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VIDEO – Big Brother 12 Rachel Seduces Guy for Drinks

By: on August 7, 2010 |

Check out this far too amusing video of Rachel from Big Brother 12 before she became one half of a reality TV showmance with Brendon. In this “Rally Crashers” video, Rachel cops to believing that “all men are stupid” and flirts like a bimbo with a guys to get drinks just to prove how idiotic the male sex is.

Rachel Reilly

Rachel Reilly (YouTube)

Rachel crawls all over one guy, steals his drink and talks like a cheap hooker. She says in a “confessional” that she felt bad for the guy and she was being “demanding like the alpha female” and she was a “horrible girl.”

An already drunken-sounding Rachel downs shot after shot after shot with some poor, pussy-whipped pansy named Brad who apparently doesn’t get that he isn’t going to get into her pants no matter how many drinks he buys her.

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!SPOILER ALERT: Big Brother 12 Nominations Week 5

By: on August 7, 2010 |

The Big Brother 12 Head of Household has made their nominations for the two Houseguests to put up for elimination this week. We’re pretty sure you won’t be shocked by their choices.

To find out who is on the block this week and what the Houseguests did to try to stay off the block, click the SPOILER button below!

[spoiler name=”SPOILER: Week 5 Nominations”]

Matt has nominated both Rachel and Brendon for elimination. Which means, barring a lot of weirdness, the second showmance of the season is about to be broken up.

Brendon isn’t much surprised at being nominated. Rachel, however, is furious and in full bitch/whine/cry mode over the nominations. Awwwh.


The Big Brother house is going to be DRAMA central until elimination time! We’ve been watching the insanity on the Big Brother 12 Live Feeds and let us tell you, it’s all kinds of crazy in the house right now.

The nominations aren’t even the tip of the iceberg from the house though. There is also the possible return of Pandora’s Box and possibly a new Saboteur coming into the house! Read about all the rest of the dish from our Big Brother 12 Friday Live Feed Recap here.

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Big Brother 12 Friday Live Feed Recap

By: on August 7, 2010 |

Friday was nomination day in the Big Brother 12 house and the drama was at full force! Everyone in the Big Brother house was pretty certain who was going to end up on the elimination block this week. The day was chock full of fights, back-alley deal making attempts and a whole lot of interesting twists.

Ragan & Hayden Big Brother 12

Ragan & Hayden (RealNetworks BB12 Live Feed)

We can’t possibly recount all the crazy stuff that goes on in the Big Brother house over the course of a day. However, yesterday was a big one, so we thought we’d try to bring you some of the highlights.

The Houseguests are usually blasted out of bed around 9:00 AM BBT (Big Brother Time to those using the Live Feeds) and Friday was no exception. Shortly after dragging themselves upwards, Brendon and Matt are already speculating over the possible return of Pandora’s Box. Matt has been locked out of his HOH room and this pretty much says something big is happening up there.

[spoiler name=”SPOILER: Click to the left to read spoiler information”]

We know, of course, they are dead on on in thinking Pandora’s Box will be back. Pandora’s Box will indeed come back into play later in the day. Plus, Big Brother fans have already voted that they would like to see Ragan as the new Saboteur if Matt does indeed open Pandora’s Box.


If you aren’t familiar with Pandora’s Box in Big Brother, here’s the basic idea. If the Head of Household chooses to open the box, they get a luxury item, special power or some other surprise. However, something bad for the house also happens.

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Big Brother 12 Kristen Nip Slip Again!

By: on August 6, 2010 |

Kristen apparently really just doesn’t care if Big Brother 12 fans get a good look at her assets. She’s been guilty of flashing nearly every part of her body to the Big Brother Live Feed cameras at some point! Now she’s done it again, letting the cameras capture another Kristen nip-slip once again while she was showering.

Of course, BB12 fans don’t get to see these brief moments of nudity on CBS. We’re not a porno site, so we’re afraid we can’t show them in all their glory either. If you just have to get a naked eyeful of your favorite Big Brother 12 Houseguests, you’ll have to check out the Live Feeds for yourself!

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!SPOILER ALERT: Big Brother 12 HOH Competition Week 4

By: on August 5, 2010 |

If you haven’t had the chance to watch Thursday’s CBS Big Brother 12 episode yet, beware! Spoilers from the live eviction and the seriously HUGE Head of Household competition follow below! 


[spoiler name=”SPOILER: Week 4 HOH competition”] 

The “most important HOH competition of the season” is now underway after Kristen was evicted from the house on tonight’s show. The last Houseguest to remain on the edge of the giant can of paint in the “True Colors” contest will be the new Head of Household – an epic endurance competition indeed, just as we predicted. The first Houseguest to fall off becomes the only Have-Not for the week. 

Big Brother 12 HOH Competition 

Plus, Pandora’s Box is back in the Big Brother house AND we have a new Saboteur candidate chosen by America! Ragan! Will Ragan be more successful than original Saboteur Annie? We think Ragan would be pretty smart to take the deal actually. He dpesn’t have a strong chance of winning the whole thing – especially with the Brigade alliance still intact, but he’s well-liked enough to probably be able to stick around long enough to collect that big wad of cash for surviving as the Saboteur. 

Update on the HOH competition: KATHY is DOWN and OUT! She will be the ONLY Have-Not for the week.

Brendon and Enzo are now out as well. This almost virtually guarantees that either Brendon or Rachel (or both) will be nominated for eviction this week. Brendon is already whining about going home, but Rachel is telling him it will be her. We hope so! Of course, if Ragan or Matt win, they could do unexpected and weird things at nomination time. Especially if Rachel offers them that $5,000 in bribe money she has in her pocket. 

This endurance competition might not last as long as we thought! Then again, some of the Houesguests – like Enzo – may just be throwing the HOH contest because they can get away with it. Either way, CBS spent a whole lot of damn time working on this set just to have it going so quickly. We’re betting they aren’t happy about that!

Ragan is apparently “sexually energized” by the whole thing…. hmmmm. The spinning of the giant paint can is making us feel a bit queasy. Really though, we can’t believe how quickly the Houseguests are dropping off this thing. 

Hayden and Britney are now out as well – we saw him laying on the ground and then the feeds cut out again. Damn, this endurance competition isn’t much about endurance is it??? 

Britney, Kathy & Hayden Big Brother 12

It’s down to Ragan and Matt again. Last time, Ragan totally copped out to Matt in the last endurance competition. Will he do it again? He’s already threatening to jump off of the paint can thing and asking how the other Houseguests got off without damaging themselves. 

Andrew, BTW is on Twitter bitching about how the contests are rigged for smaller people. Even out of the house, he can’t stop whining. 

That’s it, Ragan has jumped off the giant paint can. Matt is now the new Head of Household! The Brigade is back in power and it will be in their hands who ends up on the block for elimination. 


In order to watch the whole Head of Household competition this week, you’ll have to check it out on the Big Brother 12 Live Feeds. If you’ve missed part of it already, that’s okay because you can rewind back to watch ANY moment of the whole season via the Live Feed Rewind! We’ll let you know the winner here when we know, but it could be hours before the HOH is finally revealed. Check out a 3-Day Free Trial of the Big Brother Live Feeds here.

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