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Another New Big Brother 12 Promo Commercial

By: on June 24, 2010 |

CBS has released yet another Big Brother 12 promo video and this one is even more intriguing than the previous ones! We can’t help but wonder if the ‘beach’ theme was chosen for this year just so CBS could show the houseguests wearing virtually nothing most of the time.

Once again, the new CBS Big Brother 12 commercial promises new twists and new competitions. Well, of course, it wouldn’t be much fun if it was just the same old thing would it? Host Julie Chen says fans “won’t believe what’s in store” for the new season. We are definitely hoping for some great surprises and shocking drama this year, but frankly we’ll believe almost anything that happens on this show after all the craziness from seasons past!

We love all the teasers, but we wish the new season would get here already! July 8th just can’t come fast enough.

Check back here for the latest Big Brother 12 updates. We’ll be bringing you the latest dish 24/7 throughout the season. And don’t forget to check out your 3-Day Risk Free Trial of the Big Brother 12 Live Feeds here!

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Big Brother 12 House Details Revealed?

By: on June 23, 2010 |

We already knew the Big Brother 12 house would be decked out in a beach theme this year, but now more details may be emerging about the BB12 house.

An anonymous poster is spreading around alleged descriptions of the inside of the Big Brother 12 house. We can’t verify yet if these details are true, but they certainly do fit the whole beach theme CBS is promoting for the new season.

According to the anonymous postings, a wall has allegedly been removed in the Big Brother 12 house to leave only two bedrooms. The smaller bedroom reportedly looks like a beach with lounge chairs and an ocean mural. The larger bedroom allegedly mimics a summer camp cabin with bunk beds and a fake moose head on one wall.

In addition, some of the sleeping spaces in the bedrooms are allegedly just beach towels in one room and a sleeping bag made for two in the other.

There is reportedly a large fish tank between the living room and kitchen, with the kitchen decorated in a rustic cabin kind of feel. In the living room there are fake palm trees and a tropical mural, continuing the beach theme.

The HOH room is reportedly the strangest room in the house, designed in a weird “creepy carnival theme” with a fortune telling machine and a giant tarantula in a tank.

To make things even creepier, the ‘green’ room of the house (formerly the gym/spa), allegedly has a white casket with an open lid in the middle of it with an empty picture frame behind it saying “rest in peace.”

Now, considering all this comes from a totally anonymous source, we have no idea if any of it is accurate or not. Still, if even half of it is true, we’re very intrigued – especially by the fortune-telling machine and the empty casket!

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Big Brother 12 Houseguests: CBS Site Shows 13 Spots

By: on June 22, 2010 |

The new CBS Big Brother 12 website has few details on the new season yet, but there is one interesting clue. The official website shows spots for 13 Big Brother 12 houseguests this time around.

BIG BROTHER 12 website (CBS)

BIG BROTHER 12 website (CBS)

The new CBS Big Brother 12 website is also serving up full episodes of Big Brother 11 for those who might have missed out on any of the action.

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Big Brother 12 Live Feed Pre-Season Special Available Now!

By: on June 18, 2010 |

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Big Brother 3 Star Tonya Paoni Charged with Reckless Homicide

By: on June 17, 2010 |

Former Big Brother 3 houseguest Tonya Paoni — now known as Tonya Casper — has been charged with reckless homicide after allegedly causing a car crash last summer that left two people dead. Police arrested Casper on May 27 on charges of reckless homicide, DUI and several other charges.

Police allege that Casper was driving under the influence at high speed west of Springfield, Illinois on July 17 when she rear-ended an SUV driven by Zachary E. Barnes. Barnes then lost control of his vehicle, which ran into the median on Interstate 72 and flipped multiple times. A passenger in his car, Cameron S. Weider, was thrown from the vehicle and killed.

Another passenger in Barnes’ car, Eric J. Finneran, exited the rolled-over SUV and was standing in the highway when another car swerved to avoid him. That car collided with another vehicle, causing a second wreck. A fifth car became involved in the pile-up when it pulled over to avoid those two vehicles, but struck Finneran as he was still standing in the highway. Finneran also died at the scene.

Tonya Casper has been charged with reckless homicide in the death of Cameron S. Weider, the passenger in the SUV she hit who died after being ejected from the car. She is also charged with being responsible for the death of Eric J. Finneran because the initial crash allegedly began the serious of events that caused his death.

Casper faces charges of two counts of aggravated reckless conduct, two counts of aggravated reckless driving and speeding in addition to the reckless homicide and DUI charges.

Casper, known then by the name Tonya Paoni, was a houseguest on Big Brother 3 in 2002. She was the second contestant evicted from the show.

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