Colton Cumbie’s return to Survivor 2013 has been a controversial one.  The first time Colton played, in Survivor One World, he was known for being vindictive and cruel.  He was also known for quitting. Colton decided to quit Survivor for the second time last night. Host Jeff Probst let Colton know just how he felt about him on last night’s Survivor Blood vs. Water. 


The first time Colton quit he claimed he had appendicitis.  Jeff squashed the rumor and told everyone Colton faked it.  Colton said he didn’t get treated for an infection, but it definitely wasn’t appendicitis.  Jeff got more upset because he couldn’t believe they brought a quitter back.  Colton said he came back on Survivor 2013 to prove himself and to prove he had changed since Survivor One World.  All he proved is: once a quitter, always a quitter.  Jeff said Colton should have stayed on his couch.

Colton insisted he didn’t care what anyone thought of him, but contradicted himself by saying he is sick of everybody hating him.  So does he care or not care?  His tribe mates spoke up and said Colton quit because the game wasn’t being played his way.  Colton likes drama and chaos.  His calm and collected tribe mates weren’t playing into his drama which they believe caused him to quit.  Colton admitted there was probably some truth in their statements.

His fiancé Caleb didn’t do much to stop him and didn’t really seem all the fazed by Colton’s little attention grabbing scene.  Survivor has probably learned their lesson; don’t bring back a quitter.  Colton only lasted half the time he played his last time around on Survivor.  As Jeff Probst put it, some people are meant to watch Survivor, not play Survivor.  

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