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CBS Big Brother 14 Spoilers: Who Are the Veteran Mentors?

By: on July 9, 2012 |

With only a few days left until the CBS Big Brother 14 premiere, the biggest cat of the season is pretty much already out of the bag when it comes to Big Brother spoilers. Rumors of special veteran Big Brother 14 mentors have been circulating forever, and now it seems almost certain we already know who the four vets are going to be.

The Big Brother 14 mentors rumor has been flying around in various forms for weeks now. CBS finally confirmed that there would be returning veterans coming back for Big Brother 14, but made it clear they would not be part of the regular Big Brother 14 cast players. Instead, they will be playing their “own game” in the Big Brother 14 house.

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CBS Big Brother 14 Live Feeds Special Ends Soon!

By: on July 9, 2012 |

CBS Big Brother 14 premieres in just three days! Are you ready for another fabulous season of Big Brother madness? We’re gearing up here at to bring you all the Big Brother spoilers, news, recaps and more all season long. We hope you’ll bookmark us and keep us company as the Big Brother 14 season marches on.

Now, we don’t like to spam our site, or our Twitter and Facebook feeds with advertisements for the Big Brother Live Feeds Superpass all the time, but we do want to remind you that there are only a couple days left to get in on the early bird special for 25% off the regular season price.

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Big Brother 14: Danielle Murphree Houseguest Profile

By: on July 8, 2012 |

CBS Big Brother 14 cast member Danielle Murphree, a 23-year-old nurse, just has one of those caring, sweet faces that make you want to trust her and tell her all your problems. That’s a good thing for a nurse, but not necessarily a good thing for a Big Brother 14 houseguest.

Danielle’s strategy is to play nice-nice and try to keep under the radar somewhat for the first half of the season, then “start coming out and winning” in week 9 or 10, according to her interview with our friends at below. However, everyone who knows anything about Big Brother history knows that those nice, sweet, kind, non-threatening ‘Jordan‘ kind of girls are dangerous and maybe should be eliminated as soon as possible…

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Big Brother 14: Ashley Iocco Houseguest Profile

By: on July 8, 2012 |

On CBS Big Brother 14 cast member Ashley Iocco‘s Twitter feed, she notes: “I’m traveling to the moon soon.” Well, the Big Brother 14 house may not quite be the moon, but it is certainly full of alien life this year.

Every year we like to dig a little deeper than the official CBS Big Brother bios of the new houseguests to see what kind of interesting tidbits we can learn. We’ve often found that these lesser known facts about the contestants can sometimes have a strong influence on their game play in the house. We also enjoy seeing what bits of their pasts the Big Brother 14 cast will lie about to the other houseguests.

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Big Brother 14 Cast: The Big Brother Network Exclusive Interviews

By: on July 5, 2012 |

On Thursday morning, the 12 new houseguests of the CBS Big Brother 14 cast were officially announced by the network. CBS also unveiled the twist that has been fueling rumors far and wide, officially revealing that four veteran houseguests from previous seasons would be returning as Big Brother 14 cast members this year.

So far we’ve brought you the Big Brother 14 cast promos released by CBS so far, the official CBS Big Brother 14 cast photos and bios, and the press release from CBS about the veteran mentors twist. CBS has also released the official preseason Big Brother 14 cast interviews on Superpass for those with a Big Brother 14 live feed subscription.

Now we are very pleased to bring you these exclusive Big Brother 14 cast interviews with the 12 new players courtesy of our dear friends over at We hope you enjoy them as much as we did! After you watch the interviews, let us know who are your new favorite players from the Big Brother 2012 cast!

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