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The Big Brother 13 Houseguests: Brawn

By: on July 13, 2011 |

Yesterday we showed off the ‘babes’ of the Big Brother 13 house. But don’t be afraid we are going to leave you ladies out! We want those Big Brother 13 men to show us their stuff too! Well, some of them anyway. Not all of them. Adam Poch, for example, you can keep that shirt on. Really. Please.

As for most of the rest of the Big Brother 13 men, we ask you to please keep taking those shirts off. As frequently as possible — so we can get many more of these sneak peeks at your hot bods!

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The Big Brother 13 Houseguests: Babes

By: on July 12, 2011 |

Every year I wait rather impatiently for those Big Brother live feeds to kick in and the latest crop of houseguests to start taking it off! Yes, I want to see those abs, those assets and check out who is wielding the biggest… muscles. Call me what you will. Of course, there’s also always the annual fun of the “who has real versus fake boobs” discussions on my Big Brother e-mail list to enjoy as well. Whee!

This year on Big Brother 13, we once again have plenty of eye candy for both sexes and all sexual orientations to enjoy. And thankfully, with the Big Brother live feeds we get more than enough opportunity to check out all that eye candy up close and personal. So without further ado, we bring you the babes of the Big Brother 13 houeseguests! Stay tuned tomorrow for the brawn!

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Evel Dick Video on His Big Brother 13 Bombshell Decision

By: on July 12, 2011 |

Unless you have been hiding under a rock and staying the hell off of every entertainment site on the Net, you probably already know all about Evel Dick Donato and his bombshell Big Brother 13 decision.

If you don’t already know all about Evel Dick or if you haven’t already read too much here in the last paragraph, then we strongly suggest you stop now if you don’t want a major spoiler of the next episode!
[spoiler name=”Evel Dick Donato Big Brother 13 SPOILER”]

As most Big Brother 13 fans already know, Evel Dick Donato suddenly left the Big Brother house in between the CBS premiere of the show and the debut of the Big Brother live feeds. All the houseguests were shocked and dismayed, including his ‘duo’ partner and daughter, Daniele Donato.

CBS released an official statements saying that Evel Dick Donato “had to leave the game unexpectedly” because of a “personal matter.” The network said his “departure will be addressed on the episode to be broadcast on Wednesday, July 13.”

Evel Dick, meanwhile, popped on to his Twitter feed when he got home to quash rumors he had been thrown off the show or that either he or someone else close to him was very ill. “I am not in jail, don’t have cancer, my mother, son and girlfriend are not in the hospital and I was not kicked out,” Donato said.

Donato also said he would release a “public video statement” on his website, about his leaving Big Brother 13. Well, he has finally released the video, but we’re afraid that it really doesn’t give us any new information at all about why Evel Dick vanished from BB13. Still, we bring it to you here so you can judge Evel Dick’s words for yourself. [WARNING: NSFW language.]

We’re still bummed Evel Dick left the show, whatever the reason was. We were really looking forward to him crushing all those newbies with his stony stares and sarcastic and deliciously cruel verbal jabs. Sigh.




Big Brother 13 Houseguest Profile: Brendon Villegas

By: on July 12, 2011 |

Before they came to Big Brother 13 as one of the three returning ‘dynamic duos’, Brendon Villeges and Rachel Reilly, otherwise known as Brenchel, were the power couple of Big Brother 12. Brenchel managed to use each other quite nicely on Big Brother 12 for a number of weeks before their backstabbing and way too annoying selves got booted out by the rest of the house. Now they are trying to take over the Big Brother 13 house and make it all the way to the end this time.

Big Brother 13 Houseguest Profile: Brendon Villegas

Brendon Villegas - BIG BROTHER 12 (CBS)

Brendon Villegas, 30, is a High School Swim Coach from Riverside, California. He describes himself as “fun, driven and intelligible” and enjoys “running, basketball, swimming and cycling.” The most difficult part of living in the Big Brother house for Brendon, he said before season 12 started, would be the lack of privacy. Oh, and he hates mean-spirited people and bigots.

Oddly enough, the thing that Brendon ended up doing to himself on Big Brother 12 was giving himself absolutely no privacy at all. Once he hooked up with Rachel, the poor guy ended up without a moment to himself without her bossing him around, demanding his attention or otherwise getting all up in his face. Kind of the same thing she is doing to him this season on Big Brother 13!

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Big Brother 13 Houseguest Profile: Rachel Reilly

By: on July 12, 2011 |

Brendon and Rachel, otherwise known as Brenchel, are the power couple of Big Brother 12and one of three “dynamic duos” brought back to compete against the eight new houseguests of Big Brother 13. This duo ruled the house for a number of weeks during their season and they are out to do it again in the new season.

Big Brother 13 Houseguest Profile: Rachel Reilly

Rachel Reilly - BIG BROTHER 12 (CBS)

Rachel Reilly, who was 26 when she was first cast on Big Brother 12, was a chemistry graduate student and cocktail waitress from Las Vegas, Nevada. We are pretty sure her cleavage has been either artificially enhanced or are the most fake-looking natural breasts we’ve ever seen. Rachel enjoys “painting, working out, doing anything outdoors… getting dressed up and going on dates.”

>> Read Rachel’s official CBS Big Brother 12 bio

Rachel’s least favorite thing about living in the Big Brother house was “having your entire life televised.” To which, we said – Rachel, you do understand what reality television is, right? If you hate having your life “televised,” why the hell did you apply to be on the show? Considering that she has now come back for another season, we’re guessing having her life in the Big Brother house broadcast night and day wasn’t all that bad after all.

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