Shelli corners Vanessa in the bathroom to try to smooth things over. Shelli says in Diary Room that she can’t let a move made by someone else get in the way of her relationship with Vanessa. Shelli tells Vanessa that them being all upset with her was just pure emotion. She says she is not going to turn against their alliance, that would be totally dumb. She is the only one she can talk all this through with right now, she needs her.

Big Brother 17 Episode 19 (1)

Vanessa says that was brutal. Shelli says she is very sorry and she has to know she has her back. Vanessa is in tears. She says she wants to believe that. Vanessa says if one of them goes home, they have her still. Shelli immediately says SHE is going to need her so much. (Like there is no chance Clay might stay.)

Shelli breaks down in tears and starts raging about why this had to happen this week and why James would break her trust like that. Why THIS week, the WORST week, so that she ends up in the Jury house without Clay. (Again, it’s like there is NO way Clay could possibly stay over her, right Shelli?) Shelli says it breaks her heart.

Austin is there for the end of this conversation. He says in Diary Room that he is watching Shelli b*tch about not making it to Jury with Clay, but all he can think is that he will get to Jury with Liz.

Vanessa says in Diary Room she is undyingly loyal, but she is not a doormat. But maybe Shelli really sees where she is coming from and their alliance can last another week.

Time to pick players for the Veto Competition. James really hopes he can have all the power and win so he can keep the nominations the same. Shelli says it has to be her or Clay that win the Veto because if one of their allies wins it, it means that one of their allies will end up as the Replacement Nominee.

Big Brother 17 Episode 19 (5)

James draws Houseguest choice and he picks Jackie. Jackie says in Diary Room that she’s going to have to play to win and keep the nominations the same. Shelli draws Becky, her little rat. Clay picks Vanessa, supposedly their ally. Vanessa says if she loses, she could end up the Replacement Nominee. But if she wins and takes Clay or Shelli down, she could piss off the house.

Jackie, Becky and James talk about the Veto Competition and how it is going to be a bloodbath. James wants the nominations to be kept the same. Becky says in Diary Room that she’s in a tough spot caught between the two sides. She likes Shelli and Clay in the house, but right now James is keeping her safe. James says for everyone who wants to win the big money, keeping the nominations the same is the best move.

Big Brother 17 Episode 19 (9)

The Power of Veto Competition this week is medieval themed with all the Houseguests dressed up as lords and ladies. There is even alcohol for the audience to drink. Austin wants to be competing so badly because he is a medieval historian. Meg says she and Johnny Mac are going to get wasted! (And she proceeds to slug down that liquor!)

Big Brother 17 Episode 19 (2)

The Houseguests have to catapult darts at a giant map. The player getting the fewest points in each round will be eliminated. They pick up a crown, peal the sticker, and reveal their prize. But they shouldn’t get used to it. The player eliminated next can keep their crown, or trade for the eliminated players’ prizes. The last player standing can pick from any of the prizes, including the Power of Veto.

Big Brother 17 Episode 19 (1)

Let’s play Game of Throws!

  • Round 1: Jackie is out (her prize is Power of Veto)
  • Round 2: Shelli is out (her prize is Knight in Shining Armor – wearing Armortard all week long, she trades for PoV)
  • Round 3: Vanessa is out (her prize is Ireland Castle Vacation, she keeps it, knowing the winner will take the PoV)
  • Round 4: Clay is out (his prize is Knight of Shining Armor – 24 hours of never leaving the side of their knight and constantly buffing their armor. He trades for the Ireland trip.)
  • Round 5: Becky is out (her prize is $5,000, she keeps it.)
  • James is the winner (his prize is being a castle guard and having to battle 2400 times in 24 hours, he trades for Veto.)

Big Brother 17 Episode 19 (4)

Jackie has to wear the Armortard all week long. Becky got $5,000. Clay gets a trip to Ireland. Vanessa has to be chained to Jackie and buff her ‘armor’ for 24 hours. James, of course, gets the Power of Veto. Shelli ends up with the nasty punishment of 2400 battles in 24 hours.

Big Brother 17 Episode 19 (6)

Shelli is very upset in Diary Room. She says her and Clay may be losing each other this week and what can they do?

Big Brother 17 Episode 19 (7)

Clay tries to comfort Shelli. In the Diary Room, Clay says it is a bad feeling to not be able to protect the one person who has had your back from the beginning. Shelli tells Clay there is no way James is going to change the nominations. Shelli says two months without seeing him, without having him in this house is going to be a long two months. (AGAIN she implies there is NO way Clay will be the one going home this week.)

Big Brother 17 Episode 19 (1)

Shelli is called to Diary Room. Clay wanders around looking pissed and runs into Meg in the bathroom. He grabs Meg and they are all hugging and rubbing their hands all over each other, while Johnny Mac watches them in the mirror and makes faces.

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