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Big Brother 13 Casting Events

By: on April 9, 2011 |

You can’t have Big Brother without casting events so it’s no surprise that audition events are springing up all over the country during April and May as CBS prepares for Big Brother 13.

Find the full list of Big Brother 13 auditions here but you better hurry because they’re going to fly by fast.

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Auditions For Big Brother 13 Casting Approaching

By: on January 29, 2011 |

Summer is never far away and with it comes Big Brother 13, but before we can get there we’ll need casting and audition events! Think you’ve got what it takes? Then get ready to prove it!

Robyn Kass of Kassting Inc, the casting geniuses behind Big Brother, has confirmed that once again this year the audition events will be taking place in March and April with final cuts made in May.

Hopefully that means we’ll have word soon on the when and where to expect casting calls for your chance to be on the show. Once we hear the details announced we’ll post everything right here on BBA.


Big Brother 13 Will Premiere In July 2011

By: on November 19, 2010 |

* UPDATE: Check out the official Big Brother 13 cast announcement, photos and intro videos here!

Big Brother fans can rest easy because in July 2011 we’ll see both the return of Big Brother Access’ daily, awesome updates but also the premiere of Big Brother 13! We’ve already seen some new commercials for BB13 coming out and the latest news is that all the semi-finalists for the Big Brother 13 cast have been notifed. Stay tuned right here because we’ll be bringing you the very latest news, info and gossip on the new season as soon as we get it.

And for those who are truly impatient to get going with the new season, RealNetworks has just announced the return of the Big Brother live feeds early bird special. You can now sign up for the BB live feeds for the whole season for just $29.99, $4.99 per month off the regular price until July 7th when Big Brother 13 premiers!

Click here to sign up for the Big Brother 13 live feed discount.

Now all we have to do is sit back and wait for July 7th to roll around and let the drama and inevitable houseguest hook-ups unfold!



By: on September 17, 2010 |

Hey everyone, just wanted to drop a quick note to say thank you for making BBA season 12 a great success. Thank you to our lovely host and news posting mastermind, Matt from – the site wouldn’t be possible without all your help. Also thanks to L-A for all her help this season (get well soon!).

Thanks to all the visitors who made some great (and not so great) comments. As cheesy as it sounds, we do it all for you! Cause if you guys didn’t visit the site year after year.. we’d probably be gone a long time ago!

Here’s to Big Brother 13 (which we have no casting info on, so don’t ask!).. see you soon! 🙂

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Big Brother 12 Winner Results

By: on September 15, 2010 |

This is the end of Big Brother 12 and with it comes a winner of a half-million dollars!

Big Brother 12 Round 3 winner:
Hayden and Lane face off and the winner is Hayden. Hayden votes to evict Enzo.

Big Brother 12 Winner:
By a vote of 4 to 3, Hayden wins Big Brother 12!

Britney was selected as America’s Choice for $25K. Congratulations to the winners.

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