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Big Brother Season 2 Marathon on Global Reality Channel

By: on June 11, 2010 |

As you may or may not know Global TV is Canada’s Big Brother station. They’ve been behind the show since season 1. And although they don’t have any plans on creating a English-Canadian version of the show (there is already a french version of the show in Quebec) that doesn’t mean they don’t want to invest in reality TV.

Enter Global Reality Channel. Canwest’s latest foray into the digital tv market will begin on July 1st when GRC launches. At the moment the channel is only available on Rogers Digital Cable but more providers are to pick up the network soon.

Big Brother is one of the key shows on this new reality channel and will air the new season with back-to-back episodes Tuesday starting at 8pm. And with the beauty of this all reality channel is that Global can go back into their archives and show old seasons of the show.

July 3rd and July 4th is when Big Brother 2 will air on the channel, back-to-back starting at 6am on July 3rd. What better way to get prepared for Big Brother with a Big Brother Marathon?

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Big Brother 12 Live Feed Early Bird Special Coming Soon!

By: on June 11, 2010 |

Ever wonder what happens in the Big Brother house they don’t show you on TV? Well, wonder no more! You can catch all of the hot behind-the-scenes action 24/7 on the Big Brother 12 Live Feed.

Big Brother 12 will air this year on Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday on CBS at 8 PM EST. Big Brother After Dark will also be airing on Showtime at 12 AM on Sho2. That may seem like enough Big Brother to please even the most rabid fan, but we’re telling you – if you don’t have the Big Brother 12 Live Feed, you are seriously missing out!

With the Big Brother 12 Live Feed, you get to catch all the action before the rest of the world even knows what’s going on. That big catfight? You watched it live. The houseguest that hooked up with another contestant? You’ll know who it is before anyone else. Plus, you’ll know way more about all the backstabbing and secret alliances going on than you’ll get anywhere else.

Even better, we can tell you that a Big Brother Feed early bird special will be coming soon. We can’t share the details yet, but keep an eye out here next week for the details.

The Big Brother 12 Live Feed launches July 8th at 12AM, the same day as the premiere of the new season. Less than a month to go and we can’t wait!

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Possible Big Brother 12 houseguests tweet’s herself outta the house (UPDATED)

By: on June 9, 2010 |

Let the houseguest speculation begin! Shantrice Wilkerson is a 25 year-old female from Hollywood, California. Great, you say? Well it’s not that big of a deal until Shantrice create a major Reality TV faux pas by revealing on her Twitter Page that she has received a phone call about Big Brother 12. While going through the process of being on a reality show, you’re not really suppose to tell anyone. Everything is super secretive, hush hush, on the d-low, got it?

So what would make Shantrice think it was a good idea to let all of her 91 followers know she’s in the running for BB12?

What makes this story even more interesting is what DogDave (site NSFW) has uncovered. On Shantrice’s Facebook profile under her “Employers” section she lists the Dolce Group has her employer. Now why is that so interesting? Because if you remember BB2 and BB All Stars winner Mike “Boogie” Malin has stakes in the Dolce Group. He is an investor and helps run several of the Dolce restaurants including Geisha House in Hollywood.

So if Shantrice thought she might be on Big Brother 12, she might want to rethink that. The chances of her getting on after this slip up are slim to none.

Although we can’t confirm that she actually got a call.. it’s fun to speculate! Here’s the tweet in question:

I Recieved a call today to be on the show Big Brother 12!! God is truly amazing.. Now we play the waiting game to see if Im choosen..Tue Jun 08 03:39:12 via Twitter for iPhone

UPDATED: Look like she’s catching on to what’s going on. She’s just deleted the tweet in question (above) and has also protected her tweets (and removed us from following her!) so something is definitely askew.


Allison Grodner reveals nothing in BB12 phone interview

By: on June 8, 2010 |

Executive Producer Alison Grodner took a phone interview with Big Brother fansite today and revealed very little about the upcoming season of the show. Why you ask? The newly crowned cast of Big Brother 12 are still on the loose in the world. They haven’t been sequestered as of yet so Alison can’t give away any info in fear that the new houseguests would find out.

The only part of the interview that had some sort of tid-bit was that the theme of the house this year will be along the “Beach” theme because this is a summer show and they want to keep that theme going. We saw the beach theme a little bit last year with the Pool room. But Beach could mean anything.. South Beach, Miami Beach, Pensecola Beach (hmmm..).

So take the interview with a grain of salt. You won’t see anything happening until at least the week of June 21st. House photos first, houseguests photos after, twists confirmed.

The interview is available after the jump.

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(Video) Second Big Brother 12 Commercial TV Spot

By: on June 7, 2010 |

Past houseguest Casey Turner (CBS)

A second Big Brother 12 commercial TV spot has hit the airwaves. While quite a bit of the video is similar to the first commercial, it has 10 seconds of additional footage from seasons past to enjoy.

We’re so impatient for the new season of Big Brother to get underway, we’ll pretty much latch onto anything about the show we can get until it does. So, of course, we had to bring you the second Big Brother 12 commercial to hit TV.

We especially love the brief glimpse of Casey “Banana Man” Turner.

The new Big Brother 12 promo video promises “new competitions” and “new twists” in the upcoming season, which premiers on CBS July 8. We can’t wait!

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