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Big Brother 2013 Spoilers: MVP Eviction Nomination Week 1

By: on June 28, 2013 |

6-27-2013 12-38-07 PMIn case you missed it earlier, the first Big Brother Most Valuable Player was informed of their win on the Big Brother Live Feeds earlier today. The person selected by America’s votes was then given the opportunity to anonymously pick a third person to be nominated for eviction this week. Read on for the Big Brother 2013 spoilers on who they chose!

Although the selected player was told of their status anonymously, and not required to tell any of the other players, the person decided to inform an alliance member they was chosen. Luckily for the MVP, their alliance partner kept this secret to themselves.

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Big Brother Ratings For Season 15 Premiere Weakest Ever

By: on June 27, 2013 |


CBS Big Brother ratings for the season 15 premiere matched the record for the weakest ever in the show’s history in the U.S. Big Brother 2013 returned to CBS on Wednesday with 16.3 million viewers and a 2.1 rating in the advertiser-coveted 18 to 49 demographic.

With those numbers, it looks like Big Brother ratings for the season 15 premiere were down 12 percent from last year’s in overall viewership and 19 percent in the 18 to 49 age group. This is pretty much about the same level as 2008’s Big Brother ratings for the season premiere that year, which were the lowest ever for the series.

Even so, Big Brother still managed to beat out all competition for total viewership in its 8 PM prime time hour, although it did tie with Fox’s MasterChef in the 18 to 49 group. We can only hope all the new twists and fan voting participation this year will help improve Big Brother ratings for the rest of the season.

Do you think Big Brother is losing it’s zing and might not return for another season?


Big Brother 15 Spoilers: Week 1 Most Valuable Player Revealed!

By: on June 27, 2013 |

Big Brother 2013 CastThe Big Brother spoilers for the week 1 Most Valuable Player are out! We thought maybe CBS would try to keep it secret until at least the next show and forbid the named MVP from revealing who they were on the Big Brother Live Feeds. Looks like that’s not the case though, and we know who won America’s vote for this week and will get to nominate a third person for eviction.

Just as a refresher on the whole Big Brother Most Valuable Player twist, here’s how it works. America will vote each week for their favorite player. Whoever is selected by the fans will be secretly informed that they have been chosen before the Power of Veto Competition. They will then cast a secret ballot to nominate an extra person to go up on the eviction block that week. Their nomination will be totally anonymous, which will certainly have a very big effect on game play.

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Big Brother 2013 Spoilers: Big Brother 15 Alliance Report — June 27, 2013

By: on June 27, 2013 |

6-27-2013 12-18-16 PMAll the constantly changing Big Brother 15 alliances can be quite confusing but we do our best to stay on top of them so we can keep you informed. You can keep up to date on the latest Big Brother spoilers on the alliances on our Big Brother 2013 cast page. We’ll also periodically bring you an alliance report, like this one, with details on what game play moves are going on behind-the-scenes on the Big Brother Live Feeds. So welcome to our first Big Brother spoilers alliance rundown!

From what we saw on the Big Brother 15 premiere and the Live Feeds overnight, there appear to be a lot of alliance plans going around. From the premiere, before the big twist was announced, we had a Final 3 alliance with Jeremy, Spencer and Howard, which has been unofficially nicknamed the Mustache Room Alliance (MRA). Jeremy also had another unnamed Final 3 alliance with with David and Jessie we’re going to call the Two and a Half Men Alliance (THMA). You can think about that for a second.

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Big Brother 15 Live Feeds Morning Report: June 27, 2013

By: on June 27, 2013 |

The 2013 Big Brother Live Feeds launched last night at their new home on after the Big Brother 15 premiere. Rather than resting and relaxing after a big day, the HouseGuests immediately launched into alliance-making, scheming and crazy antics for the camera. In the midst of all this, we also found out who the first two nominees are for eviction. Read on for our morning report for what happened on the Big Brother Live Feeds overnight.

6-27-2013 12-23-05 PM

WARNING: SPOILER ALERT This post contains Big Brother spoilers from the Live Feeds, including important game play information on nominations, alliances and other behind-the-scenes information not yet revealed on the CBS Big Brother show. Do NOT read further if you don’t want to know these things!

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