Are you trying to figure out how to watch Big Brother Canada online? Or are you outside of the country and wanting to know how to watch Big Brother Canada from the US or somewhere else? Well, there are several options for fans who want to tune in to BBCAN episodes and Live Feeds this season. Just depends on what works best for you!

Big Brother Canada 4 is here!

Big Brother Canada 4 is here!

The new season of BBCAN4 kicks off Wednesday night on Global at 9PM ET/PT. For those inside the borders, episodes and Live Feeds for the new season can be viewed on the official website. If you live outside Canada, however, watching takes a little more work. There are options available, however, from totally free but unreliable and possibly harmful to your computer, to inexpensive but much more likely to be safe and work.

In past seasons, one of the easiest free way to watch Big Brother Canada online was to use or However, if these options do work again this season, you have to be VERY careful what you click on these sites to avoid malware or other issues. Anything that tells you to “download” anything — don’t do it! You do NOT need to install anything to watch the videos. Also, be careful about closing down ads that may block your view. Generally it’s the tiny little X marks you can barely see that actually close them, not the big red X marks that LOOK like they should close them.

The other option for how to watch Big Brother Canada 4 online is to use a VPN service. Just Google a bit to find out what these are and how to use them. Basically, it’s a service that hides what country you are in so that you can access Canadian content. Free VPNs like HideMyAss are out there, but some of them come with strong warnings about possible malware and viruses. There are quite a few cheap VPN services out there, however, that are safer and worth the small monthly fee. Especially since the Big Brother Canada Live Feeds are totally free and provide endless hours of entertainment. Here is a nice comparison of a bunch of different inexpensive VPN services.

Sadly, the previously very useful Hola browser app is now defunct, replaced by a totally unrelated website. Such a shame, as that was a great way to watch Big Brother Canada online.

If none of the above are really your thing, keep an eye on as episodes are usually uploaded there the next day. However, they are very often quickly taken down, so you may have to be fast to catch up on the latest episode before it goes away.

Of course, please do remember to always follow all applicable local laws regarding watching TV outside of your country using an online service. Good luck!

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