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Big Brother 14 Live Feeds: What Are They And How Do You Get Them?

By: on June 16, 2012 |

As rabid Big Brother fans, we sometimes forget there are people out there who might be experiencing the awesomeness of Big Brother for the first time, or have never before had the pleasure of viewing the day and night full access of the Big Brother live feeds.

Since the Big Brother 14 live feed early bird discount special launches on Monday, we thought now would be a good time to take a moment for those of you who might not be Big Brother old-timers when it comes to the live feeds. So, for you and anyone who might need a refresher, we thought we’d pen a little ‘how-to’ guide all about what the SuperPass Big Brother 2012 live feeds are and how you can get them and enjoy them to the fullest.

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Big Brother UK Contestant Scott Mason Will Stay In House Despite Sister’s Death

By: on June 15, 2012 |

While we continue to wait on the Big Brother 14 premiere next month and anticipate the launch of the Big Brother 2012 live feeds early bird special on Monday, we’ve been following along with the trials and tribulations of the Big Brother UK 2012 contestants a bit. It’s always fascinating to see how the game is played across the pond.

Sadly, we saw this week that Big Brother UK contestant Scott Mason left the Big Brother 2012 house temporarily on Wednesday after being informed of his sister’s death. The 21-year-old student left the Big Brother house for approximately 90 minutes but has decided to stay on the show despite his obvious grief.

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Big Brother Alumni Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd Shack Up in Santa Monica

By: on June 14, 2012 |

We can now officially say the Big Brother 14 premiere is less than a month away, woohoo! Press and casting information about the Big Brother 2012 season should start coming in to us shortly. Meanwhile, we thought we’d take a moment to catch up with fan favorite Big Brother lovebirds Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd.

Big Brother 11 winner Jordan Lloyd and fellow contestant Jeff Schroeder hooked up on the set way back in the summer of 2009. The two have been inseparable since. They managed to not only survive Big Brother 11 as a couple, but went on to suffer valiantly through a sting on The Amazing Race in 2010, and a repeat performance on Big Brother 13. Despite being totally head over heels for each other, however, the two have been living separately all this time. Now, finally, the Big Brother couple is ready to move in together!

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Big Brother Access Twitter Digest for 2012-06-12

By: on June 13, 2012 |
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Big Brother 2012: No Big Brother 14 Cast Decision Yet

By: on June 12, 2012 |

Big Brother 14 casting director Robyn Kass says there have still been no final decisions made about the Big Brother 2012 cast. We are still a month away from the Big Brother 14 premiere, but we should start getting the first bits of Big Brother 2012 casting and house news coming soon.

Big Brother casting director Robyn Kass announced via Twitter on Saturday that final decisions about the Big Brother 14 cast have still not been made yet. At this point we still don’t even know if rumors this year will feature more previous Big Brother alumni are true or not.

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