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Big Brother 12 Live Feed Pre-Season Special Available Now!

By: on June 18, 2010 |

The Big Brother 12 Live Feed Early Bird Special Coupon is here at last! is thrilled to bring you this special pre-season deal of $29.99 for the full season of Big Brother 12. That’s three months of live feed access from RealNetworks SuperPass for the price of two.

Big Brother Live Feed Features:

  • 24/7 live access to all the action going on in the Big Brother 12 house
  • See what they don’t – or can’t – show you on TV
  • Watch 1 or 4 cameras at once
  • Instant video on demand highlights from the BB 12 house
  • Live exclusive daily events, video chats and more
  • Flashback with the live feed rewind to catch anything you missed
  • Watch the Big Brother 12 Live Feed directly on the SuperPass website with the browser of your choice
  • Get the latest dish with former BB houseguests Jordan, Janelle, Chelsia and more
  • (NEW!) Chat with other BB fans with live feed chat, Facebook and Twitter

This Early Bird Special for the Big Brother 12 Live Feed is only available until July 17, the day before the premiere of the new season. After that, the price goes back up to $39.99 for three months. Jump on the special now and you’ll basically get a whole month of BB 12 Live Feed access free. Or you can just sign up for a regular month-to-month Superpass subscription for $14.99 per month.

Get a taste of the RealNetworks SuperPass when you sign up with a 3-day free trial. SuperPass subscribers can also watch tons of other great television shows and movies any time. Plus, subscribers also get $10.00 a month in free mp3 music downloads. Be sure to take advantage of those free music, because they basically make the whole Big Brother 12 Live Feed subscription almost kind of a freebie if you would normally be paying for those downloads.

Are you ready to dive in and get your Big Brother 12 Live Feed action on? Check out your 3-Day Risk Free Trial here!


Big Brother 3 Star Tonya Paoni Charged with Reckless Homicide

By: on June 17, 2010 |

Former Big Brother 3 houseguest Tonya Paoni — now known as Tonya Casper — has been charged with reckless homicide after allegedly causing a car crash last summer that left two people dead. Police arrested Casper on May 27 on charges of reckless homicide, DUI and several other charges.

Police allege that Casper was driving under the influence at high speed west of Springfield, Illinois on July 17 when she rear-ended an SUV driven by Zachary E. Barnes. Barnes then lost control of his vehicle, which ran into the median on Interstate 72 and flipped multiple times. A passenger in his car, Cameron S. Weider, was thrown from the vehicle and killed.

Another passenger in Barnes’ car, Eric J. Finneran, exited the rolled-over SUV and was standing in the highway when another car swerved to avoid him. That car collided with another vehicle, causing a second wreck. A fifth car became involved in the pile-up when it pulled over to avoid those two vehicles, but struck Finneran as he was still standing in the highway. Finneran also died at the scene.

Tonya Casper has been charged with reckless homicide in the death of Cameron S. Weider, the passenger in the SUV she hit who died after being ejected from the car. She is also charged with being responsible for the death of Eric J. Finneran because the initial crash allegedly began the serious of events that caused his death.

Casper faces charges of two counts of aggravated reckless conduct, two counts of aggravated reckless driving and speeding in addition to the reckless homicide and DUI charges.

Casper, known then by the name Tonya Paoni, was a houseguest on Big Brother 3 in 2002. She was the second contestant evicted from the show.

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Big Brother 12’s Official Site & New Commercial

By: on June 16, 2010 |

Just when you thought it was safe to walk away from the computer, CBS pulls a fast one on us. Today CBS released a brand new commercial for Big Brother 12 and the brand new Big Brother website.

The new commercial is something we’ve never really seen in the past 11 seasons (check it out below). CBS has spent a little bit of dough and hired what looks like actors (slash pretty people) but could it be the new HG’s? Not likely. Probably actors. Let’s go with that. You can’t actually see the ‘houseguests’ in question, most of the shots are extreme close ups or a very blurred visual of them.

If I’ve learned anything from covering Big Brother over the past eleven seasons, the commercials usually mean squat. It is, however, very interesting the way this commercial was created. Like I said above, nothing we’ve seen before. They also debut a new title graphic for the series… but again means nothing. The promo department at CBS usually does whatever they want while the Big Brother production team rarely has a say in it.

Also on the super-duper-exciting front is that the new Big Brother 12 homepage at launched today. It’s very CBS-like. The structure is very similar to the main site but it’s a much nicer design. It’s got the beach theme we were talking about earlier. There’s no new information but it’s just another thing on the list that makes Big Brother super exciting every year!

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Big Brother 12 Live Feed Early Bird Special – 3 Months for Price of 2!

By: on June 14, 2010 |

We recently got all excited about the news that RealNetworks’ SuperPass would once again be offering a Big Brother 12 Live Feed Early Bird Special coming soon. Now we can finally share some of the details of the special with all of you Big Brother 12 fanatics out there!

Big Brother 12 Live Feed Details:

  • Pre-season Big Brother Live Feed Early Bird Special (Available June 18th to July 7th): $29.99 for the full season – 3 months for the cost of 2!
  • Regular Big Brother Live Feed Subscription (After July 7th): $39.99 for 3 months
  • Both options include a 3-day free trial period
  • Big Brother Live Feeds launch July 8th, the same day as the season premiere of the show

Big Brother 12 Live Feed Features:

24/7 Big Brother 12 Live Video: The Big Brother 12 Live Feed through RealNetworks’ Superpass is the ultimate Big Brother fan experience. As a subscriber, you’ll see all the catfights, backstabbing, late-night hook-ups and more before anyone else!

BB Houseguests to play with! Janelle from Big Brother 6 and All-Stars will be joining the Big Brother 12 SuperPass team as will Chelsia from Big Brother 9. They’ll be on board to get down with live feed subscribers in video chats and more. We wouldn’t be surprised to find out more BB celebrities might find their way to the live feed as well!

Flashback! – Our most beloved feature of the Big Brother Live Feeds. Rewind the live feed back to catch anything you missed or watch your favorite moments over and over!

Web-based viewing – You will now be able to watch the Big Brother 12 Live Feed either with the RealPlayer video player or directly on the RealNetworks SuperPass website.

Special Live Events: Exclusive live chats, video call in shows and more will be available only for Big Brother 12 Live Feed subscribers.

Free Music Downloads – Big Brother 12 Live Feed subscribers will receive $10 a month in free mp3 music downloads on SuperPass. So if you are a big music downloader, the free mp3 downloads makes signing up for the live feed virtually pay for itself!

Check back here for more details on the Big Brother 12 Live Feed as they become available and don’t forget to come back on June 18 for that early bird special. Of course, you can also just go ahead and sign up now if you just can’t wait!

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Big Brother Season 2 Marathon on Global Reality Channel

By: on June 11, 2010 |

As you may or may not know Global TV is Canada’s Big Brother station. They’ve been behind the show since season 1. And although they don’t have any plans on creating a English-Canadian version of the show (there is already a french version of the show in Quebec) that doesn’t mean they don’t want to invest in reality TV.

Enter Global Reality Channel. Canwest’s latest foray into the digital tv market will begin on July 1st when GRC launches. At the moment the channel is only available on Rogers Digital Cable but more providers are to pick up the network soon.

Big Brother is one of the key shows on this new reality channel and will air the new season with back-to-back episodes Tuesday starting at 8pm. And with the beauty of this all reality channel is that Global can go back into their archives and show old seasons of the show.

July 3rd and July 4th is when Big Brother 2 will air on the channel, back-to-back starting at 6am on July 3rd. What better way to get prepared for Big Brother with a Big Brother Marathon?

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