The last episode of Celebrity Big Brother 2013 showed the fallout from the Cult of Celebrity reveal.  The HouseGuests were forced to watch a video of Louie Spence, Lauren Harries, and Sophie Anderton making their nominations and discussing their cast mates’ appearances, behavior and general likability.


One of the most notable differences between Big Brother US and the Big Brother UK franchise is that when HouseGuests cast votes to nominate in the British versions, they have to give reasons for their nominations. This rule is always a source of drama as Big Brother is sure to find ways throughout the season to expose what the HouseGuests say about each other behind closed doors.

In this episode, the HouseGuests get to participate in their first Shopping Task of the season.  The house has been turned into a clock. They will have to participate in a series of challenges to accrue time which will impact how long they have to complete the final part of the Shopping Task.  How they perform in the food task will impact the amount and quality of the food, alcohol and cigarettes they get for the week.

The HouseGuests are split into groups of three celebrities who will work in shifts and perform a cuckoo clock ceremony every time they hear a chime noise.  Louie is dressed like a poor man’s Big Bird for the task while Carol McGiffin and Sophie are decked out in lederhosen.

Vicky Entwhistle is hung over and swears off drinking in the Celebrity Big Brother 2013 house ever again.  They show clips of her from the night before making fun of Louie and saying that she doesn’t like him.  She also woke Danielle up and told her that if they do not get evicted, Louie is going next. While they are all milling around the bedroom getting dressed, Louie basically tells Vicky that she is terrible at whispering and she made a fool of herself last night.

Vicky tells Charlotte Crosby that she deserves Oscar’s and BAFTA’s for living the hard partying lifestyle and being able to do it day in and day out.  Vicky also tells Charlotte that Louie had no remorse about the nominations and she thinks that he is a nasty person.

Lauren is in the diary room talking about how surprised she is by her growing friendship with Courtney Stodden, and she is amazed by how much the group seems to be caring about each other.

The first cuckoo clock group performs the first ceremony, Carol and Sophie march around in their lederhosen while Louie pops in and out of a window yelling “cuckoo cuckoo.”

After the cuckoo ceremony, Louie and Charlotte are talking about Vicki and Danielle Marr. Louie says that he doesn’t care about them being upset about nominations, he sees it as a just game, and they should be like Ron Atkinson and not care.

Vicky is moaning to Big Brother in the Diary Room about being nominated, she says that Louie obviously doesn’t like her, and the damage has been done.  She has given up talking to him because he always seems disinterested with her.

The first timed challenge is taking place in the courtyard.  The group is blindfolded and must get in order of age from youngest to oldest while Louie directs from his cuckoo clock perch, they get it right.  The group now has to get in order of who is the hottest according to the voting fans.    Louie immediately grabs Courtney and Mario Falcone and ushers them to the front of the line. Sophie automatically walks towards the front of the line without prompting and Louie gives her a really funny look for being so presumptuous.

The order as voted by fans on the official Celebrity Big Brother 2013 website is:

Charlotte, Mario, Abz Love, Louie, Carol, Dustin Diamond, Sophie, Courtney, Ron, Vicky, Bruce Jones, Danielle and Lauren.  Courtney, Vicky and Danielle all look really upset.  Charlotte rationalizes her win as being because the public knows she is really good at sex.

Next challenge is a food eating relay, some good dishes and some bad, they must eat what is in front of them.

Vicky – fermented egg – refuses, Louie – 3 fried chicken feet – eats, Dustin – three cream crackers – eats, Sophie – 4 garlic cloves- eats, Abz – 5 stinking bishop cheese on toast – eats, Carol – 6 pickled onions – eats, Charlotte – dog food canapés – eats, Danielle – jellied eels – refuses, Courtney –  9 mustard shots – refuses, Bruce – 10 lemon slices – eats, Lauren – 11 anchovies – eats, Ron – 12 cockles – eats, Mario – 13 pigs tongues – eats.

Vicky, Danielle and Courtney didn’t eat, the group gets deducted time from their final challenge as a result, and they have three minutes banked so far.

Ron and Bruce want Danielle to massage their feet as punishment for letting the group down.  Lauren volunteers to rub Ron’s feet, they are really banged up looking, she is very nice about it.

Louie is lecturing Danielle on not taking the game personally, she is not comprehending.  He explains that he had to nominate someone and it happened to be her, they aren’t bonded anyways.  He doesn’t care if he goes tomorrow or the last day.  Danielle is only offended by Louie nominating her because he is so cold about it. Louie says he doesn’t care, she is nothing to him. She is clearly taken aback by the situation.

Dustin and Abz are chatting about how they are dreading the brewing storm between Louie and Danielle.  Sophie is telling in Danielle that she is not getting pulled into the drama and doing something to embarrass herself.  Sophie then goes on to bash Louie behind his back and make herself sound innocent.  She tells Danielle they had quite a few disagreements about nominations.  Sophie has quite the victim complex and a serious sense of entitlement, these traits are oozing out more and more with each passing day in the Celebrity Big Brother house.

Louie is now talking to Sophie and Carol about Danielle.  Carol thinks that Danielle wants to win the most, it’s her personality to be driven.

Across the yard Danielle is talking to Courtney and Lauren about Louie, saying he is bitchy. It is obvious that Courtney and Lauren don’t want to hear it.  Danielle won’t let it her animosity towards Louie go and keeps harping on it.

Sophie and Mario are talking outside, Mario says he can tell Sophie has a great heart.  He asks if she is single, she replies that she is too old for him.  He goes on and on gushing about her beauty, he really wants a showmance.

Dustin and Lauren are in the cuckoo clock all dressed up in lederhosen planning Courtney’s birthday.  They decide that it would be funny if they all dress up like Courtney and make her a cake. While all these conversations are going on in the yard, Charlotte is flopping around like a dying seal in the background.  Sophie and Mario decide to put Charlotte out of her misery and help her to bed.

Carol is buzzed again, in the kitchen saying that she thinks Charlotte fakes the drunken antics to stay relevant.  In the bedroom Charlotte falls out of the bed several times and Mario repeatedly tucks her back in, she has his full attention.  Me thinks Carol maybe onto something!

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