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Who Won HOH Tonight on Big Brother 21 & Who Was Nominated To The Block? (9/8/19)

By: on September 8, 2019 |

Big Brother 21 fans are coming off the action-packed double eviction episode last Thursday evening when we watched Jessica Milagros and Christie Murphy (finally) face eviction and were sent to the jury house. Tonight, we slow down a bit with a new Head of Household (HOH) competition and two new block nominees. With only five houseguests left in the Big Brother 21 house, the nomination’s pool is severely limited.

Big Brother 21

Nicole Anthony is the current HOH and the fan-favorite that finally managed to get Christie out the door to the jury house. She eked out a slim victory over Tommy Bracco to earn her first competition win of the season. Her ride-or-die, Cliff Hogg III, followed up her victory with a win himself in the Power of Veto (POV) competition. With a final four agreement with Jackson Michie and Holly Allen, Tommy and Christie were her only options to nominate to the block. Tonight, a new HOH will be crowned. Can Nicole and Cliff continue their reign of power inside the Big Brother 21 house?

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Big Brother 21 Live Feeds Spoilers Day 81: Cliff and Nicole Hold all the Power

By: on September 8, 2019 |

Oh how the tides have turned on Big Brother 21. Way back when, Gr8ful was running the game and isolating players like Cliff Hogg III and Nicole Anthony. Now, Cliff and Nicole have the most power this week and get to pick which former Gr8ful member to send home. They get to pick between Tommy Bracco and Holly Allen.

Prior to the BB Comics Power of Veto Competition, not much was going on in the house, except Cliff trying to pump himself up to win the Veto. We also got a huge moment that we weren’t allowed to really witness. Holly Allen and Jackson Michie were having their daily bash Christie Murphy session with Tommy also in the Head of Household room. Then Tommy felt compelled to tell him a big secret, THE BIG SECRET.

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Big Brother 21 Spoilers Week 11 Power of Veto Competition Results (09/07/19)

By: on September 7, 2019 |

It’s time for the Big Brother 21 comics. We have the final five houseguests all competing to see who can race their way through the comics the fastest. The winner secures their place in the final four to officially face off against Jackson Michie. Jackson, Holly Allen, Cliff Hogg III, and Nicole Anthony really want to make the final four together, so they’ll all be fighting hard to keep Tommy from winning the Veto.

Big Brother Power of Veto

An added bonus of this week’s Big Brother 21 Power of Veto competition is that we’ll get to hear a little bit about the BB Comics before we see them–hopefully before–on Wednesday. So who will take home this week’s Big Brother 21 Power of Veto? And will BB Comics be kind to this crop of houseguests?



Nicole won the Power of Veto!

Nicole has already told Cliff that she’s taking him off the block, which means Holly will go up, putting Tommy and Holly in danger of eviction on Thursday, and secures Cliff, Nicole, and Jackson in the final four. Will it be Tommy or Holly joining them?

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Big Brother 21 Live Feeds Spoilers Day 80: The Final Five

By: on September 7, 2019 |

This Big Brother 21 day was filled with a love fest for the final five houseguests. They told each other how they were happy to be still playing against each other, and that they all wanted to win, but they were happy that this was the five fighting it out. They all felt that everyone deserve to win. The final five also became genuinely emotional and excited to have made it this far.

Of course, with most of the rest of the game coming down to competition wins, it was not much game talk. Tommy Bracco knew that he was the odd man out and really needed to win this week’s Power of Veto Competition. Tommy even admitted (when alone) that he was hurt by the blindside and felt alone, but he was going to continue to fight for his place in the game. Cliff Hogg III also knew that he needed to win, or at least make sure Tommy didn’t win it. If Tommy won, that means one of the new foursome would leave.

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Big Brother 21 Spoilers: Week 11 Block Nominations (9/06/19)

By: on September 6, 2019 |

We’re down to the final five and Jackson Michie has secured his spot in the Big Brother 21 final four. Now it’s a battle to see who joins him in it. As per usual, the final four and three are determined more by competition wins than strategy. Whoever Jackson nominates this week doesn’t really matter because the Power of Veto determines who stays and goes.

Big Brother 20 Nominations

If Cliff Hogg III wins the POV, this means Nicole Anthony is likely to go on the block next to Tommy Bracco, and then it’ll depend on Jackson and Holly Allen to determine who they keep. Cliff has a vote but they’ll have the majority. If Tommy wins the Veto, then Nicole goes up next to Cliff, and once again, it’s up to Jackson and Holly. Tommy has a vote, but once again, the showmance has the majority. The only situation where Jackson and Holly lose a little power this week is if Nicole wins Power of Veto, removes Cliff from the block, forcing Holly up next to Tommy.

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