This episode highlights the full day of the 2nd eviction of Celebrity Big Brother 2013.  The morning starts off with the HouseGuests rising from bed after the tension filled previous night.


Lauren Harries is in Diary Room talking to Big Brother, she doesn’t anticipate talking to Sophie Anderton again because of the argument they had last night.  Charlotte Crosby commended her for standing up to Sophie, which made Lauren feel better.  She feels that she has shown the rest of the house that she can be assertive and  does not need to be treated like a child.

In the bedroom Charlotte says that she feels surprisingly calm about facing eviction night, Louie Spence does a happy dance for her to express how good he feels about it.

Courtney Stodden and Lauren are getting ready by the bedroom vanity, Courtney says that she missed all the excitement last night. Lauren assures her that she is lucky because it wasn’t very nice.  Courtney says that the drama between Lauren and Sophie is far from over, Lauren agrees.

In the Diary Room Louie is talking to Big Brother about who he thinks will get evicted tonight.  He believes the odds are best that he will get evicted. He thinks that Lauren will stay because she’s truly genuine and the public will appreciate that. Louie also thinks that Ron Atkinson is boring and has the best chance of being evicted after himself.

Sophie is in the Diary Room talking to Big Brother about the situation with Lauren.  Sophie feels that Lauren was looking for a reason to argue with her, and went off on her for no reason.  She also thinks that Lauren only cares about herself and her own needs, she feels sorry for Courtney who she thinks is like Lauren’s slave.  Sophie says that Lauren’s attack was vicious and it scared her. If Lauren does not get evicted tonight she would be happy to leave instead.  For the record, Lauren did not swear at Sophie, she barely raised her voice and never went into her personal space.  Sophie’s victim complex is astounding at times.

Louie and Carol McGiffin are in the bedroom giggling about Sophie’s insistence that she doesn’t use Botox.  Louie says if Sophie doesn’t use Botox then he isn’t gay, which cracks Carol up.  Louie doesn’t understand the point of lying, it’s so obvious and all models her age get it done.

Dustin Diamond gets called into the Diary Room and offered the chance to win the group a nice meal.  Big Brother has created an energy drink that Dustin will pretend to endorse called V I Pop, “gives increased positivity, libido and intelligence.” The drink tastes disgusting and Dustin’s task is that he must convince the HouseGuest’s that he really did create the drink company.  Dustin goes right to work talking to all of his housemates. Charlotte reads the label and mispronounces libido, when she gets to the part about increased intelligence, Louie coyly says “well I hope you got a truckload for her.”

Dustin is now sitting outside with Vicky Entwhistle drinking VIP and says that he is already finding her more attractive.  While in the kitchen Louie says to Carol, “typical American coming in here and promoting libido juice.”  Courtney says that the drink is making her sick and she feels guilty.  Mario Falcone proclaims that it must be a task to everyone in the kitchen, and it all starts to make sense to them.  Literally nothing gets past Mario.

Outside Ron Atkinson and Bruce Jones are grilling Dustin about the drink and it’s ingredients, they trip him and up and Ron exclaims “don’t come to us with your cock and bulls stories young man.” Dustin looks totally stymied by Ron calling him out.

A while later the group is sitting around the living room, Big Brother announces that Dustin was performing a task earlier with the drink.  He had to convince them that the drink was his invention, they didn’t believe him which has resulted in them now winning the treats.  they

Dustin is in the bedroom laying down with a pillow on his head skulking.  Ron, Mario and Bruce are in the kitchen eating lunch discussing how Lauren seems more comfortable and confident today.

Courtney and Sophie are talking in the yard about missing home.  Courtney says that she will be disappointed if she doesn’t get evicted tonight, she misses home.  Sophie says that her goal was to last two weeks and she will do that because the next eviction will happen next Wednesday.  Sophie also says that Courtney probably wouldn’t be so eager to go home if she were in America, she thinks it was brave of her to go on a reality show in a different country.  Courtney appreciates hearing that acknowledgement because she is a little overwhelmed by the cultural differences.

Abz Love is in the Diary Room talking to Big Brother, he says that he would really like to win the show now and he is going to try harder to get the public to route for him.  In the bedroom Courtney is talking about how much she misses her husband and not knowing if she’ll see him or not is making her anxious.  Courtney is then shown using my favorite eye shadow palette (Urban Decay’s Naked 2) in the world and that is causing me to question everything about myself.

A montage of the nominated HouseGuests talking to Big Brother about the pending eviction plays.  Louie tells Big Brother that he hopes he gets evicted, he has been there long enough.  He feels that the longer you are in there the more broken you become, and he feels pretty broken at the moment.  He also says that he will not miss anyone or anything about house.  Ron would like to go home but he has enjoyed the experience.  Lauren says that she is not ready to go home, a week is not enough for this experience and she hopes the public will want to keep her.  Charlotte tells Big Brother that she will feel like a big fat loser if she gets voted out.  Courtney thinks that she will be the one voted out, she says that she has enjoyed her time but she has had moments when she felt like breaking down and crying.  Overall Courtney thinks that it has been an amazing experience and she thanks Celebrity Big Brother for the opportunity.

The live footage of the HouseGuests sitting around the living room listening to Emma Willis and the audience is shown.  Louie says that he hopes to get evicted so he doesn’t have wait another 5 days to go through this again.  I wonder if it’s the anxiety and anticipation of eviction that makes him so eager to just leave now.  In the moments leading up to Ron being evicted they can hear the crowd chanting “Get Sophie out.”

A few moments later Sophie and Bruce are outside, Sophie is saying that she is terrified of leaving now after hearing the crowd chanting “get Sophie out.”  She assumes it must because of the argument with Lauren the night before or she imagined hearing it.

In the bedroom Courtney is talking to Lauren, she is very surprised by what the crowd was saying about Sophie, Lauren didn’t hear it.  Courtney thinks that the crowd was supporting Lauren and that everyone sees what an angel she is.

In the kitchen Mario and Charlotte are talking, Mario thinks that people will start being nicer to them now that they know the public likes Charlotte.  Mario has been right about absolutely everything so far, so I fully expect to see that happen.

Outside Louie, Vicky, and Carol are discussing the Eviction. Carol thinks that Lauren picked up a lot of extra votes by standing up to Sophie, they agree.  In the Diary Room, Lauren says that not being evicted is proof that people like her, especially since she is transgendered. She thinks her housemate’s only problem with her is that she is messy, she promises that she will be scrubbing and doing chores from now on to avoid being nominated again.

Courtney and Sophie are laying down in a bed together talking about Courtney missing her husband.  Across the room Lauren is folding her clothes and says that she knows they are up to something.  Courtney assures her that they aren’t talking about her, they are just having a moment, discussing how much she misses her husband.  Lauren says “well that’s okay then.”  Sophie apologizes for misjudging Courtney in the beginning.

In the kitchen Louie and Carol are talking about Sophie. They think that she is a huge “know it all” and she is driving them nuts.  They mock her for always calling everyone sweetie.  Outside Sophie and Courtney are talking and they admit to nominating each other, which I’m sure they will get in trouble for.

Carol is clearly is drunk again and tells Dustin that he is horrible and she thinks that he isn’t as nice as he lets on.  Dustin replies that she is sensing her own horribleness being reflected off of him, which makes her laugh.  Carol insists that no one can be that nice.

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