How much is Frankie Grande worth? We were curious to find out exactly what Frankie Grande’s net worth is after all his talk about how famous and wealthy he is on the Big Brother Live Feeds. After all, you don’t talk about giving away all your Big Brother winnings to a charity for kids in Africa unless you probably have more money than you know what to do with already.

Big Brother 2014 Frankie Grande Net Worth

Big Brother 2014 cast – Frankie Grande (CBS)

According to Frankie Grande, brother to pop star Ariana Grande, he is a “media mogul” and YouTube star that has so little need for the cash me might win on Big Brother 16, he plans to give it to charity. So how much is Frankie Grande worth that he’d be willing to give up all that money if he won Big Brother 2014?

Frankie has over 250,000 subscribers on YouTube and over 10 million views on his videos, which means some major cash coming in. He’ll only be more popular after his stint on Big Brother 16, whether he ends up winning or not. He also has over 720k followers on Twitter, over 850k on Instangram, and almost 60k likes on Facebook.

Beyond all that, Frankie has also appeared on Broadway and produced several major shows on and off Broadway, including Hamlet starring Jude Law, Born Yesterday starring Jim Belushi, and Brooke Shields‘ one-woman cabaret.

How does this all translate out to Frankie Grande’s net worth? Well, according to, the YouTube personality is allegedly worth a cool $1.5 million dollars. While this figure may not be entirely accurate, we wouldn’t be shocked if it was correct, or even a little low.

You would be amazed how much cash 10 million YouTube views can rack up, not to mention all the side gigs, projects, etc. Plus, of course, any nice ‘gifts’ he might be getting from his more famous and even wealthier sister Ariana.

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