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!SPOILER ALERT: Big Brother 12 Veto Ceremony Results

By: on August 2, 2010 |

The Power of Veto Ceremony results are in for Big Brother 12 Week 4! Read on for a spoiler of what Britney chose to do in the POV ceremony! Did she side with Rachel on what she, as HOH wanted? Or did she strike out on her own and shake things up in the house by choosing to honor a deal with another Houseguest? Click below to find out!

[spoiler name=”Week 4 Veto Ceremony”]

Britney decided to not use the Veto power this week and leave Rachel’s nominations of Kristen and Hayden alone, despite all the insane back alley wrangling going on in the house since the noms were announced. So either Kristen or Hayden will be going home after the elimination vote. One showmance down – one to go!


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Big Brother 12 Live Feeds Monday – Waking Up with the Houseguests

By: on August 2, 2010 |

Good morning Houseguests, time to get up for the day!

Britney is hogging the mirror once again, applying more makeup than a drag queen on show night. While she slathers it on, she bitches with Lane over who ate what food that is running out. How much mascara can a girl put on before her eyes end up glued shut?

So Britney says, in her morning mirror monologue, that today she is going to be good and not talk about anything she isn’t supposed to talk about. Amusingly enough, the feeds cut out for a few moments right after she says: “Big Brother was nice to me…” So what did Britney say yesterday that she wasn’t supposed to spew about? Hmmm…

Kathy and Kristen are already into game play, discussing Britney and the other players. Kristen looks depressed and is ultra slow in getting out of bed. Kathy is trying to figure out how to get her bra on under her shirt without flashing the cameras. In the end, she crawls into bed with Kristen and wrangles with it under the covers FOREVER. It’s totally hysterical.

Kathy and Kristen

Kathy and Kristen conversing (RealNetworks BB12 Live Feed)

Despite their bitching over some box of cereal or whatever, soon enough Britney and Lane are flirting and laughing over breakfast together. Lane is talking about how he dreams of having a big dick, but claims he really does have one in real life too. Britney eggs him on until he is rapidly trying to convince her and the viewing audience that he really does – really!

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Big Brother 12 – Things That Make You Go Eewww

By: on August 2, 2010 |

We watch way too much of the Big Brother 12 Live Feeds. So many hysterical, amusing things go on that you never get the chance to see on CBS or Showtime. Every now and then though, we see things that just make us want to go eewww. This moment between Rachel and Brendon, captured while the Houseguests were sleeping this morning, was one of those.

Brendon and Rachel

Brendon and Rachel sleeping (RealNetworks BB12 Live Feed)

Doesn’t it just make you kind of want to wash your eyes out with bleach? Sorry for those Brenchel fans out there, but I’m afraid I just can’t stand these two – especially when they are half naked and snuggly. It just makes me shudder with some kind of terrible PTSD.

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Big Brother 12 Houseguest Profile: Ragan Fox

By: on August 1, 2010 |

Big Brother 12 Houseguest Profile: Ragan Fox

Ragan Fox - BIG BROTHER 12 (CBS)

Ragan Fox, 34, is a college professor from West Hollywood, CA. Yes, he is also as gay as gay gets – he’s from West Hollywood people! If you aren’t familiar with WeHo, let’s just say you can’t step into the neighborhood without stepping on a gay. We genuinely think it may simply be the gayest place on Mother Earth. As such, Ragan would obviously fit right in there.

Ragan describes himself as “funny, genuine, intelligent” and his favorite activities include “writing and performing poetry” and his podcast show, aired on Sirius Radio, featuring his “comedic take on pop culture and politics.” You can take a listen to Ragan’s past “Fox and the City” podcasts here, the last one is dated March 31 with the description: “Marble Slam mentality; Love twat; whale rape; and so much more.”

During one podcast episode, Ragan – portraying a caricature of Courtney Love – apparently shocked and horrified some of his listeners by saying: ” I give myself lots of abortions…I give myself abortion with pills, I call it pillbortion…I throw myself down the stairs, I call it stairbortion…I douche with Clorox…”

Naturally, Ragan hates homophobes and ultra conservatives, as well as anyone 18 to 23 (the age range of the students he teaches). He is most proud in his life of publishing two poetry collections published: Heterophobia and Exile in Gayville.

Anyone see a theme here? Gay = good. Homophobia = bad!

>> Read Ragan’s official CBS Big Brother 12 Bio

More Tidbits About Ragan Fox

Ragan is so far playing his strategy to the hilt, which basically entails “float until war is declared and the floaters align with strong players who are perceived to be bigger threats.” So far Ragan has kept himself safe by being friendly to virtually everyone, not pissing people off and not getting too strongly attached to anyone in particular. That prevents him from looking bad by association.

Unlike Kathy, Ragan seems to inspire others to like him and want to be social with him. So he’s so far much safer as a floater than she is. People just frankly don’t seem to care much about Kathy either way for the most part, so she’s an obvious pawn to put up on the block any time.

Ragan, who has thankfully has not worn that silly bowtie of his around the house all season as we feared he might, has been a fan of Big Brother since season 2. He claims to be a “very competitive person” and we believe it. So far Ragan has played a subtle game, but we think it’s a smart one too.

Check out more interesting details we’ve dug up about Big Brother 12 Houseguest Ragan Fox after the jump!

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Big Brother 12 Live Feeds Sunday – Waking Up With the Houseguests

By: on August 1, 2010 |

We just can’t have our morning coffee without switching on the Big Brother 12 Live Feeds and seeing what’s happening in the Big Brother house! This morning so far has proven quite interesting indeed…

Kathy and Kristen

Kathy and Kristen snarfing breakfast (RealNetworks BB12 Live Feeds)

Enzo, Rachel and Brendon started out the morning with an oh so fascinating discussion about what one should eat/drink before working out. Why is it that every time Rachel opens her mouth now, we just want to run screaming from the room? Now Enzo is running around the backyard with his shirt off while Lane shows off his masculine self by doing pushups. Oh those beefy men!

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