The final eviction night of Celebrity Big Brother 2013 is here, two of the five nominated HouseGuests will be leaving this evening.  Louie Spence, Carol McGiffin, Courtney Stodden, Mario Falcone, and Vicki Entwhistle are all nominated and facing the public vote.  The three HouseGuests who survive eviction tonight will be in the finals on Friday alongside Charlotte Crosby, Lauren Harries, and Abz Love.

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Live Eviction shows always go back and forth between host Emma Willis with the live audience and highlights of the previous day.  The Highlights start off with Abz giving Louie a sparkly gold belt, Louie is very touched by the gesture and obviously loves the belt.

Carol is in the Diary Room, talking to Big Brother about Vicky.  Carol feels that Vicky exposed herself the night before when she was drunk.  She feels like she doesn’t know Vicky anymore and is confused about who Vicky really is.

Carol and Charlotte are talking in the kitchen about Vicky, Carol says that she will kill herself if she gets evicted and Vicky stays.  Charlotte laughs and walks away saying she can’t handle suicide threats. Carol is now venting to Louie in the living room, she feels like she is getting rolled eyes from Vicky and she doesn’t want her remaining time in the Celebrity Big Brother house to be ruined.  Louie assures Carol that Vicky can’t ruin their time in the house.

Mario, Vicky, Louie, Charlotte and Carol are sitting around the table discussing how different Vicky’s behavior is when she drinks.  Carol feels that Vicky is looking to pick a huge fight with her tonight.  Louie encourages all of them to not take the bait.

In the Diary Room, Vicky is venting to Big Brother, she thinks that Carol is a very interesting and bright woman, but she also thinks that Carol is two faced and nasty.  The group in general looks very tired of listening to Carol and Vicky complain about each other.

All of the HouseGuests are in bed, Vicky is still awake and can hear Carol talking in her sleep.  Carol says that there is a twist coming from Big Brother and that they must vote out Vicky because she is the most annoying person in the house. Vicky chuckles to herself while listening.

Emma announces that the first person evicted this evening is Courtney Stodden.  While she reads off the results the crowd can be heard chanting “get Vicky out.”  Courtney is thrilled to leave, the group is very sweet with their goodbyes.

Courtney and Emma sit down for their interview, Doug is shown in the audience with a bunch of balloons for her.  Courtney says that she is thrilled with the experience and very proud of herself.  She came all the way from America, it was first time out of her home country and she is so proud of herself.  (She says she is proud of herself about 100 times.)

Courtney feels like the Celebrity Big Brother 2013 experience has helped her to grow into a woman, she did not realize how strong she is.  About her friendship with Lauren, Courtney says that she loves people who are unique, brave, and not afraid to be themselves.  Emma mentions that several of the HouseGuests felt that Courtney was being smothered by Lauren, Courtney refutes that and says that she misses Lauren already.

When asked about the hand flirting incident with Mario this week, Courtney says that they were bored and he initiated it.  She then says that she is not attracted to Mario at all, she’s a lightweight when she drinks and was just having fun.  Courtney says that there is no escape in the house and drinking was really the only release.  When asked to describe her experience on the show, Courtney says that it was beautiful, crazy and stressful.  She is so grateful for the experience and has grown into a more independent woman.

The second person evicted tonight is Louie Spence, everyone in the house seems shocked to hear that he is leaving.  Louie is thrilled and shrieks like a little girl as he races up the stairs to exit.

In the interview, Emma points out to Louie that the crowd has given him an amazing reaction and he seems surprised by it. Louie explains that he struggled in the house and says that he feels like he was unappreciated of the experience sometimes and that the public may have been upset with him for that.  He goes on to say that he would have loved to be in the finals on Friday, but there are people in the house who it means so much more to, so he is perfectly happy with leaving tonight.

Emma asks Louie how he felt about Lauren and Carol nominating him this week.  Louie says that he and Carol are very close and he understands that he could be unpleasant to be around, and she may have been looking out for his well-being by helping him go home.

Louie says that being in Celebrity Big Brother 2013 is a job, but actually living in the house is so much bigger than a job.  He struggled with wanting to go home and not wanting to let down people who made the effort to vote for him to stay.  When asked about his friendship with Carol and how brutally honest they were with each other, Louie says that there is a lot of mutual respect between them.  Louie also says that Carol is very similar to him when it comes to sense of humor and speaking bluntly.

Emma asks Louie who the most difficult person to live with is, he replies Courtney.  When asked who he would like to see win the show, Louie says Charlotte.  Louie goes on to explain that he championed Lauren for a long time in the house but they have seen a drastic change in her over the past few days and he doesn’t know what to make of it.  Louie also says that Courtney and Charlotte are the most desperate to win and were quite competitive with each other.

Now its official Charlotte Crosby, Lauren Harries, Mario Falcone, Abz Love and Vicky Entwhistle have all made it to the finals on Friday night.  The public will be voting for the next two days for the Celebrity they want to win Celebrity Big Brother 2013.

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