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Big Brother 15 Spoilers: Huge Vote Flip Leads to Shocking Eviction, Major Alliance Split

By: on July 11, 2013 |

7-10-2013 07-05-28 PMCrazy Big Brother 2013 spoilers happened late last night on the Big Brother Live Feeds that turned the whole game on its head! If you were tucked happily into bed when it all went down, we have to tell you — you missed a hell of an exciting evening/early morning inside the Big Brother 15 house. A major player totally flipped the whole vote by deciding to break with their alliance and join with the enemy, which ended up meaning that we were in for a SHOCKING eviction this week!

As you might guess, the following post contains super top secret Big Brother spoilers from the Big Brother Live Feeds and Thursday night’s live eviction. So let us warn you right now that if you don’t want to know what happened last night on the Big Brother Live Feeds, now is your chance to flee immediately! Otherwise, keep on reading for amazing Big Brother 15 spoilers that upended the entire house and made for an awesomely fun night on CBS!

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Who Got Voted Off Big Brother 15 Last Night? 7/11/2013

By: on July 11, 2013 |

We are still in disbelief over who got voted off Big Brother 15 last night! We knew going into the live eviction show it was going to be amazing television no matter which of the nominees was the one who was eliminated on Big Brother 2013 last night. Even so, we weren’t really prepared for how totally delicious the shock and dismay was going to be on the faces of the HouseGuests who really thought they had the vote in the bag — and were totally blindsided!

7-11-2013 07-11-53 AM

This is what it is all about folks. This type of crazy game play is the whole reason we love watching the show and why we religiously sign up for and endlessly watch the Big Brother Live Feeds every year. The one hour show on CBS just can’t even begin to show you all the twists, turns, backstabbing, deals, schemes and plots that went around and around in the Big Brother 15 house before the live eviction on Sunday night. Let’s just say it has been an awesomely entertaining couple of days watching all the uncensored, behind-the-scenes action.

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Big Brother 15 Recap: Shocking Blindside Eviction in Week 2! 7/11/2013

By: on July 11, 2013 |

Who got evicted on Big Brother tonight? We’ll have to wait until the very last minute to find out! What happens on the CBS live show this evening is going to epic no matter how exactly it all goes down. The Big Brother 2013 cast is split almost equally down the middle and both sides are convinced they have the votes to get their chosen nominee booted from the house. The votes are so close to call, we still can’t be totally certain from our BB15 Live Feed spoilers who got voted off Big Brother 15 this week!

7-11-2013 10-01-57 AM

Our prediction going into the live CBS show tonight currently leans toward Nick being the victim of a severe blindside eviction. However, all it would take is one or two sudden changes in direction to flip the whole house right back over to voting out Elissa instead. If that should happen, she’ll be the one getting blindsided since her supporters are also convinced they have the numbers behind them! Whether it is Elissa or Nick who was eliminated on Big Brother tonight when the votes are announced, half the house is going to be totally freaked out and questioning all their alliances!

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Big Brother 15 Spoilers: Live Feeds Afternoon Report and Eviction Prediction! — July 11, 2013

By: on July 11, 2013 |

This is it, the last Big Brother 15 spoilers from the Live Feeds until after the live eviction show on CBS tonight. We’re finally ready to make our prediction about who will go home on Big Brother 2013 tonight, even though some of the votes are still questionable. No matter who ends up headed out the door this evening, it’s been a crazy fun ride watching all the Big Brother 15 cast play the game furiously in the house the past few days!

7-11-2013 05-00-33 PM

A lot has been going on behind-the-scenes on the Big Brother Live Feeds since the last CBS show, especially yesterday and last night. Right up until Wednesday afternoon, we were virtually convinced we knew exactly who would be sitting across from host Julie Chen for their exit interview on the live eviction show. Then, all of a sudden, everything went sideways.

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Big Brother 15 Spoilers: Live Feeds Morning Report — July 11, 2013

By: on July 11, 2013 |

Wow. That is all we can say about the Big Brother 2013 spoilers coming out of the house last night! We were so glued to the Big Brother Live Feeds that we burned dinner, gave up on it and just started drinking watermelon beer instead. But it was all worth it because we have some amazing info from inside the house that could potentially lead to a seriously shocking CBS Big Brother 15 eviction show tonight!

7-11-2013 09-47-24 AM

We just love when you have moments that make the Big Brother Live Feeds more than pay for themselves in serious entertainment value. Yesterday was totally one of those days inside the Big Brother 15 house. There was so much crazy game play wheeling and dealing going on, we nearly squeed in excitement several times late last night when sh*t really hit the fan. Based on what happened yesterday, we could be up for an awesome shocker this evening on the CBS Big Brother eviction show.

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