Day 6 marks the first eviction of the season for Celebrity Big Brother 2013.  The show is being hosted by Emma Willis in front of a live audience.  The nominees for Eviction are Danielle Marr, Ron Atkinson, and Vicky Entwhistle.


Originally the Nominees were told that the public had selected them.  In typical Celebrity Big Brother fashion there was a major twist and it turned out that three of their fellow housemates had chosen them to face the public vote.  Sophie Anderton, Louie Spence, and Lauren Harries were part of the secret Cult of Celebrity for the first several days of show and were forced to pick the three celebrities to be put up for eviction.

The show opens with Emma coming onto the stage to a very excited audience.  The HouseGuests are shown sitting around the living room all dressed up for Eviction Night.  They can hear boos and cheers from the audience in the house. Emma slowly announces the names of the nominated HouseGuests, the crowd boos for Danielle and cheers for Ron and Vicky.  Emma explains that the public has been voting for they want to stay, the celebrity with the lowest amount of votes will be evicted.  She is also hinting at a nasty nomination twist that will be revealed by the end of the show.  A quick recap of the first five days and how theses nominations came to be is shown.

The morning of Day 5 starts off with Charlotte Crosby waking up and discovering that she had an accident.  “I’ve wee’d me bed.  This is a disaster, what am I going to do.”  She is extremely whiny about it and the spot on her bed is huge.  Keep in mind that Mario Falcone had to put her to bed the night before because she was so drunk.  Carol McGiffin says that Big Brother probably won’t give them anymore alcohol because of how out of control Charlotte was. Charlotte points out that both Carol and Vicky have been really drunk themselves.  Carol doesn’t argue that point but is quick to point out that they didn’t pee in their beds.  Charlotte storms out of the room saying that she wishes she had peed on all of them instead of her bed.

Lauren is doing Vicky’s hair, by poofing it up with hairspray in front of the vanity in the bedroom.  Vicky thinks she looks like a pumpkin and feels awkward getting more glamorous.  Lauren says she should do this when she wants to be sexy, Vicky laughs at her.

Sophie is in Diary Room saying that she feels the most bonded with Mario.  She is also surprised at how much she is growing to like Danielle and hopes she doesn’t get evicted.  Sophie also says that she likes Abz Love because they have recovery in common and he is very insightful. She felt very close to Louie in the Cult of Celebrity but doesn’t feel that way anymore.  Louie now seems cut throat to her and makes her uncomfortable.

The show transitions back to Emma and the audience.  Emma gleefully says, “cut throat housemates with no remorse that make you feel uncomfortable, welcome to life in the Celebrity Big Brother house Sophie Anderton.”

Carol and Mario have been chosen to perform the final Shopping Task challenge.  The previous challenges banked 5 ½ minutes for Carol and Mario to complete this task in.  They are in a clock themed room with a bunch of padlocked safes.  They need to correctly answer questions and solve some puzzles in the allotted time to win the task and the $650lb shopping budget.

During the task there were some quotes from HouseGuests about other Houseguests, Carol and Mario had to guess who said it or who it was about, with their housemates watching on the big screen tv.

Quotes from the task:

“I think Sophie is nowhere near 36, I think she is probably 46.”   –said by Carol

“I just think Vicky is a bit of a stupid cow” –said by Charlotte

“Get a F-ing life, you’re too old now and too fat to be pirouetting around.” –said by Vicky about Louie

“She has to fake passing out, she’s doing it now.  She’s a fake. She’s a fake.”—said by Carol about Charlotte

“I feel like she is telling people what to do. I feel like people need to keep their own opinions to themselves.” –said by Abz about Sophie

“When I talk to him it’s like he doesn’t want to know.” –said by Abz about Mario

They end up winning the shopping task. Carol and Mario did great under pressure, they were definitely the best choice to compete on behalf of the group.

Carol, Danielle and Bruce Jones are working on the shopping list. Danielle is being really annoying, Carol asks her to please shut up.  Danielle continues to exacerbate Carol and Sophie on purpose to get a rise out of them.

In the Diary Room, Big Brother asks Ron what he thinks his chances of being evicted are. Ron says that he feels good about staying.  He also says Danielle is the most worried about losing and Vicky is to laid back to care.

Courtney and Lauren are in bedroom resting.  Lauren tells Courtney she doesn’t talk to many people, basically just her family, cats and the plumber.  Lauren also says she doesn’t have friends but Courtney is her friend.  Lauren says that she hopes when they leave they will keep in touch. Courtney says of course, she loves Lauren already.  Lauren says she never expected to make a real friend in house, Courtney felt the same way before entering.

Emma announces that the public has been voting to save, the celebrity housemate with the fewest votes and first to be evicted…..super long pause….is Danielle. “Danielle you have lost your place in the Celebrity Big Brother house you have 30sec to leave.”  They all hug Danielle and say their goodbyes.

Interview with Emma:

Emma starts off the interview by asking Danielle what it is like to be the first houseguest out?

Danielle says its fine now that she’s out. She was certain it was going to be her leaving so she became accepting and looked forward to seeing her son.  She is not well known in England, her reality show doesn’t air there.  She said it’s an amazing experience.  She was upset when she thought that the English public nominated her, felt disappointing.  But then it hurt to see her roomates vote for her.  Lauren didn’t offend her though because she is a gorgeous soul

She is shown the Cult of Celebrity nomination ceremony and sees everything Sophie said about her. She is surprised, Danielle gave her a freebie in the past and is surprised that Sophie went after her right away like that.

Danielle feels that Louie Spence is no one to her, she repeatedly says his name incorrectly and found him to be really boring.  She really hit it off with Vicky because she felt that they are both down to earth and hard working.  She wants Lauren to win because she is special and has a beautiful soul.

Back inside the house, Big Brother has called the two saved housemates into the Diary Room.  Big Brother congratulates them surviving eviction.  Ron says it was pleasing to know they weren’t nominated by the public. He goes on to say that they both feel desperately sad for Danielle because she really embraced the show and wanted to stay.  He thanks the public, they certainly didn’t put them there but they kept them there.

Big Brother informs them that there will be another eviction on Friday, they get to choose one person to be nominated. The rest of the house is watching this on the big screen.  Ron asks if this conversation is being put on the air, Big Brother doesn’t answer and tells them to hurry.

Ron throws out Lauren’s name, Vicky thinks the public will love Lauren and disagrees.  They end up deciding on Louie. Louie is relieved and says he doesn’t care and hopes he gets voted out.  The rest of the house get to make nominations later that night.

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