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Big Brother’s Jeff and Jordan New Wedding Web Series

By: on January 21, 2016 |

Are you a huge fan of Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd of Big Brother fame? Want to know every detail you can get about the upcoming Jeff and Jordan wedding? Well, good news! If you love all things Jeff and Jordan — especially Jordan — you might want to tune into their new web series on YouTube.

Big Brother's Jordan Lloyd (YouTube)

Big Brother‘s Jordan Lloyd (YouTube)

The new YouTube channel for the dynamic duo is titled Jeff and Jordan TV, although we’ve really only seen Jordan for the most part so far. In the description for the webisodes, Jordan Lloyd says that after “5 years of dating I am finally marrying my love Jeff Schroeder.” To get ready for the wedding, Jordan is posting a series of YouTube videos to “follow my journey to the big day as I plan each phase of my wedding with a little help from you all.”

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Big Brother All-Stars For Season 18 – True or False?

By: on January 20, 2016 |

Will Big Brother All-Stars be returning for season 18 of the hit CBS reality TV competition? The rumor mill is flying fast and furious that this will be the year the network finally brings back a full Big Brother 18 cast of veterans. But is there any truth to the gossip going around that former contestants like Frankie Grande and Zach Rance will be returning?

Big Brother stars Frankie Grande & Zack Rance (CBS)

Big Brother stars Frankie Grande & Zack Rance (CBS)

If the rumors are true that this may finally be another Big Brother All Stars season for CBS, what kind of returning players would be involved? Would it be a mix of winners and losers, or would it all be contestants who failed to make it to the end, like this last season of Survivor Second Chance?

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Big Brother 18 Premiere Date Announced By CBS?

By: on January 19, 2016 |

The Big Brother 18 premiere is creeping ever closer and we can’t wait to see what the new season will bring! CBS has allegedly* announced the next go around of Big Brother USA will kick off on June 22, 2016. This has been reported on a variety of sites, but we actually haven’t been able to track down an “official” announcement by the network yet. However, this date does seem quite likely to be correct, and may be sneakily leaked Big Brother spoilers information.

Big Brother 18 host Julie Chen (CBS)

Big Brother 18 host Julie Chen (CBS)

Despite the fact that no official information has yet been released about Big Brother season 18, the rumors have already started flying about what fans may be in store for this year. Most prominently, the gossip mill has been churning about whether or not this will finally be another true Big Brother All-Stars season.

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Vanessa Rousso Reveals She’s Had Relationship With CBS ‘For Years’

By: on December 1, 2015 |

Every season during Big Brother, fans have a million conspiracy theories about some player or another being ‘rigged’ to win the show. For Big Brother 17, the first person conspiracy theorists pegged as the ‘ringer’ to win the show was transgender contestant Audrey Middleton. However, when she demolished her own game very early on, another supposed CBS plant to win it all rapidly emerged: millionaire poker player Vanessa Rousso.

Vanessa Rousso

Before Big Brother 17 was even a third of the way through, rumors were flying all over the place that Vanessa Rousso was in cahoots with CBS to win the season. There was even an alleged leaked memo of sorts that after Vanessa won BB17 through producer manipulation, she would then be given her own show about poker around her Lady Maverick card-slinging identity.

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Who Won Big Brother 2015 Season 17? 9/23/2015

By: on September 23, 2015 |

Who won Big Brother tonight and will bank a half million dollars for spending their summer inside the Big Brother 2015 house? Did Steve Moses win a load of cash to share with Mom? Or was it Vanessa Rousso who added a hefty load to her already millionaire status? Could it be possible that Liz Nolan might defy all the odds and emerged as the final Houseguest who won Big Brother 17?

Who won Big Brother 17? (CBS)

We picked out our own favorite to win Big Brother 17.  The majority of the volunteers who helped out here at the site and on our Twitter feed this summer cast our personal votes for Steve Moses to win — we admit it! But then again, we’ve always kind of favored the underdog here at BBA. However, you could make a strong argument for any of the three remaining Houseguests to deserve the win. It was nice to know that one of our favorite former Big Brother winners, Dr. Will Kirby, agreed with us that Steve should take home the win.

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