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Big Brother 21 Live Feeds Spoilers Day 47: Christie’s Power Over the House Starts to Slip

By: on August 5, 2019 |

We had another pretty eventful day as the Six Shooters (now the four) scrambled to try to save Jack Matthews’s game and their own. It was an easy breezy day for Cliff’s Angels, as people were approaching them to try to get their vote this critical Big Brother 21 week.

Nicole Anthony and Jessica Milagros couldn’t completely take it easy because they had to ensure that Nick Maccarone was still on their side. He told them that he was loyal to them, but his actions, mainly constantly with the other side, made them worry. Nicole filled Nick on the fact that Jessica considered removing Jackson Michie from the block and putting up Nick as a replacement.

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Big Brother 21 Live Feeds vs. Episode: The Almost Vote Flip Against Kat

By: on August 4, 2019 |

It has been an exciting last few days in the Big Brother 21 house. We have had Jessica Milagros in the power seat and she has not disappointed. This big wave of excitement started on eviction night, when Jack Matthews and Tommy Bracco tried to flip the vote from Sam Smith to Kathryn Dunn. The actions of that night had a ripple effect that seems to keep going.

The possible vote flip started when Sam tried to create waves to hurt Christie Murphy’s game and save his. He spoke to several players about Christie saying that she didn’t care if Cliff Hogg III nominated Jack and Jackson Michie. Two of the players that Sam told about it were Jack and Jackson. They had two totally different reactions to it.

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Big Brother 21 Episode 18 Recap: New HOH & Six Shooters Implode

By: on August 4, 2019 |

We left off with the new Head of Household competition just getting underway in the Big Brother 21 house. Sam Smith was unanimously evicted by Holly Allen and the Six Shooters, while the pawn, Kathryn Dunn was completely safe. The Six Shooters have ruled the Big Brother house since the first week, and fans are hungry for a new HOH to take control and take a serious shot at the already weakened Six Shooters. Will the Outsiders finally get their chance at power?

Big Brother 21 Jessica Milagros

Tonight we will also be filled in on the chaos that took place within the Big Brother 21 house last Thursday evening right before the live eviction episode. Julie Chen Moonves eluded to some craziness and madness going on before the eviction vote. There were talks amongst some of the Six Shooters to flip the vote on Holly. We know this didn’t happen but the damage done will be interesting to take a look at inside the house.

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Big Brother 21 Live Feeds Spoilers Day 46: The Outsiders Stay on Top

By: on August 4, 2019 |

We had another eventful day as the Big Brother 21 houseguests waited to find out who would win the Power of Veto competition. Prior to playing it, Christie Murphy and Analyse Talavera discussed Cliff Hogg III being sketchy but Christie wanted Jackson Michie out first, so she wouldn’t use her power to take out Cliff this week.

Big Brother 21 Live Feeds Recap Day 46-4

However, when Analyse started to worry that she or Tommy Bracco could go up if Jack Matthews came off, Christie suggested that maybe she would talk to Jessica Milagros about using her power. She could tell Jess she would help her out this week by getting the blood off her hands. Christie could make the decision and put up Nicole Anthony this week.

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Big Brother 21 Spoilers Week 6 Power of Veto Competition Results (08/03/19)

By: on August 3, 2019 |

This week has potential to be the most exciting one so far in Big Brother 21. It also has the potential to be another flop week, like when Cliff Hogg III won Head of Household, nominated Jack Matthews and Jackson Michie, then Jackson won the Veto, and the threat of Christie Murphy’s power made Cliff go for the safe option of evicting Isabella Wang. Head of Household Jessica Milagros claims that she’s not going to play this week safe. She’s getting out a big target.

Right now, Jessica and her alliance members Nicole Anthony, Kathryn Dunn, and Cliff plan to pretend that they’re getting out Jackson this week, but they really want to take out Jack. They just need nominations to stay the same.

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