with their other cast members.


The rest of HouseGuests are still unaware that the Cult of Celebrity exists and that the nominations aren’t being made by the public and are actually coming from three of their housemates. Only Mario Falcone suspects that Louie, Lauren and Sophie may have been involved in nominations.

The episode opens with the HouseGuest’s waking up, stretching their arms and looking groggy as they rise from their Celebrity Big Brother beds.  Danielle Marr admits to Vicky Entwhistle that she is kind of sad about being nominated.  Vicky tries to cheer her up by making light of the situation.

Lauren saunters into the kitchen in frilly lingerie and heels that make her look 10ft tall, Louie gushes about how fabulous she is even in the morning.

Charlotte Crosby and Courtney Stodden are chatting while they get ready for the day.  Courtney is rolling her hair up in curlers talking about how she feels a little homesick.  Charlotte thinks that being in a foreign country makes it harder for Courtney, she agrees.

Louie and Sophie are washing up at the sink discussing the previous night.  Louie says that Sophie is a different person when she gets drunk, she doesn’t like hearing that and rushes off.

In the Diary Room Abz Love talks to Big Brother about Sophie’s behavior the previous night.  Sophie was very abrasive and insistent that he be more outgoing with the rest of the group, which he did not appreciate hearing.  Abz explains to Big Brother that he has Asperger’s Syndrome (a form of mild Autism) and some social situations are a little overwhelming for him.  He doesn’t want people to think of him as having a disability, he just wants them to see him as Abz.

In the bedroom Lauren is “helping” Danielle with her hair and gets all of her bangs caught in a round brush.  Charlotte, Lauren, and Vicky stand around staring at Danielle’s hair clueless on how to fix it.  Courtney swoops in and saves the day, her mom is a stylist and she knows exactly how to save Danielle’s bangs, it was actually a pretty nifty trick.

Today’s task is a talent competition, they each have three coins and must give one to their three favorite performances.  Bruce Jones serenades the group in a pub style sing along, Dustin Diamond follows with a standup routine that the group enjoys. Danielle attempts a comedy routine but doesn’t even crack a smile from her audience. Charlotte reenacts a typical scene from Geordie Shore that includes drinking, slurring her words, and her dress tucked into the back of her underwear, the HouseGuests enjoy her performance.

Lauren does a burlesque routine, Abz performs a rap poem, and Ron Atkinson sings. Sophie does a run-way supermodel walk in a bikini and Louie acts like an exaggerated version of himself, flips included. Carol McGiffin does standup, Mario reenacts a scene from his show and flashes his bum, Vicky does a monologue, and Courtney rounds out the competition by strutting around in a barely there white bikini and white veil.  Louie ran up and motor-boated her “footballs” during the routine.

Following the task Lauren and Danielle are meditating in the garden. Danielle asks Lauren if she farted and she says no “I did a little raspberry.”  Everything Lauren says is gold!

In the living room, Ron is asking Sophie about the modeling world.  She explains that since she stopped doing drugs she doesn’t socialize with many people in the industry anymore. She goes on to tell a story about a stylist that was doing her hair at a shoot and stepped away to do coke in the bathroom. Sophie didn’t care that the stylist did coke, but she was extremely offended that the stylist knew she was in recovery and made it so obvious.  Ron replies, “we hate people that take drugs, like police officers and custom officers.”  Sophie shot him a look to kill.

Charlotte won the competition earlier in the day and is being awarded in the Diary Room with a special meal.  She tells Big Brother that she never expected to win because she has no talents.

Its Temple and gold cape time again for the Cult of Celebrity members where they are being forced to select someone for eviction.  Sophie wants Courtney to be the nominee.  Judging by the glares Sophie was giving the bikini clad Courtney during the competition, I think it’s safe to say that Sophie sees Courtney as a rival and wants her out of the house ASAP. Louie and Lauren refuse to nominate Courtney, both of them obviously adore her.  After some arguing Sophie concedes and the group agrees to nominate Vicky.

Big Brother has everyone gather on the couches to announce that Vicky is the third and final nominee to face the first eviction.  The group reacts with surprise and disappointment for a few seconds before Big Brothers warns that he is about to expose a twist.  What follows is a video of clips from the Cult of Celebrity talking about their housemates over the past few days.  The video is particularly harsh against Courtney, showing several things they said about her including calling her a slut, porn, and accusing her of flashing her privates.  All of the bad things Louie and Lauren said about Courtney however were before they met her, but you can’t tell that from the video.

When the video finishes Dustin praises Big Brother for his cleverness.  Louie says he is not sorry for anything, Big Brother gave him a task and he performed it like any of them would have.  Lauren looks heartbroken that Courtney heard her say bad things about her.  Courtney immediately starts shrieking and Lauren rushes over to her to give her a hug and reassurance that she hadn’t met Courtney yet when she said those things.

Some of the HouseGuests like Carol feel a bit violated from being watched and judged without knowing by the Cult of Celebrity.  Sophie is being incredibly defensive and argumentative with Carol in the aftermath.

Danielle is very angry after seeing Sophie say in the video that she was basically a nobody who didn’t belong on the show.  Danielle goes to the Diary Room and vents to Big Brother about the situation.  “Who the F does F’ing Sophie F’ing Anderton think she F’ing is.”  Big Brother follows up by asking Danielle if she was upset with Sophie, Big Brother can be such a wise guy.

Courtney is genuinely hurt by Lauren and is wondering if everything about her is a lie.  Dustin, Abz and Louie are assuring her that Lauren is not phony she was only hiding the Cult of Celebrity from her but everything else was genuine.  Courtney really loves Lauren, these two wingnuts are BFF soul mates, and their budding friendship is one of the best parts of the show so far.  Courtney and Lauren hug after clearing everything up.  Doug Hutichison better make room for a new roommate when this show over.

Outside Bruce is struggling to hold back tears over Vicky being nominated and steps away from the group for a moment to relax.  Vicky seems unfazed and tries to calm him down.  There is a sadness to Bruce that makes him seem like such a broken person.

Danielle and Sophie argue over the harsh things Sophie said about her.  Sophie rationalizes that Danielle is successful and doesn’t need the show or fame.  Danielle finds that quite weird and they bicker a little more before they agree to forget about it.

Louie tells Big Brother that people like Carol and Charlotte completely understand that it’s a game and how it works.  He thinks that Sophie and Lauren are struggling with Big Brother’s big reveal about them.

Carol is extremely drunk and gossiping with Mario and Louie, she says that thinks Sophie and Danielle are lying about their ages by 10 years each.  She also said that Sophie has messed her face up with injections and that she looks like a trout.  Mario helps Carol stumble into bed.

sophie-anderton, lip injections

The episode closes with Vicky alone in the garden smoking and having a pity party.   She is complaining to the wind about the fact that she is drunk and no one is trying to help her to bed like the army of people taking care of Carol.  She also complains about Louie saying darling too much and that she just wants to go home.

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