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!SPOILER ALERT : Big Brother 12, Week 2 Power of Veto Winner

By: on July 17, 2010 |

The results from the second week’s Power of Veto competition are in. Find out who was nominated, and who won the Power of Veto in today’s .. spoiler alert!

[spoiler=”Week 2 Power of Veto Winner is…”]


Will Britney veto her own nomination or take Monet off the block? Apparently she want’s to take Monet off. We’ll find out soon enough.



!SPOILER ALERT: Week 2 Nominations Are In!

By: on July 16, 2010 |

Head of Household, Rachel, has let her nominations be known! Find out who was nominated in this week’s Spoiler Alert!

[spoiler name=”Week 2 Nominations”]

Britney Haynes - BIG BROTHER 12 (CBS)

MONET and  BRITNEY have been nominated for eviction this week.


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#BB12 : Annie is the Big Brother 12 Saboteur. Rachel is new HOH.

By: on July 16, 2010 |

I was already pretty judgmental over the Big Brother “twists” and now I have another reason to be.

In tonight’s episode we learned that the Saboteur was .. (drumroll please..) ANNIE! (did I not call it?) And just as quickly we learned who the Saboteur was, the Saboteur was given the boot with a unanimous vote. But not because the other houseguests were on to Annie as the mole, it was because she had no ties to anyone in the house.

So there it is. After 13 days in the house the game-changing twist has just walked out the door. But is it a good thing that the Saboteur is gone (although she says she’s not completely done)? The tasks that Annie were set over the past couple of days had nothing to do with Sabotage. Put tape over pictures? Have a device beep? Put a padlock on a door? Really CBS, this is what you consider Sabotage?

Anyways.. not to go off in a tangent but it just shows how quickly these twists die and change nothing in the game. What are your thoughts? Sound off in our comments section.

And now on to some other news…

RACHEL is the new Head of Household. Shoulda listened to Annie guys, huh? Who will the firecrotch nominate for eviction this week? Find out soon.


#BB12 : Brendon wins the first veto of the season

By: on July 15, 2010 |

Didja miss last night’s episode of Big Brother 12? Well if you did, you missed Brendon winning the first Power of Veto competition of the summer. Houseguests had to smash pinata’s full of moldy mayo (Cinco de MAYO!) and retrieve letters. They then had to spell the longest word they could think of in the alloted time. Brendon came up with a 13-letter word giving him the power of Veto.

During the ceremony Brendon decided to take himself off the block and Head of Household Hayden then decided to put up Annie. Who will go? And who is the Big Brother saboteur? All will be revealed in tonight’s LIVE eviction episode of Big Brother at 8pm on CBS.

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Big Brother 12 Week 1 Power of Veto Ceremony Results

By: on July 15, 2010 |

The Power of Veto Ceremony is over in the Big Brother 12 house and the results are in. A few girls won’t be too happy with each other as they’ll face off for votes on Thursday. Read on to find out what happened.

Brendon used the Veto to remove himself from the eviction block and instead Annie will take his place. It looks right now like Annie could be going home on Thursday and she’s pretty upset about it.

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