The Big Brother 15 finale wrapped up tonight and fans finally learned which of the last three HouseGuests standing would walk away with a half million dollars. We’re sure the ratings for tonight’s last episode of Big Brother 2013 will be stellar, just like they have been all season. That doesn’t mean, however, that a lot of fans were all that invested in which of the final three would actually win the half million dollar prize.


The funny thing about it is, even though more people seem to be watching every week, not very many of them seem to care who won Big Brother 15. In fact, quite a few of them would rather that none of the final three took home the money — they’d rather see it donated to charity.

In our latest poll here are the site, we asked our readers which of the final three Big Brother 15 cast members they wanted to win. We gave them four options: GinaMarie Zimmerman, Andy Herren, Spencer Clawson or “Just give the money to charity please.” At the time of this poast, fans had picked the last option by a majority with 45 percent of the vote. GinaMarie placed second with 42 percent of the vote, followed by Andy at just seven percent and Spencer at six percent.

From what we’ve been seeing in chat rooms, forums, Twitter and Facebook, our poll seems to strongly reflect the overall opinions of Big Brother fans out there at large. We’ve seen viewers in mass sending tweets about the show saying none of the final three deserve the money and it would be better spent going to a charity. Even better, quite a few have said they’d rather see the cash go to help former Big Brother alumni Britney Haynes with the medical costs for her two-month-old baby girl Tilly, who was just diagnosed with cancer.

Big Brother 15 Week 12 Sunday Live Feeds Highlights (20)The problem with our final three HouseGuests this year was that they are all really unlikeable people. All of them were guilty of saying some extremely horrible things on the Big Brother Live Feeds. We’re not referring to the usual smack talk about other HouseGuests. That we could mostly forgive and is pretty normal on this show. No, the final three this year have all shown themselves to be ignorant, cruel and ugly people on the inside.

Usually we have at least one HouseGuest in the finals we’d either want to be, want to be friends with, or want to get in bed with. Or, barring that, at least one player who has played an absolute killer game without being a total douchebag. We don’t have any of those options this season in the final three. That makes it very difficult for us to cheer for any of them to be the one who wins Big Brother 15 tonight.

These three players have been among the worse offenders in the house this season when it comes to making beyond the pale derogatory remarks and getting way, way too personal about some of their other competitors. All three of them have made nasty, racism-tinged comments (incredibly blatant ones when it comes to GM). It’s kind of sad that CBS called Aaryn Gries out publicly on the network show over her racism but has failed to penalize GM, Andy or Spencer for their statements — some of which have been even worse than anything Aaryn ever said.

In addition, Andy and GM have both made threats of physical violence about other HouseGuests and Andy has joked repeatedly about killing himself if Elissa Slater should win America’s favorite player. GM made incredibly mean remarks about Candice Stewart being adopted. Spencer has said some of the most disgusting, creepiest things we’ve ever heard about women — primarily in regard to previously evicted HouseGuest Elissa. And he thinks it is funny to joke about beating off to child p**n.

Plus, although we do argue that Andy played a good game this year, it wasn’t like he was an epic player. And Spencer and GinaMarie mostly made it to the final three because no one really considered them a threat. They were cannon fodder for the Jury vote when it came right down to it. Andy just ended up as the one lighting the fuse.

How can we really have wanted any of these three to walk away even with the 50k for second place tonight? Much less half a million dollars? We really do wish we could snatch that huge load of cash away from Big Brother winner Andy Herren and send it right over to Britney Haynes with our #prayforTilly get well wishes. Barring that, we’ll happily take GinaMarie’s second place 50k.


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