Celebrity Big Brother 2013 launch night kicked off with presenter Emma Willis introducing the theme for this season: “Cult of Celebrity.” Big Brother will use the theme in a menacing way for tasks and to stir up drama among the HouseGuests. Launch night always airs in front of a live audience that lines a long cat walk stage. Join us for the launch night intros and meet your Celebrity Big Brother 2013 cast!

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The British audience is famous for letting it be known exactly how they feel about the entering cast members through cheers and boos.  What is always interesting to watch for is if the audience reaction changes when the HouseGuests exit the Celebrity Big Brother 12 house.


The first cast member to enter the Celebrity Big Brother 2013 house was dancer/choreographer/reality television personality Louie Spence, 44.  He is the artistic director for the renowned Pineapple Dance Studios in London.  The dance studio has been the subject of two reality shows for which Louie was a featured cast member.  Spence was also a “Spice Boy,” dancing for the Spice Girls at the height of their fame.  Spice Girl Emma Bunton is one his closest friends.  He has also danced for Tina Turner, Ray Charles, Whitney Houston, and Stevie Wonder.

In his talking head introduction, Louie Spence described himself as being confrontational and capable of saying hurtful things. Spence came out to a round of cheers from the audience in his bedazzled purple blazer and sashayed up the stairs.


Lauren Harries (35) was thrust into the spotlight at a young age for being a child prodigy antique expert.  She was born a man and went by the name James until her sexual reassignment surgery 15 years ago.  During her childhood, she appeared on several television shows for her keen ability to spot antiquing bargains and her quirky personality.  As an adult Lauren has been the subject of several documentaries and a prominent figure for the British transgender community.

Harries described herself as bringing sex appeal and glamour into the Celebrity Big Brother 12 house.  She also says that she is a dizzy blonde who walks into walls because she does not watch where she is going. Lauren also stated  that sometimes people don’t like her; she is not sure why although she admits to sometimes being confrontational.  “I’ve put up with crap all my life, not going to do it now, think of Margaret Thatcher but more beautiful.”  While talking to host Emma Willis right before entering the house, Harries said that she brought plenty of evening gowns and lingerie to wear.


Model and reality television personality Sophie Anderton (36) worked the stage and entered  the house with a round of cheers from the audience.  She started modeling at the age of 14, has had over 200 covers, and 48 national campaigns for magazines such as Vogue, Maxim, and Elle.  At the peak of her career, she lived the jet set lifestyle and developed a severe drug addiction to cocaine.  Her addiction was well documented by the British tabloids which lead to her developing a spoiled wild child reputation.  Anderton said, “People will expect me to have a meltdown, cry a lot, and swear a lot,” while in the Celebrity Big Brother 2013 house.

Louie, Lauren, and Sophie got called into the Diary Room by Big Brother.  They were informed that they will be given a special task.  Big Brother has chosen the three of them to become the founding members of a new secret cult called “The Cult of Celebrity.”  They will have great power and influence over their housemates.  The three of them will be sequestered in a secret room called the “Temple of Celebrity” for 24 hours where they will live together and observe their housemates. They will be responsible for choosing the first person to be put up for eviction.

Vicky and Bruce, Celebrity Big Brother

Next to enter the house was the “Corrie Couple,”  Bruce Jones (60) and Vicky Entwhistle (44), who played a married couple for several years on the long running British soap opera Coronation Street (1960-present).

Entwhistle left the show in 2010 and has been doing stage work ever since.  Jones was fired from the show in 2007, and he has been the subject of tabloid stories for alcohol abuse and financial difficulties.

It is very obvious from their introduction video that they have a close friendship and a funny way of bantering with each other.  The crowd gave them a very warm and boisterous reception as they entered the Celebrity Big Brother house.

uktv-celebrity-big-brother-2013-courtney-stodden-1Courtney Stodden (18),  received boos and jeers from the crowd as she walked the stage, constantly tugging at her dress and adjusting her new chest. In her introductory video, she explained that she stumbled into fame because of her controversial marriage to 50 year old Doug Hutchison when she was only 16.  She said that their marriage captivated the whole world.

While giggling, she proudly pointed out that her dad is three years younger than her husband.  “It’s hard to raise eyebrows in Hollywood, and we managed to do it.”  She admitted to enjoying paparazzi and attention, she looked down at herself and laughingly said “obviously.”  “People have become obsessed with me just being me.”


Abz Love (34) the next HouseGuest to enter the house was in a band called Five that sold over 20 million albums. In 2001, the band split up, leaving Abz very disappointed. He claimed to have spent all his money on sex, drugs and rock n roll.  He said he doesn’t like senseless chatter and has been known to push people’s faces out of his way.

The band Five has recently come back together for a reunion concert and documentary.  He admitted to participating in Celebrity Big Brother 2013 for the money, he is still struggling financially and living with his aunt. There are worse reasons we could think of for agreeing to be on camera for thirteen weeks on a reality TV show. Money would definitely be our number one reason!

danielle marr, Celebrity Big BrotherIrish reality television star Danielle Marr (42) took to the stage and received a positive reception from the crowd.   She starred in Dublin Housewives, a reality series modeled after the Real Housewives franchise in America.

Marr described herself as the hardworking single one and an alpha female while her other cast mates were bankrolled by their men.  She is a successful business owner running the largest Botox firm in Ireland.

From the look of her plastic smooth forehead and permanently raised eyebrows, we think she is probably a very good customer of her own business.

uktv-celebrity-big-brother-2013-dustin-diamond-1American actor and reality television veteran Dustin Diamond (36) is most famous having played the character Screech on Saved by the Bell.

In his introductory video, he admitted to not keeping in touch with his former cast mates, and that he went to the Playboy mansion at the age of 12.  He made $300,000 off of a sex tape.  He thinks that people will want to keep him in the house because they will find him interesting and want to get to know him.

Diamond expects the house to be like camp and that the British culture will take some getting used too.  The crowd gave him a great reception, and he looked very confident and excited walking into the house.

uktv-celebrity-big-brother-2013-charlotte-crosbyCharlotte Letitia Crosby, is a cast member of the controversial show Geordie Shore, Britain’s answer to  Snookie from Jersey Shore.

Her most infamous moment was peeing on a guy because she was laughing at herself for having farted while fooling around with him.  She described herself as “mestivious [sic]” and struggled for the proper pronunciation of “mischievous.”

The crowd cheered her on as she walked the stage repeatedly hollering “I’m so scared.”

uktv-celebrity-big-brother-2013-mario-falcone-1Mario Falcone (25) resident bad boy of the structured reality series “Only Way is Essex,” received a mix of boos and cheers as he entered the Celebrity Big Brother house.

He is known for dressing sharply and being a philandering ladies’ man.

We can’t wait to see if he tries to hit on any of the female HouseGuests during his time inside the house and proves that sordid reputation true.

uktv-celebrity-big-brother-2013-carol-mcgiffin-1Carol McGiffin (53) from the daily talk show Loose Women entered the house next, to a positive reception from the audience.

McGiffin is currently engaged to a man 22 years younger than her and she hates being called a cougar.

She said it’s inevitable that she will go crackers while inside the Big Brother house and that something bad could happen.

Ron Atkinson, Celebrity Big Brother, channel 5The final cast member to enter the Celebrity Big Brother 2013 house is famous football coach and game announcer Ron Atkinson.

He described himself as a big teddy bear but also pointed out that he does not have patience for idiots and stupid people.

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– Michelle Gage

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