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Big Brother 13 Houseguest Profile: Porsche Briggs

By: on July 7, 2011 |

This morning for our houseguest profile we tackle the hot girl named after a hot car!

Porsche Briggs, 23, is a VIP Cocktail Waitress (read that: wannabe famous person) currently living in Miami Beach, FL. Hmm, that sounds kind of like the job Rachel from last season had where she got all slutty with the guys to get whatever she wanted, right? We think Rachel probably would have described herself very much the same as well: “sexy, bitchy and clever.” Although, well, we hope Porsche actually does have brains under that blond hair, unlike what Rachel apparently didn’t have under her red weave.

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Big Brother 13 Houseguest Profile: Lawon Exum

By: on July 6, 2011 |

Next up we delve into the life of a guy who may drive you absolutely nuts, but he’s going to be sparkling fresh and “handsomed” up when he does it!

Lawon Exum, a 39-year-old Legal File Clerk from California likes to call himself “handsomexy,” which means, he says, “handsome and sexy, because I am inside and out.” Oh, and he’s also very clever, just so you know. Lawon is originally from Urbana, IL and says if he won Big Brother, he would “give back to my hometown” and “show the entertainment world there are still normal human beings in Hollywood.” Yeah, good luck with that.

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Big Brother 13 Houseguest Profile: Keith Henderson

By: on July 6, 2011 |

Next up we bring you the man who thinks he has it all in the bag because no one can resist his charm (especially the ladies).

Keith Henderson, 32, seems like he could potentially be the most ‘normal’ person in the Big Brother 13 house. If, by normal, you mean conceited, full of himself, totally assured he is smarter than everyone else, absolutely convinced of his own gorgeousness and way, way too cocky.

Keith is a Human Resources Manager at PLS from Bolingbrook, IL and describes himself as “charming, adorable and kiss-ass.” We find it kind of adorable that he called himself ‘kiss-ass’ rather than ‘kick-ass’. At least he’s honest about being a suck-up.

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Last Call for Big Brother Live Feed Early Bird Discount!

By: on July 6, 2011 |

The Big Brother 13 premiere is tomorrow and now is your very last chance to get in on the Big Brother live feeds at the special, early bird discount! Once the new Big Brother season premieres, the RealNetworks Superpass subscription cost goes back up to the regular price — a $25% increase for the whole season.

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Big Brother 13 Houseguest Profile: Kalia Booker

By: on July 6, 2011 |

Today we’re bringing you the girl who could prove to be the most manipulative, nasty, back-stabbing wench in the house. And she admits it right up front!

Philadelphia native Kalia Booker, who now lives in Los Angeles, describes herself as “dramatic, adventurous and gregarious.” She also admits to a serious fear of snakes, which we hope will lead to a fabulous BB13 challenge at some point involving slithering reptiles.

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