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!SPOILER ALERT: Big Brother 12 Week Nominations Week 6

By: on August 14, 2010 |

Here we go again! The new Head of Household has made their nominations. Find out who’s in risk of going home this week in today’s Spoiler Alert!

[spoiler name=”Big Brother 12 Week 6 Nominations”]

Head of Household BRENDON has nominated LANE and RAGAN for eviction this week.

Some important things to keep in mind: Ragan is the Saboteur. If he fails to secure himself this week and is evicted, he will not receive the $20k reward.

Also, MATT has the Diamond Power of Veto which he got after opening Pandora’s Box last week. We’ve heard rumblings that Brendon was thinking of backdooring Matt this week but it won’t matter cause Matt will then takehimself off the block and also NAME the replacement nominee. And since “the Bregade” has the most votes this week they will decide who goes home.



Big Brother 12: Eviction and HOH Competition, Week 6

By: on August 12, 2010 |

No matter which one of them goes home tonight, the showmance that is Brenchel is about to be over! At least it will be on the show, we can hope it will also be ‘poof’ in real life too. Rachel will probably use her brief fame to land some older man with expendable income. Brendon will hopefully grow brains and balls and find a girl with more intelligence than boobs.

Warning to all! If you have not seen Thursday night’s eviction and Head of Household competition episode, STOP READING NOW! This is an official SPOILER ALERT for those of you on the west coast or anyone waiting to catch it later on your DVR.

Previously on Big Brother 12: Matt won Head of Household last time and put Brendon and Rachel on the block to be eliminated. Britney won the Power of Veto competition and refused to save either of them, despite an attempted $5,000 by Rachel to take her off the block. Ragan, meanwhile, is enjoying his position in the house as the new Saboteur.

Brendon goes all “crazy” after the Power of Veto Ceremony when Britney refuses to take him or Rachel off the block. He calls her a spoiled brat and gets nasty. It’s all a ploy, however, to try to get everyone to vote him off instead of Rachel. No one is buying it.

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Big Brother Live Feed Recap: Wednesday, Week 5

By: on August 12, 2010 |

Tonight on Big Brother 12, either Brendon or Rachel will be sent off to the Jury House. Most of the drama and game play happening in the house, however, doesn’t make it to the CBS shows. To really find out what is happening in the Big Brother house, you have to dive down deep into the Big Brother 12 Live Feeds.

Big Brother 12 Live Feeds

Big Brother 12 (RealNetworks BB12 Live Feeds)

It would be impossible to bring you all of the fabulousness from the Live Feeds in a simple recap. We do our best, however, to bring you some of the dramatic highlights and interesting game play moments you might otherwise miss. On the Live Feeds on Wednesday, most of the concern of the Houseguests was geared toward the upcoming Head of Household competition tonight. There was a ton of speculation over whether the contest would be a skill test or if there might be a double elimination.

There was, of course, still plenty of Rachel and Brendon drama going on over their nominations for elimination as well.

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Big Brother 12: Power of Veto Episode Week 5

By: on August 12, 2010 |
Big Brother Jeff and Jordan

Jeff and Jordan (CBS)

Former Houseguests Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd came back to the Big Brother house last night to host this week’s Veto Competition. Meanwhile, the battle between Rachel, Brendon and the rest of the Houseguests continues to escalate.

On the last episode of Big Brother 12, Matt won Head of Household after another endurance competition. He also opened Pandora’s Box, winning the Diamond Power of Veto and setting loose a new Saboteur in the house, Ragan. With the Diamond Power of Veto, Matt can take anyone he wants off the block the next two weeks and replace them with whoever he likes.

On Big Brother last night, we drop into the house just after Matt nominates Rachel and Brendon for elimination. Rachel complains in the Diary Room that she can’t believe she has become the bad guy in the house. Brendon thinks everyone will go after Matt next week because he nominated them. Brendon and Rachel demonstrate once again that they don’t seem to have an entire brain between the two of them.

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Big Brother 12 Houseguest Annie Selling Show Props?

By: on August 10, 2010 |

We are always on the lookout for anything interesting involving Big Brother out there for sale. This week we found something nifty on that might be a fun buy – if it is actually real. If it isn’t, well, it is a creative way to make a dollar off the Big Brother name. If it is real, but the person selling it doesn’t have approval to use the Big Brother name and sell props from the show… well, that would be interesting.

Big Brother 12 Sombrero?

Big Brother 12 sombrero for sale? (

The auction on eBay is titled “Big Brother Sombrero from P.O.V. comp “Cinco do Mayo” [sic] and is listed by a seller by the handle annie_bb12. Now, this seller’s name is quite close to eliminated houseguest Annie Whittington‘s Twitter profile name. Also, the auction supposedly originates from Tampa, where Annie lives. However, the seller has no previous auction listings and there is no verification this is the actual Annie from BB12 or anyone who knows her.

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