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Top 20 Best and Worst Big Brother Moments

By: on June 24, 2012 |

As the Big Brother 14 premiere on July 12 draws ever closer, we can’t help but wonder what kind of crazy things will happen on this new Big Brother 2012 season.

Thinking about all the drama to come (especially on the Big Brother 14 live feeds) led us to ponder some of the best and worst Big Brother moments of past seasons. So we thought we’d make up a little list of our favorites from both categories, and we hope you’ll share yours with us!

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Big Brother Alumni Jen Johnson Gets Around

By: on June 23, 2012 |

The Big Brother 14 premiere is on its way and the new Big Brother 2012 live feeds early bird special launched on Monday. Until then, however, we’re feeding our Big Brother addiction by taking a peek at what various BB alumni have been up to lately. One girl who really seems to be getting around is Big Brother 8 alumni Jen Johnson.

Jen Johnson was a HouseGuest on Big Brother 8, most notable for being disliked by most of the rest of the cast and frequently clashing with the infamous Evel Dick. Jen was the seventh person evicted from Big Brother in season 8. Another tidbit about Jen is that she started dating fellow HouseGuest Nick Starcevic after the show. Nick had been in a showmance with Daniele Donato during the season.

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Big Brother 14 Media Day Photo Leak

By: on June 22, 2012 |

Things are heating up on the Big Brother 14 spoilers front. Today we got our first itty-bitty glimpse into Big Brother 2012 media day. Each year Big Brother allows a group of journalists to enter the house and play the Big Brother game in a condensed version. They then go back to their respective outlets and file fantastic reports about how much fun they have had and how great Big Brother 14 will be.

The above photo is what we ASSUME is from this years Media Day. Notice the names? Joel, Matte B., Rob, Matt, Brendon and Rachel! Would you watch the show again if Brendon and Rachel ended up in it? Do you like having past houseguests return year after year? Let us know in the comments!


Follow Big Brother Access on Twitter and Facebook!

By: on June 22, 2012 |

Our brain is telling us it’s June 22, but in our hearts in July 12th. Big Brother 14 is just under three weeks away and we couldn’t be more excited about it. And we know you feel the same way and are looking for any and all information regarding the hamsters, the house, the game, the twists, oh my!

We just wanted to give you a friendly reminder that your best source for breaking Big Brother 14 news, gossip and rumors is something you are probably already using already – Twitter! Follow us @BigBroAccess and use the hashtag #BB14 (not #CBSBigBrother, come on guys). We tweet and retweet Big Brother news throughout the day that doesn’t really need a full news post here on the main site.

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Worst Big Brother Players Of All Time: Our Top 5

By: on June 22, 2012 |

In between scouting for the latest Big Brother 14 news and playing with our shiny new SuperPass Big Brother 2012 live feed subscription, we pondered what fun thing to write about today. Since we tackled the top 5 best Big Brother players of all time yesterday, it seemed a natural follow-up to speculate on the top 5 worst ones today!

Every Big Brother season has its share of idiots, clueless people, boring floaters and drama-queens who dig their own holes. Honestly, it was harder figuring out a list of the worst Big Brother players than it was picking out the best Big Brother players yesterday! Even so, there were a few people that we just could not ignore for how colossally they failed in playing Big Brother.

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