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Big Brother 12: Power of Veto Episode – Week 6

By: on August 19, 2010 |

Big Brother 12 has been a bit slow here and there this season, but the drama inside the house is definitely picking up! On this week’s Power of Veto episode of Big Brother, things are getting very heated in the house, especially when an eliminated Houseguest returns!

Big Brother 12 Ragan and Rachel

Ragan and Rachel go at it (CBS)

As the new Head of Household, Brendon nominated Lane and Ragan for elimination – leaving many of the Houseguests (and the fans) shaking their heads in confusion. The truth behind his choices, Brendon reveals, is that he wants Ragan out because Ragan helped get his girl Rachel eliminated. Please! EVERYONE in the house wanted her out and worked toward that goal!

Ragan is devastated over being nominated for eviction. He should be, if he leaves the house this week, he’ll not only lose out on the big prize, he’ll also lose that $20,000 of Saboteur money. Ragan cries and whines that even if he wins Power of Veto, he believes either Matt or Britney, his supposed friends, will go home.

Brendon tells Lane that nominating him is not about getting him out; he’s just a pawn to get Ragan out. Once again, Brendon shows off his bonehead by telling Lane he had to “avenge Rachel.” That girl has some kind of demonic power over this poor guy. He needs an exorcism!

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Big Brother 12 Live Feed Recap: Tuesday – Week 6

By: on August 18, 2010 |

WARNING! Big Brother Live Feed recaps inherently contain some SPOILERS of what is going on in the Big Brother house that you might otherwise not know about until the CBS Big Brother shows air. So if you don’t want spoilers, beware!

Big Brother 12 Ragan

Ragan ponders his next move (RealNetworks BB12 Live Feed)

We can’t wait to see what kinds of craziness happens on tonight’s Big Brother 12 on CBS. There has certainly been some extreme drama going on in the Big Brother house on the Live Feeds. The house erupted into chaos over the past few days with the Brigade alliance faltering, Matt hiding big secrets, Rachel returning to stir things up and Brendon finding himself in the middle of all the game play by the other Houseguests.

The Live Feeds kick off Tuesday morning with Ragan sleepily changing his battery pack and then laying on his cot thinking. Brendon and Enzo are playing pool, Hayden crashes on the couch. Lane wanders out and plunks down on the couch, followed by Kathy and her ubiquitous cigarettes. Basically, things are a bit slow in the Big Brother house this morning. Everyone still looks a bit sleep-deprived from that whole Saboteur spewing messages all night long the other night.

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Big Brother 12 Live Feed Recap: Monday – Week 6

By: on August 17, 2010 |

WARNING! Big Brother Live Feed recaps inherently contain some SPOILERS of what is going on in the Big Brother house that you might otherwise not know about until the CBS Big Brother shows air. So if you don’t want spoilers, beware!

The Big Brother 12 Houseguests had a rough start to their day in the house on Monday. The Saboteur, otherwise known as Ragan, kept the other Houseguests up half the night with random messages, leaving most of them severely sleep-deprived.

Big Brother 12 Houseguests

Big Brother 12 Houseguests (RealNetworks BB12 Live Feed)

Since the Houseguests have been woken up constantly throughout the night, they are all up crazy early in the Big Brother house. Just before 6:30 AM BBT (Big Brother Time), the HGs are all just sitting around waiting to see if there is another Saboteur message. Except for Matt and Ragan, who are shacked up in the Have-Not room talking shit about Brendon and figuring out their next moves. Ragan just keeps whining that he doesn’t know what to do. Good lord Ragan – you sound like a scratchy broken record!

In the living room, Enzo, Hayden, Britney, Kathy and Lane talk sleepily about the Saboteur messages. Brendon and Hayden go outside to review the messages, looking for some deeper meaning. Brendon is torn between Britney and Matt as a replacement nominee for elimination. Hayden tells Brendon that Matt will be much harder to get out of the game later.

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!SPOILER ALERT: Big Brother 12 Week 6 Veto Ceremony Results

By: on August 16, 2010 |

The Power of Veto Ceremony for week 6 of Big Brother 12 has concluded. We just can’t wait to see all the serious drama in the house that will be going on as a result! If you are ready to find out what happened at the POV Ceremony, just click next to the SPOILER tag below!

[spoiler name=”SPOILER: Power of Veto Ceremony Week 6″]

Brendon, as the new Head of Household, put up Ragan and Lane for elimination. However, in the Veto Competition, Ragan won the Power of Veto. During today’s Power of Veto Ceremony, Ragan choose to remove himself from the block, of course.

Brendon named Matt as the replacement person to go up on the block.  Matt, having previously won the Diamond Power of Veto by opening Pandora’s Box, will naturally use it to save himself. We expect that will happen during Thursday’s live show. He will then have to name a replacement for himself to go up for elimination. If Matt discovers what is going on with the Brigade alliance behind his back, this could get REALLY interesting.


Stay tuned here for more great spoilers and dish from the Big Brother 12 house. Get all the scoop on what is going on in the BB house 24/7 with the Big Brother Live Feeds. Check out a 3-Day Free Trial here!


Big Brother 12: New HOH and Nominations Week 6

By: on August 16, 2010 |

The last episode of Big Brother 12 on CBS left off with the Houseguests competing to see who would become the next Head of Household. The Big Brother Houseguests were tasked with untangling themselves from a giant web of rope in an endurance competition.

Big Brother HOH Contest (CBS)

Big Brother HOH Contest (CBS)

As most folks watching the Big Brother Live Feeds probably guessed before and during the HOH contest, half the Houseguests didn’t even really bother to compete very hard. Most of them seem content to let Brendon win Head of Household – which he does, hands down. Enzo and Hayden have already made their own arrangements with Brendon and it looks like Matt could shortly be finding himself swinging in the wind without the support of his Brigade alliance members…

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