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Who Won Power of Veto On Celebrity Big Brother Week 4.5? 02/24/18

By: on February 24, 2018 |

We are only one day away from the Celebrity Big Brother finale. Before the jury can vote on a winner, we have to go from five players  to  two, and then the final winner. Today is going to be a fast paced day with nominations and Power of Veto competition playing out in one day.

Celebrity Big Brother Power of Veto

Last night, Ross Mathews won the second to last Head of Household competition of Celebrity Big Brother. Keeping with his rivalry with Omarosa, she is his target for the week. He has made Ariadna Gutierrez his second target. Both women desperately need the Power of Veto if they want to stay in the game.

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Celebrity Big Brother Spoilers: Eviction Nominations – Week 4.5

By: on February 24, 2018 |

With only five people remaining in the Celebrity Big Brother game, it’s hard to really hide your target, and make any moves but the straightforward one. All season, Ross Mathews has been trying to evict Omarosa. Omarosa has also been trying to evict him. It’s been back and forth nearly the entire Celebrity Big Brother season.

Celebrity Big Brother

Omarosa has won two Head of Household competitions. Her target for both of her reigns has been Ross. Then Ross has won the Power of Veto both of these times. Ross has also won HOH twice.

The first time, the house decided to try to backdoor Shannon Elizabeth, but Keshia Knight Pulliam wanted to leave instead. This killed Ross’s goal of evicting Omarosa. Now with Ross in power once again, he’s out for Omarosa’s blood.

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Who Won Head of Household on Big Brother Last Night? 2/24/2018

By: on February 24, 2018 |

Last night, five celebrities survived their one and only double eviction. Celebrity Big Brother redeemed itself from two dud evictions this season by giving us a great two hours of television. In the first hour, Brandi Glanville left the Celebrity Big Brother house.

Celebrity Big Brother HOH

As Brandi watched her exit goodbye videos, James Maslow gloated about her eviction. In a case of instant karma, by the end of the night, James followed her out of the Celebrity Big Brother doors. This left Ariadna Gutierrez, Mark McGrath, Marissa Jaret Winokur, Omarosa, and Ross Mathews as the final five players.

Before Saturday night, we assume this final five will turn into a final four. And the final four will battle it out during Sunday’s live Celebrity Big Brother finale. However, before they can get to that, we have another Head of Household competition.

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Celebrity Big Brother Recap: (2/23/18) Double Eviction Mayhem

By: on February 24, 2018 |

With only seven celebrities inside the Celebrity Big Brother house, we should be in store for a fun double eviction episode with two celebrities going home. Ross Mathews and Marissa Jaret Winokur have a sticky situation on their hands with both having committed to two different final four alliances. Will their strategy to play both sides of the Celebrity Big Brother house send them home early?

Will Head of Household Mark McGrath send out his target, Brandi Glanville, or will the other side of the house win out and send Omarosa packing? Buckle up for one of the last recaps of Celebrity Big Brother featuring Double Eviction night.

Once Brandi and Ariadna Gutierrez were nominated to the block, they began to realize their alliance with Ross and Marissa wasn’t as sound as they once thought.  Brandi thinks Ross is making deals with everyone in the Big Brother house. To save their game and their double alliances, Ross and Marissa decided to lay low until they see how the Power of Veto competition played out.

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Who Was Evicted on Celebrity Big Brother Last Night? 2/23/18

By: on February 23, 2018 |

Going into tonight’s Celebrity Big Brother double eviction, anyone could go home. For the first eviction, all eyes were on Brandi Glanville who had made one or two game enemies. And they just happen to hold all the power this Celebrity Big Brother week.

Celebrity Big Brother Double Eviction

For the last couple of days, Brandi has-rather tamely–been fighting to keep her place in the game. Unfortunately, her real-life friend, Ross Mathews, has decided to abandon her in the game. This makes it ultimately nearly impossible for Brandi to stay in the house.

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