Our Day 7 highlight show recap brings you the scoop on the entire day of the first Celebrity Big Brother 2013 eviction. Join us for a glimpse into the nervous energy and anticipation that fills the Big Brother house on eviction days.


The episode opens with Charlotte Crosby talking to Big Brother, she feels ready for the first eviction, and she thinks it is time for people to start leaving.  Big Brother asks who she would like to see go. She replies Ron Atkinson because he wants to go home but she has a bad feeling it will be Danielle Marr.  Even though some of the HouseGuests find Danielle irritating, Charlotte enjoys her company.

Outside Danielle, Vicky Entwhistle, and Louie Spence are chatting, Danielle is trying to gossip about celebrities.  She asks if they know Simon Cowell, both Vicky and Louie have met him but don’t know him well enough to comment.  Danielle asks Louie what celebrities he doesn’t like, he replies “you,” they have a big laugh.

Danielle then engages Louie in a really uncomfortable conversation about money.  Louie (who was clearly being sarcastic) claims to not make any money and live off of his wealthy dad.  Danielle tells him that she comes from a rich family but would never take their money. She then repeatedly asks Louie if he feels bad about taking his Dad’s money, he answers no and seems totally disinterested in talking to her.

Abz Love is talking to Big Brother in the Diary Room, he doesn’t think the house would be effected at all if Danielle left.  He thinks it is likely that Ron will get voted out because he is old fashioned and there isn’t much more that he can bring to the table.

Louie and Mario Falcone are talking about Danielle while tanning in the yard, Louie is laughing at Danielle’s attempt to probe him about money earlier.  Mario thinks that Danielle has a good heart, Louie doesn’t care he just doesn’t like her.

Lauren Harries and Charlotte are cooking in the kitchen.  Charlotte thinks that Lauren will win the show, Lauren says she hopes so because she hasn’t much luck lately.  Carol McGiffin hovers over them while they cook and monitors how much food they are using.

In the Diary Room, Big Brother is asking Louie who he would like to see leave the Big Brother house. He wants Danielle to leave because he can’t stand her.  He also implies that he is the one taking care of his dad, not the other way around, he just didn’t want to open up to Danielle about his life.

Courtney Stodden tells Lauren that she wants her to win the show because she is the most beautiful person in the house, Lauren feels the same about Courtney.

Today’s task is setup like an antique show, the HouseGuests are in line and awaiting an appraisal of their most valuable item by Lauren.  Dustin wins the task with a white gold ring that Lauren appraised as being the most valuable item belonging to the group.

Everyone is getting ready for the live Eviction show, Danielle, Ron, and Vicky are packing their bags.  Ron tells Big Brother that his time in the house has been an adventure and he has really enjoyed it.  Danielle tells Big Brother that she is not ready to leave and she wants more time there.  Vicky tells Big Brother that she will be happy to stay because it will be confirmation that she wasn’t the most irritating HouseGuest.  While buzzing around the bedroom getting ready Vicky tells Danielle that she has to calm down because she is really irritating people.

Outside right before the Eviction, Vicky is having a nice moment with Abz, he tells her that she’s been a pleasure, a joy, and he is so glad to have met her.

Ron and Dustin Diamond are chatting in the living room about Danielle. Ron says that he hopes she gets to stay because she is not well known by the British public and this is her only chance to change that.  In the bedroom Lauren gives Danielle a pair of earrings and nice hug.

After Danielle is Evicted a series of Diary Room reactions are shown. Lauren says she will miss Danielle, and Charlotte says that she really liked Danielle but thought that she might have been too much for some people.  Louie says that he really doesn’t care, she was an extra, he then confesses that there is a pecking order within the Celebrity Big Brother 2013 house and she was at the bottom.

Ron and Vicky get called to the Diary Room while the rest of the group watches them on the big screen TV in the living room.  They are told by Big Brother to make a nomination, Ron suggests Lauren, and they end up choosing Louie who is happy to hear it.

Lauren is sad about Ron automatically choosing her to possibly nominate. Big Brother then announces that they will all vote for nominations later tonight.  They are not allowed to discuss nominations with each other, and Ron and Vicky are exempt from voting.

Louie – nominates Vicky and Ron

He chose Vicky because she nominated him and chose Ron because they have nothing in common.

Bruce – nominates Charlotte and Lauren

He chose Charlotte because she is rude and Lauren because he worries about her and doesn’t want to worry about her anymore.

Mario – nominates Courtney and Lauren

He thinks that Courtney has been rude to him a few times and Lauren expects to be looked after.

Charlotte – nominates Lauren and Dustin

She thinks Dustin is too nice and possibly fake.  Lauren is to high maintenance

Sophie – nominates Courtney and Lauren

She thinks that both Lauren and Courtney are slobs

Dustin – nominates Courtney and Charlotte

Dustin thinks that Courtney is young and leaves suds on the dishes after she washes them.  He chooses Charlotte because of her drunken antics.

Lauren – nominates Ron and Sophie

Ron because of him suggesting her for nomination and she thinks that he is uncomfortable around her. Sophie because she is moody and condescending.

Abz – nominates Carol and Courtney

He picks Carol because he doesn’t think she likes him very much and Courtney because she doesn’t’ help around the house.

Courtney – nominates Charlotte and Sophie

Charlotte because of her drinking and Sophie because she is always giving her attitude and dirty looks.

Carol – nominates Lauren and Ron

Thinks that Lauren is too messy to live with and too needy.  She thinks that Ron doesn’t help with housework and is arrogant now after having been saved by the public.

The Celebrities are gathered in the living room to hear the results.  Louie, Lauren, Ron, Courtney, and Charlotte are all nominated and will face the public vote on Friday.  Big Brother goes on to announce that several people broke the rules tonight by discussing nominations and there will be severe consequences.

Lauren gets up and leaves the room and goes into the bedroom by herself.  Charlotte gets upset and starts crying while Sophie and Mario comfort her. Carol yells at Charlotte for crying so they leave the room.  Mario the surprising source of logic protects Charlotte and tells them to let her be upset and get it out.

Charlotte says that she is used to being in the Geordie Shore where people don’t mind her antics.  Lauren is going to sleep and avoiding talking to anyone.  Around 2:30am several of the Houseguests are milling around the kitchen.  Charlotte gets upset at something Carol says and rushes into the Diary Room to cry.  Carol and Louie tease her a little and tell her to relax.  Sophie lectures Carol about being too hard on her.  Carol says that Sophie is taking it too seriously and pretending to care.  Carol goes on to say that Charlotte is just a Geordie slag (slut) and she’ll be fine.

Charlotte tells Big Brother that she feels like “her heart has been ripped out, and stepped on, and then eaten by a dog, then pooped out, then cleaned up by someone doing community service and then put in a bin bag to be put in a massive pile of skip heap. A long process by very bad.  It’s all because I wee’d myself.”

The episode wraps up with Dustin and Abz discussing the nomination process and how it was hard giving reasons for the nominations.  Dustin says that the real friendships will stand the test of time. Dustin also feels like there is a storm coming.

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