Another week down in Fiji as the islanders settle in, only for it to all disrupted. This is the way of Love Island. Just when islanders get comfortable, and think they know who they want, someone newer, prettier, and shiner gets thrown into the mix. This isn’t a problem if you’re sure about your mate (like a couple or two), but most of these singles don’t know themselves well enough to know what they really want on Love Island 2019.

We had quite a few islanders leave this week as we tried to get to know even more new islanders. More fan favorites left and more islanders got put into the “we’re just good friends” category. Too busy to watch Love Island USA 2019 five days a week? Well not us! Catch up on all the Love Island USA action below.


Caro Viehweg and Yamen Sanders were happy to be spending another week in the villa after being saved by the other couples. Comfortable Cashel Barnett was starting to feel the pressure as Kyra Green basically broke it off. She said she was just feeling him in more of a friend way. To add drama, Love Island separated the couples. The ladies went off to have a girl’s night out, and the boys were left to be goofy and host a boy’s only pool party. Before both events, America’s Sweethearts couple Zac Mirabelli and Elizabeth Weber decided to make it Facebook official.

The men helped as he sent her on a memory lane trip/scavenger hunt before asking her to be his girlfriend. Of course, he said yes. Love Island introduced six new singles: three men and three women. We meet Ray Gantt, Eric Hall, George Johnson, Kelsey Jenkins, Marli Tyndale, and Aissata Diallo. Once the new islanders crash the parties, the boy especially go prowling. Yamen is immediately attracted to Aissata and wants to couple up with her.

Cashel tells the guys that he’s going to flirt with Kelsey to make Kyra jealous, and hopefully want him back. Kyra tells Caro that meeting the three new guys made her miss Cashel, but she’s still unsure of her feelings for him. Katrina Dimaranan discovers that there may be competition for Weston Richey‘s heart, because Kelsey and him have natural and instant chemistry. Winston Hines is surprised to hear Zac and Dylan Curry lie to the new women by saying they’re open to exploring new relationships, especially Elizabeth’s boyfriend Zac. Yamen warns Zac that he might want to talk to Elizabeth about what he said before she hears it from the other women.


The islanders continue to get to know each other with a game of truth or dare Jenga. The guys have a gossip session to discuss the girls they like. The new girls also talk about liking Weston and Winston, Kelsey likes Weston and Marli likes Winston. Later, the newcomers receive a text telling them that they can pick one of the current islanders to go on a date with, coupled up or not.

Eric picks Caro

George picks Aissata

Ray picks Katrina

Marli picks Winston

Kelsey picks Weston

Aissata picks Yamen

Each couple seems to have a good time on their dates, but before Eric and Caro even had their date, Yamen let Caro know that Eric wanted to go on a date with Kyra. This sets their date off to a bad start, but Eric seems to pull her back in. However, later he does seek out Kyra. He lets her know that he likes her the most and doesn’t think she’s really happy with Cashel. She appreciates his forward nature.


Weston continues to grow closer with Kelsey, which makes him more confused on who to pick. Kyra lets Cashel know about Eric’s forwardness, and that makes him get a little angry. Kyra also talks to Elizabeth and Alexandra about Eric, and they both don’t think he’s a good match for Kyra. They think he’s the player type, and they think Cashel sincerely likes Kyra. She says even if Cashel does, that’s more reason to end it with him before he gets too attached.

Later, Eric and Cashel talk. They basically say they respect each other and no hard feelings either way. Earlier, Weston and some of the other guys make it clear that they don’t like Eric, especially how he’s trying to assert his dominance. The girls and guys have a contest to see who is the best kisser. Each guy and each girl gets a turn kissing blindfolded islanders of the opposite gender, and then they’re rated. The winners are Kyra and George.

Zac and Elizabeth finally get a private date. It’s a scene straight out of a Notebook parody with waterfalls and all. Later, host Arielle Vandenberg returns to let the islanders know that America has voted to save two new islanders. They vote to save Kelsey and Eric. Then the current islanders get to vote to save two more. They save Ray and Aisssata, which sends George and Marli home.


We start this episode off right with a bang. The recoupling ceremony will happen at the start of the episode, and Katrina is in panic mode. She knows it’ll come down to her to pick who to keep or let leave. She already knows that she’ll have to pick between Cashel and Winston. For the recoupling ceremony,

Alexandra picks Dylan

Aissata picks Yamen

Elizabeth picks Zac

Caro picks Ray

Kelsey picks Weston

Kyra picks Eric

Katrina picks Cashel.

Winston is the only one not picked and must leave the island. Sadly, Winston says goodbye and leaves. #FindWinstonAWife Katrina says that she picks Cashel over Winston because he has had plenty of chances to find someone, but Cashel has been set on Kyra so hasn’t really had a chance yet. Katrina also says she just sees both of them as really good friends, and doesn’t see romantic potential with either.

Cashel still seems to be holding on to hope for Kyra, but Kyra has firmly moved on to Eric. They both say they’re happy with her decision and excited to explore this more.

Most of the episode then revolves around a game where the islanders get to hear tweets about themselves. They must all try to guess which islanders are being talked about in them. The tweets definitely cause drama, because Alexandra didn’t know that Dylan said he was open to talking to other women. Zac and Elizabeth also get called boring, and Zac gets accused of being under Elizabeth’s thumb.

Zac stews about it a bit, and the other guys privately discuss agreeing with the tweets and Zac losing himself a bit because of his relationship with Elizabeth.


The girls encourage Alexandra to go deeper with Dylan, to build their relationship more. Meanwhile, the guys encourage Zac to spend more time with them, less time with Elizabeth. Later, Alexandra talks to Dylan to confirm that she trusts their relationship. She doesn’t need a label on it to feel secure.

Weston then leads a yoga session with the current couples. A little later, Kelsey receives a text about Weston and Kelsey’s first date. It ends in a kiss.

Arielle arrives to deliver the bad news: one couple will be going home. The four couples safe are Weston and Kelsey, Ray and Caro, Dylan and Alexandra, and Elizabeth and Zac. This leaves Eric and Kyra, Cashel and Katrina, and Yamen and Aissata vulnerable for eviction. They must then decide as a couple who to evict.

Alexandra and Dylan decide to dump Katrina and Cashel

Caro and Ray decide to dump Katrina and Cashel

Weston and Kelsey decide to dump Katrina and Cashel

Elizabeth and Zac decide to dump Katrina and Cashel

Cashel and Katrina are eliminated.

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