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Big Brother 13 Winner and Final Results

By: on September 14, 2011 |

The Big Brother 13 finale is currently underway and we’re bringing you the results live as they happen! This is it, the final push to the final two, where the Big Brother 13 jury will decide which houseguest will walk away with half a million dollars. Who will be the Big Brother 13 winner? Join us here as we rundown the final episode of the season!

WARNING! This post will contain SPOILERS about the final results of Big Brother 13! If you don’t want to know what happens, then please stop reading here! If you do, then keep on reading underneath our SPOILER alert below.

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Big Brother 13 Winner Fan Site Predictions

By: on September 14, 2011 |

While we have been waiting anxiously for the Big Brother 13 finale, we decided to troll around some of the largest Big Brother fan sites out there and see how the predictions were going for the Big Brother 13 winner. We’ve already made our predictions for how it might come down tonight, so we wanted to see what everyone else was anticipating going down in the BB13 house.

The results were hardly surprising. It seems almost as if the whole second half of the Big Brother 13 season has been geared toward one final result. Now we aren’t — like some fans — calling CBS out for rigging the game. We really like to hope that doesn’t actually happen. Still, it has seem almost fated that one particular houseguest may very well walk away with that $500,000.

That houseguest’s name is, if you haven’t guessed it already… Rachel. Yep, the fiery redhead who warns everybody not to be messing with her man Brendon. Rachel is a strong competitor, there is no doubt about that and she’s hella good at competitions. However, she’s also had maybe more than her fair share of “saves” this season with Brendon coming back and then Porsche setting loose the duo rules again in JUST the right week to basically ensure Rachel’s safety.

When it all comes down to it though, whether or not you believe the game might be just a little big ‘rigged’, you could still argue that Rachel has played the game well anyway. She battles it out in the competitions. She works it with the alliances. She drives everyone totally insane, but yet manages to keep loyal friends on her side.

So, we just aren’t shocked at all that most of the Big Brother 13 fan sites seem to be in consensus that Rachel stands the strongest chance of coming out as the Big Brother 13 winner tonight. A few sites out there, like and seem to be calling it for Porsche, but we think it is a long shot. As for poor Adam, well, it looks like hell might virtually have to freeze over before he takes home the top prize tonight.

We’re thinking it is going to be Rachel, but honestly wouldn’t be disappointed to have some sort of crazy surprise happen. After all, isn’t that why we keep watching Big Brother year after year?


Big Brother 13 Finale Tonight! Who Will Take Home $500k?

By: on September 14, 2011 |

We both love and hate when it finally comes down to the Big Brother finale every season. We desperately want to know who the Big Brother 13 winner will be, but we’re sad because it’ll be forever before the next season starts!

The 90 minute Big Brother 13 finale will air tonight at 9:30PM ET/PT, so be sure to have your DVR set to the proper time or have that popcorn ready to watch all the final drama live.

We’ve already posted our predictions about what could go down tonight on the Big Brother 13 finale. We have an odds on favorite for who will be the Big Brother 13 winner. Now we just have to wait and see how things will shake out tonight.

Meanwhile, we want to thank all our wonderful visitors and Big Brother fans for joining us here all season long. Your support keeps us going every year and we hugely appreciate it! Especially all those snarky comments!

CBS has announced that Big Brother has been renewed for another season, so don’t forget to bookmark us and come back next summer for Big Brother 14. We’ll be here waiting for you!


Big Brother 13 Finale Winner Predictions

By: on September 13, 2011 |

The Big Brother 13 finale happens Wednesday and one lucky houseguest is going to walk away with a half a million dollars. Who ends up the winner will come down to who wins the final Head of Household battle and decides who will be in the final two.

If you don’t want to know who has won the first two rounds of the final Head of Household battle, then we ask you to stop reading here. If you want to hear our predictions on how the final plays of the game may go down, then just keep on reading.

In the first round of the final Head of Household Competition, the results came out just as many had predicted. Rachel, the queen of the endurance challenge, came out the winner by hanging on to a giant mixer spinning around and around. Adam didn’t stand a chance, groaning in pain after five minutes and Porsche just couldn’t stomach the bouncing around long enough to take down Rachel.

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!SPOILER ALERT! – Big Brother 13: Final Head of Household Competition Results Part Two

By: on September 11, 2011 |

Round two of the Big Brother 13 final Head of Household competition is over and we’ve got the spoilers if you want to hear them! If you haven’t caught up on who won the first round of the HoH yet, you can do that here. Otherwise, read on by clicking underneath our SPOILER alert below for the round two results!

[spoiler name=”Big Brother 13 Final Head of Household Part Two Results”]

The second round of the final Head of Household Competition was an underwater challenge. Adam apparently got sick of his goggles when they started filling up with water and later regretted it.

Poor Adam. Things are just not looking good for him. Why? Because Porsche beat his butt in the second round. Since Rachel won round one, it will now be Rachel and Porsche battling it out in the final round for the last eviction vote. Adam just has to sit there and be the pawn they play with. Whoever gets the vote will have to decide if Adam is the bigger threat or the other girl is (the answer should be obvious here).

Adam is now to the point of begging. He has told both Rachel and Porsche if they take him to the final two he will tell the jury to give them the $500,000 because he doesn’t deserve it. Yes, well, we kind of agree on that but don’t really believe you.


Don’t forget that there won’t be an episode this Sunday, so unless you have the Big Brother live feeds, you’ll have to wait until Wednesday for any more Big Brother 13 goodness!


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